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$5.00 Tate

Tate is one of our most charming and fun loving models. Here are his 8 searing hot scenes. His first three solo scenes. His scene with a dick pump. He plays with Johnny Squirt, and then he lets Sam blow him. Luke blows him too, and then his final scene for us before moving to California.

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Tate’s first scene…
If you’ve read many of these descriptions then you’ll know instantly why we like this guy so much.

Just look at that smile! Could his grin get any bigger? Of course he just the kind of guy we enjoy filming.

His smile is a good indicator of the kind of kid he is too. He loves to joke around and he clearly has lots of fun during this session. I didn’t care what kind of dick he had once I saw him grin. Watching him unveil his big rock hard piece of boy meat made him all the better.

So, we’re pleased to bring you the first of what we hope to be many videos from this charming and well-endowed young man. He’s a gem

Tate’s second scene…
Isn’t Tate just the cutest thing? From his sexy treasure forest to his big rock hard dick, he has everything we love to see in a sexy 18 y/o boy. He still has a little chub, and you know how we like that. He has that wide eyed innocence that can’t be faked, and he has that little bit of trepidation in his eyes that let’s you know he’s not quite as sure of himself as he seems.

But through it all he has that HUGE smile. He just grins from ear to ear. Plus the really cool thing is his grin really comes from the heart. He has such a wonderful outlook on life and it makes him very open and willing to try new things. He’s told us a lot about himself, and he’s packed a lot into his 18 years. Others might not have come through it all with such a shining disposition, and in fact I think he’s in a rare class. I don’t think many could survive what he’s been through and be so happy.

Tate’s third scene…
Tate has a girlfriend who gives him hickies, but who won’t suck his dick! Can you believe that? We told him over and over and over again that guys give the best head. He finally said we could blow him, but not on film – yet.

In his third video here you can tell that he’s getting very comfortable around us. And we think it’s only a matter of time before he starts playing on film.

Tate pumps!…
Tate is so in love with his dick. He loves getting it sucked – not on film yet – and he loves playing with it. He calls all the time wanting to come over. He just wants a couple of drinks, some football, and then a great blow job.

This time we hand him a nice dick pump to play with. He sure enjoys that. He got a kick out of pumping it up and letting it go. But, he said he likes getting blow jobs more. ……. We think he’s very happy he met us. We know we’re happy we met him!

Tate and Johnny Squirt…

Now that Tate is relaxed and cool around dudes having fun with dudes, we decided to invite one of our favorite studs over to show Tate that there are lots of guys just like him.

Johnny Squirt is every bit as cool as Tate is, and he also mostly likes girls, but he’s likewise willing to play with guys if the situation is right. So, when they were both here one afternoon we popped on a dirty movie and filmed what happened.

Sam blows Tate..

After what seems like dozens of blow jobs off camera just for fun, and having refused over and over and over again to do a blow job scene of film, one cold afternoon Tate finally said yes.

So, Sam dutifully stepped up to do the job. Tate has such a sweet cock, and he really loves getting it sucked. The reactions on his face are priceless. Of course, Sam went to town on ALL his junk. Just the way we know guys like it. Any girl who comes along now better love sucking dick, and be really good at it, or our boy Tate he just isn’t going to be satisfied.

Luke blows Tate…
We know that Luke is one of the most easy going and charming guys we’ve met. And we know that Tate is very adventurous and certainly loves getting his dick sucked. So, we figured they would be a good match. As soon as we set the camera down that day we knew we’d hit the jackpot.

Tate loves to get his dick sucked, and Luke was more than willing to oblige. He didn’t mind that Tate couldn’t bring himself to reciprocate (yet) and he was perfectly happy to give a blow job. Tate clearly loved it and before long he was ready to blow out a big wad. Although he didn’t suck dick, he did give Luke a nice hand job.

Tate’s last scene…
Tate has moved back to California to be with his family. But, before he left he did this one last scene for us. He’s at his sexiest here, ready to offer up his big, fat, rock hard cock for pleasuring.

He cums so hard in this scene he blows it right in his own face. It’s great to see him give himself a facial!

Use Your Credit Card -
Safe, Secure Transaction - Tate - 8 scenes - $5.00

30 days access to our “Tate” mini-membership site. 8 scenes, streaming videos, dozens of photos, full descriptions.

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