Two Shot Wonders

Posted: May 4th, 2012 Department: Guys

$5.00 Two Shot Wonders

Each of these guys reveals something by coming back over to do a second show. Here are 10 scenes from 5 of our best. Brandon White is hesitant, yet eager. Ethan is tough and curious. Jack is badass and confident. Mason is hot and horny. Zane wants more, for sure.

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Brandon White’s First…
I really dig Brandon White. He has a tasty hard body with a nice fat uncut cock. He told me he’s done some photo modeling before, and that he was in some boy mag, although he doesn’t remember which one. Does anyone recognize him?

His first show is really HOT. He gets hard instantly and really gets off on the nasty porno he was watching. Here is another one who said he’s straight, but I have my doubts. You know that I love a cute smile, and here is another one that will send you over the top. Of course, his cock is almost perfect. It’s uncut and shaped for sucking and fucking. He shows off his ass a little, but he got kind of shy about it. I feel like I’ve been challenged now, and my reputation demands that I get his hole opened up right away! Wish me luck!

Brandon White’s second…
I just love his humpy body, his cute face and smile, his hard little bubble butt, and best of all, his big UNCUT dick! Is he straight, or is he gay? He says he’s straight, and he watches lesbian porno the whole time. But, I just can’t help feeling that he would just melt if a guy stuck his cock up his ass.

He has a great time with the blue butt plug anyway, and his load is just amazing. Squirt after squirt after squirt. He is on par with Peter for awesome cum shots. He’s just as sweet as candy, and I think you’ll really like Brandon White’s second session.

Ethan’s First…
We have this friend that we’ve known for many years. Don is a total stud and we’ve begged and begged ever since we started the business for Don to come work for us. But, he always says no. Mind you, Don will come over and play at the drop of a hat - but no camera play for Don. Well, anyway. Don is also a fan of our site, and he’s had the pleasure of meeting several of our models. Austin has fucked the piss out of him many times, and so has a few other guys we’ve filmed. Don also meets all kinds of cute guys on his own because, as I said, he’s a stud. But, he’s never really sent any “models” our way. So, we were surprised when he called one day and said, “I’ve just met the cutest guy and he said he wants to model for you.” Of course, we’re always looking for cute new guys, so off we went on an adventure to meet Don’s new friend. He took us to a local “Head Shop” and when we walked in the door the foxiest young stud we’ve seen in a long time greeted us.

Ethan was born in Russia, but moved to Brooklyn NY with his family when he was 3. He lived there until about a year ago when he moved here. He’s got that sexy east coast attitude and an edge to him that is really compelling. His accent is totally delicious too. His eyes are so dreamy and just suck you in, and his body is totally fine. He’s got just enough hair to make him masculine and appealing. And then there is his cock, which is completely mouth watering. He’s got a nice big head on it, and his balls are full and floppy. But, it’s the whole package that makes Ethan so desirable. He way he pants and the looks he gets when he’s cumming just make you want to drop to your knees and give him what you know he’d really like. Well, Ethan really struck a nerve around here. We’ve already had him back over for a second video and we’re hoping for lots more. He says he’s straight, but we can’t help wonder if the time were right. Oh, and he speaks fluent Russian. Hearing him speak that alone is enough to make us cum in our pants!

Ethan’s Second…
We’ve found many things to admire about Ethan. From his sexy Brooklyn accent to his dreamy bedroom eyes. From his sexy bubble butt to his fat hard cock. From the way he moans when he’s cumming to his deep heartfelt laugh. It all adds up to one hot fucker that we’re thrilled to present to you again. Ethan is straight and really wants to fuck a girl on film.

Judging from the way he watches porno and comments on the girls he sees on film we think that if he ever gets a horny slut in front of the camera he’s going to fuck her up one side and down the other. We think his hot Russian blood will boil over and he’ll turn into the barbarian that is lurking just beneath his surface. And wouldn’t we love to be there for that! For now, we’re happy to be able to watch him blow out this cream load, and we can’t wait to have him over again.

Jack’s First…
As long time members and fans of our work will know, we have a hankering for “Rough Around The Edges” types. There are many guys who can fill that order, but Jack is exactly what we picture when we think of that term. First up, he’s extremely masculine. He’s from “Philly PA” - just how they say it back there - so he’s got that “east coast tough guy game” that makes guys so damn sexy. I’ve met a lot of them - there is no shortage of guys who can “talk the talk.” We’ve all met guys who were tough and cocky.

But Jack can “walk the walk,” too. He’s got all kinds of dick going on to back up his no-bullshit attitude. His very sexy eyes and great smile make him even more intriguing. Like most of these rough around the edges types, Jacks body is totally touchable. And his tattoos tell a story, but I’m not sure what it is. I showed a friend of mine a preview pic of Jack, and who commented that “he looks like an altar, I’d love to get on his knees and pray there.” I couldn’t have said it better myself. Jack gives off a “come and get it” vibe. That’s a vibe which certainly works here at Pat and Sam, so stay tuned as we explore Jack in greater detail. You’ll be seeing more from him in the future!

