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$5.00 Trent Stone

When Trent Stone showed up he was just an 18 y/o suburban hippie boy with a BIG dick, so horny and ready he could hardly contain himself. All we had to do was shove a hard cock in his face and he turned himself into a complete cum slut! Here are 10 of his very best scenes. His first and second scenes, both with Sam. His “Silverchair” scene. His bookstore scene with Damian. His “Anal Awakening”. With Cade Devilin. With his straight friend Dominic. Him jerking off in the stairway. With Jason. And his epic scene fucking himself with every dildo he can get his hands on.

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Trent’s First…
Trent is just 18 y/o. He lives with a girl, and says he’s mostly straight, but that he likes guys sometimes too. He’s just kind of a hippie boy and has a real laid back attitude. Just look at that face! He has the most adorable green eyes that just draw you in like a vacuum! And when he smiles…well, I just about fell over. You know that rule of thumb about those skinny young guys….BIG DICKS! Just take a look at Trent’s big ole pole!

We hadn’t been filming for 5 min when he said he really liked dick, and asked did I have any toys he could play with? I couldn’t run for the bag fast enough! He picked out his favorites and then proceeded to plant them right up his horny boy hole. Then he started staring and my cock and drooling, so what could I do? That’s when the fun really began. Before his first scene was over he had sucked my dick, fucked himself with dildos, and then took a nice long ride on my very hard dick before blasting off a large load of nut juice.

Second Video…
Trent lived just blocks away, so he was here practically every day for a while. Every single time he wanted some kind of sex. He just HAS to nut several times a day.

This is a combination of two different j/o sessions he had here. We fell it’s kind of a duty to be sure to film it whenever a hot 19 y/o stud slut comes over and wants to jerk off and nut.

Trent’s “Silverchair”…
Here we have fresh young Trent jerking off in his own apartment. He doesn’t live far from us, and he asked if we would come over to see his “Silverchair”. He said it’s his favorite piece of furniture ever. The reason for that is because he loves to blow cum in his own face when he jerks off. This chair allows him to spin around and get the job done on his own. Of course, we just had to see this in action! And, of course, we want to share it with you!

However, before we would film it, we told him we wanted him to hold off jerking off for at least a day before, so his nuts would be real full. He said ok, and then the morning we were to come over he called up practically crying saying that his hadn’t popped a nut in two days, and that his balls were so full they were hurting. Sure enough, when we got there his nuts were all purple and swollen! This guy just HAS to nut at least three times a day. We won’t ask him to go that long again. It’s inhuman. But, he sure blows a big load! Right in his own cum hungry mouth!

Trent and Damian…
Trent has a kind of crush on Damien. He knows how tame Damian is, and how he doesn’t really mess around with other guys. Perhaps that’s why he’s so infatuated with him.

We all wen’t to a local bookstore arcade, and these two boys jerked off together. Compared to most of Trent’s other work this is really vanilla. But, it does show how much Trent wants Damian.

Ternt’s Anal Awakening…
While his first scene established Trent as a complete dick slut, he was anxious to prove that he could be a submissive pig boy as well. So in this video he begged me to work him over HARD.

I threw all that I thought he could handle, being only 18 y/o and all. Again, whatever I did seemed to work because he’s never stopped wanting it. Dildos, restraints, throat and ass fucking. Trent loves it all – and more.

Cade Devilin and Trent…
Trent gets his face covered with hot muscleboy jizz! This video was really fun to film because the guys are so cool. Everyone knows how much fun Cade is, and Trent is equally tasty. The boys watch their favorite videos, and talk about girls and what they like to do. Then Trent sits down on the floor, and when Cade is ready he stands up and blows all over Trent’s upturned face.

This in turns gets Trent so turned on he squirts wads all over himself. Now, of course this begs a discussion about why a ‘’straight” boy like Trent would like cum on his face, or why a “straight” boy like Cade likes to get fucked in the ass (which we all know he does).

Trent and Dominic…
The pairing of Dominic and Trent may seem at first to be a little odd. Trent is a thin, smooth and very cute boy, and Dominic is all humpy hairy stud meat.About the only thing they have in common are their BIG DICKS! But, this combination wasn’t really our choice. They are friends personally, and Trent actually recommended Dominic to be a model. They hang out together all the time, and they both love to skateboard. The other thing they both have in common is their love of pussy (although that is negotiable). They asked to do a j/o video together to prove to girls what they have.

This video is cool because they are friends, and they joke around a lot. They talk about the girls they’ve both fucked, and in particular they talk about a recent fuck fest where they shared 2 girls. In fact, that’s where Trent got a good look at Dominic’s cock, and he couldn’t stop talking about it for weeks. We know that Trent loves dick too, and it’s great to watch him lust after Dominic’s dick out of the corner of his eye. You just know he wanted to get some of it. The look on his face is unmistakable. Do we see Dominic showing some interest in Trent’s monster too? Dominic is just one of those guys who loves sex. We don’t think he’d mind a blowjob from another guy. So, Trent’s dreams may come true some day… Stay Tuned!

Trent in the stairway…
No matter where he is and no matter what he’s doing whenever Trent gets the urge he just HAS to pull out his cock and jerk off, at least. This time we’d just been to a local porn shop to buy some magazine. He’d jerked off in one of the booths there (giving an old Queen there quite a show), but on the way home he said, “Let’s take the stairs”. He promptly pulled out the both the magazines and his cock, again!

Now, just ask yourself this. What would you do if you were walking up the stairs and you turned the corner and saw this. What would you do if he then said to you, “Hey mister, do you want to suck my dick? Imagine what you might do if he also said, “Can I suck your dick too, mister?”

Trent and Jason…
We introduced Jason and Trent to each other, and they have become good friends. We’ve known Jason for many years now, and Trent has become a good friend over time too. In the meantime, they’ve become good friends with each other on the side. They hang out all over the place, and they have lots of fun together. We filmed them together one afternoon while they were helping us move. We took an afternoon interlude that turned into a long cocksucking extravaganza.

It’s hard to tell which one of these boys like sucking dick more. Jason clearly enjoys a hard dong, and there is no doubt Trent loves to get his mouth fucked. It seemed logical to put them in a 69 position, and that really did the trick. These boys just went nuts when they discovered they could both suck dick at the same time. In the end, they each got what they wanted. Trent loves nothing better than to jerk off after blowing Jason, and Jason craves shooting wads all over Trent’s face.

Trent and his toys…
When I told Trent that I wanted to make a video called BOYS WITH TOYS, he begged me to get him on film ass fucking himself. I know he’s really gotten to love stuffing all kinds of toys is his butt, so I was anxious to see what he’s learned. Well, he surprised even me! I guess I’ve created an anal monster with young Trent. He said he’d like to have me film him at his place this time, and when I got there he had an assortment of toys he said he wanted to play with. I was skeptical that he could do everything he described, but he proceed to work up a hearty sweat by stuffing every toy in his arsenal right up his hot stud hole.

There is no doubt that Trent still loves fucking women. He picks them up all the time and ends up having a hard time getting them to go away when he’s done with them. But just like many of the “straight” guys we’ve tutored, he’s developed a genuine desire to feel something long and hard pounding away in his buttocks. Let’s hear it for our good friend the prostate gland!

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