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Sebastian is a quiet, shy, sexy Latino hotty who has a very “bad boy” side. We love his sexy tattoos, and his body is nearly perfect – smooth, hard, and useful. He’s got a sweet uncut cock, and a bubble butt that would drive any ass man insane with lust. He sucks dick like a champ, takes it up the ass without flinching, and is always ready to go. He’s got those bedroom eyes that just a scream, “Come fuck me!” – and best of all, when he smiles it’s like lightening.

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Sebastian’s first scene…
TOnce in a while we meet a guy that hits lots of buttons. Sometimes they’re big humpy jock studs, other times they’re studly tough guys, other times they’re smooth and delicious. This time we’re pleased to show you a new guy named Sebastian.

He’s someone who we think has a lot to offer. He’s 24 y/o, but he looks like he’s about 19. He’s very smooth and has that Latino smoldering sensuality that we really find attractive. He says his family is from Puerto Rico and that he was born in Manhattan. He told us he’s married and has a small daughter, but that he has an attraction to guys too.


As soon as we saw him we knew he’d put on a good show. We could see it in his eyes. But, then when he peeled off his clothes and we got a look and his totally toned and very sexy body, and we saw his very sexy tattoos, we were certain there was much more to him than meets the eye.

He is smooth as butter, and he even shaves his pubes. Now, we know that’s not universally desired, and that there are many people who would rather his grow it out some, but we always take guys just the way they are around here. In fact, we think that makes him even sexier. His very hot cock is uncut, and his bubble butt makes Sam in particular drool with desire. He also shoots out gobs of thick white nut juice, so that also makes him a star around here.

He’s got a calm, reserved kind of personality. But, we know from experience that that means he’s probably one hell of a fuck.

We hope to find out very soon.

Sebastian is a hot little firecracker and we think he’s got lots more to show off.

Sebastian’s second scene…
There I was, just sitting outside on the mall by myself just enjoying a nice fall day, when who should come walking up but Sebastian.

Truthfully, I was sitting there thinking about Sebastian because I had just filmed him about a week earlier and I was wondering when I’d be able to have him over again. So, I guess he must have been reading my thoughts. What I really wonder is if he knew how much I admired his hot little bubble but and sexy uncut cock. I think he did.

Anyway, one thing led to another and I invited him to come over to our office so we could film his second video. Although the office isn’t the most ideal place to film, I think these photos and the video came out great. That’s probably because Sebastian is such a hot boy. I like everything about him from his sexy body and unique tattoos to his uncut cock and extremely sweet bubble butt. You’ll know by now that the most important thing to me is personality and he’s got the most laid back and charming manner that I just want to eat him up.

Well, there’s always tomorrow!

Sebastian’s third scene…
Ok, let me start right out by saying that Sebastian really makes me horny. There is just something about him that makes me want to throw him down and fuck the living piss out of him.

That said; let me get on with saying that I honestly think that all of charms that I see in Sebastian really come out well on film. His body is so tight and smooth, but his tattoos make him seem kind of tough and naughty. His face is sweet and fresh, but his dreamy bedroom eyes invite some real passion. You can be sure that his hot Puerto Rican blood guarantees that he’ll back up any invitation he makes. His uncut cock is perfectly proportional to his frame, and his bubble butt is simply an invitation in itself.

He works it all to the hilt in this video. I always try to keep a professional distance during solo scenes, even though I often find myself drawn toward a, shall we say, “personal” interlude. However, I (almost) resist that desire and keep on filming. This scene is no exception, But, I have to be honest and say that I came so close to throwing the camera down and molesting him in the most debase way that it’s not even funny. Especially when this horny little hotty started spreading open his obviously very willing butthole for me to see up close and personal like.


The only thing I asked of sexy bundle of fuckability is that he try his best to shoot a load right in his own face. He eagerly promised he would do his best and you can see him give it all he has. Everything must have had its effect on him because after a nice long jerk of session he blew out a thick creamy load of boy juice that damn near made it to his hungry mouth.

