Trent’s Toys

Posted: March 16th, 2012 Department: Clips

When I told Trent that I wanted to make a video called BOYS WITH TOYS, he begged me to get him on film ass fucking himself.

Watch Trent fuck himself in BOYS WITH TOYS

I know Trent’s really gotten to love stuffing all kinds of toys is his butt, so I was anxious to see what he’s learned.

Well, he surprised even me! I guess I’ve created an anal monster with young Trent. He said he’d like to have me film him at his place this time, and when I got there he had an assortment of toys he said he wanted to play with. I was skeptical that he could do everything he described, but he proceed to work up a hearty sweat by stuffing every toy in his arsenal right up his hot stud hole.

There is no doubt that Trent still loves fucking women. He picks them up all the time and ends up having a hard time getting them to go away when he’s done with them. But just like many of the “straight” guys we’ve tutored, he’s developed a genuine desire to feel something long and hard pounding away in his buttocks.

You can watch his scene streaming in our member’s area.

And, naturally, we’ll be happy to ship the DVD to you!

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