Jack’s Second…
There is a term used in sex ads called “Blow -n- Go”. This means that someone is looking for some fast sex and a fast exit. I think that’s a good way to describe Jack’s second session. Jack is a sexy guy, no doubt. He’s got that tough “I’m a stud” attitude that really comes through on film. This scene shows a lot of that in a short amount of time.

This one was filmed in our bed room and the action is simple: Jack came in. He pulled off his clothes. He got his dick hard and he blew a huge wad. Then he put on his clothes and left. It’s a “Blow -n- Go” fantasy, really. I know there are many people who would love for a stud like Jack to come over and drop off a load and then split. I’m sure there are just as many who would like for him to stick around for a while too. But, we’re happy with this scene just as it is. Jack can Blow -n- Go here whenever he wants.

Mason’s First…
Having filmed literally hundreds of guys jerking off, we’ve developed the skill to instantly tell if a guy is going to put on a good show or not. Obviously we’re concerned with how he looks, and as you know personality is key to us. But, there is one more thing that will outshine them all - a genuine horn-dog lustiness. Mason has all that in spades. He’s obviously very cute. We think he’s smile and bright eyes just ooze sensuality. His hard body is proportioned just right, and his sexy and radical tattoos make him seem all the more rough and tough. His dick fits his body just right. All that describes his looks. He’s simply adorable.

Now, layer that with Mason’s cool and fun personality. He really seems totally at ease with everything. He says he’s BI, and the he like sex with guys as much as girls. He’s ready to do whatever comes his way. He smiles and chats and is quite simply a nice guy. Now, here is the best part… He’s so HORNY! First up his dick is hard way before he pulls it out of his pants. That’s always a good sign. Then, he practically pours out pre-cum. He simply leaks it out like a bad faucet! His underwear gets stained with it before he can even pull his pants down. We know from vast experience that this means a guy is so horny he’s just about to pop. Then, watch the way he looks at the camera. He’s so excited and lusty that he could practically crawl through the lens and let you blow him right there. So, with all this - including his thick cream cum load - you can see why we like Mason so much. Cute - Nice – Horny. What more could you want?

Mason’s Second…
We both think that Mason is one of the sexiest guys to come along in quite a while. There are many reasons for that. First up is his smile. That will knock us dead every time. We don’t think there is anything more attractive than a big smile that genuinely comes from the heart. You can’t fake happiness and a sense of contentment with life. Mason brings that with him always. He’s clearly a very cheerful guy, and he obviously loves life. That is something we all want to have around. Next up is his adorably sexy body. He said that he’s been working out a lot since his first video, and you can see that he’s tightened up quite a bit. His unique and artistic tattoos really highlight his body, and we could look at him all day. His hairy butt is so cute, and his dick and balls are just right - not too big, not too small.

Then we come to his pre-cum. He is one of the drippiest guys we’ve ever encountered. We love pre-cum all on its own, and the reason is that it always indicates a level of excitement that you just can’t fake. When you see a guy dripping pre-cum you can be sure that he’s genuinely turned on, and that on its own turns us on all the more. Finally we come to his personality, which is beyond sweet. Mason is the kind of guy you just want to snuggle up to, and that you want to go and have fun on the town with. He’s not got a harsh bone in his body, and he really enjoys everyone. Plus, he loves to be looked at, and he’s anxious for everyone to see what he’s got. We’re simply thrilled to have Mason coming around, and we can wait to get more film on him. We think he’s going to be doing lots of stuff for us, and we can’t wait.

Zane’s First…
Ahhhh, the joys of discovering new guys. It’s (nearly) always a pleasure, and in Zane’s case it certainly is. Once again, we’ve found a guy who is just the way we like them… Kind of shy, but obviously curious… A little on the kinky side… A nice healthy 19 years old… A little tough but a little tender too. And best of all, panting to get naked and show his stuff. We think Zane has lots to offer.

He’s young enough to be truly inexperienced, but old enough to start trying. Although he’d shaved himself clean just before this video, he promised to let it grow so he has more in the next. We think there is a humpy mountain boy lurking there somewhere and we can’t wait to see it. Kinky, you ask? Well, listen carefully and you’ll hear him tell what he’s into. It certainly makes us think there may be more than meets the eye with this one, and there’s certainly a lot that meets the eye. Zane has touched a soft spot around here. You’ll be seeing more of him.

Zane’s Second…
When Zane first came over we weren’t sure how to categorize him. He’s not a twink, but he’s not quite a hunk either. But, now that he’s come over for a second video we know just where he belongs. He’s truly a “mountain boy”. The first time he was here he was all shaved up…. Everywhere. This time though he’s let all that grow in a bit and we sure are glad he did. Even his scruffy new beard makes him look masculine and delectable.

Of course his best attributes are still there. His boyish smile and his innocent nervousness. His dreamy blue eyes and his really sweet cock. His toned body and his hot bubble butt. The only thing missing this time was my tongue up his ass. But, there’s always tomorrow. We hope you like seeing the two sides to Zane also, the shaved almost twink he was the first time he came over, and the fuzzy mountain boy he is this time. Of course, we wonder what he’ll look like next time we see him. In any case, he’d always look better with some slob on his knob!

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