I didn’t mind one bit that it only hit his shoulder. In this case the attempt is everything. It all adds up to one of my very favorite guys and one my favorite scenes.

Yep, that’s the word for Sebastian:


Austin fucks Sebastian…
As I’ve said before, there is something about Sebastian that really drives me nuts. It has something to do with his adorable “come fuck me” eyes, his full “let me suck your cock” lips, his smooth “use me the way you want” body with all his “I’m a bad boy” tattoos, his “don’t you just want to stick your cock in here” bubble butt, and his hot “watch me blow out thick gobs of creamy nut juice” uncut cock.

Yes, all these quotes add up to the kind of boy that makes my cock hard as a rock. Now, Sebastian claims he’s never had sex with another guy before. No one can prove or disprove that kind of thing, so we just take him at his word. But, I can tell you that if this is the first time that shit has been tapped it’s a crime. This boy was made to please cock, I guarantee!

After nearly 10 years of friendship I know Austin as well as my hand knows my dick, and I know that he appreciates a hot little fuck puppet just as well as I do. I also know that he’s the perfect one to break in a new boy on film. So, I just couldn’t wait to introduce these two and film the results.

I know that even after all these years and all these films Austin is still a little shy at first. So, he took a few moments to warm up. He started out by giving Sebastian some head, and Sebastian returned the favor. But it wasn’t until Austin got him in a 69 position and started munching on Sebastian’s smooth butt that things really heated up. As soon as Austin stuck his tongue up his boy hole his cock got rock hard giving Sebastian a nice treat to suck on. This has got to be one of the best things we’ve filmed. You can totally see how much Austin loves his hole, and you can watch Sebastian learn to love to suck hard cock.


After a nice long session in that position Austin flipped Sebastian over on his belly so he could really get his tongue in there good. You can see Austin really work his hole good while at the same time you can see Sebastian stare right in the camera with a look that just screams “Deeper..! Harder..! I want MORE!”

At last comes the best part. Austin gets Sebastian to bend over the side of the bed so he can drive his cock up his ass. He takes it nice and easy at first so his now very itchy hole can get used to it, but once that’s done Austin fucks him for all he’s worth. After a nice ball bouncing fuck that way, Austin flips him over on his back and spreads his legs real wide so he can fuck him like a bitch. Sebastian takes it like the hot little slut he truly wants to be, though, and that makes Austin hotter than ever. Finally he pulls out to blow all over Sebastian’s sexy tattooed belly. Austin then tickles Sebastian’s nuts while he jerks off and covers himself with a thick load of his own creamy sperm.

This is one of our best sex scenes, with two hot boys who clearly love pleasuring each other. We hope you enjoy it as well as they did, and as well as we did filming it.

Sebastian services Benji…

We really look forward to hooking guys up together. It’s always a bit of a gamble because we never really know if the guys will like each other and develop chemistry.

Sometimes they do, and sometimes they don’t. So, naturally we’re always a little nervous too whenever we start an adventure like this.

We’ve worked with Sebastian several times now, and we’ve gotten to know Benji a bit more as well, so we got the idea that they might like playing around together. One evening they both came over and this is what happened.

The reason we thought they might spark is because Sebastian really likes to suck cock and get fucked up his hot Latin ass. Benji, on the other hand, has a perpetually rock hard dick that he obviously really likes sharing. So, we figured this would be a perfect match.

I think we hit the nail on the head with this one. Benji brings his tall, svelte, Euro-boy good looks to the table. His rosy cheeks are just adorable, and his bright blue eyes have just the right amount of lustiness in them. As predicted, his cock springs to life immediately, and it never goes soft until he blows thick juicy wads.

Contrast that with Sebastian’s smoldering Latino intensity. Whenever he’s presented with hard dick Sebastian seems to devolve into a total slut. He slobbers all over Benji’s steely cock head while looking right into the camera as if to invite you right there to fuck his mouth too. He does the same thing while Benji’s pud is sliding in and out of his well fuck butthole.

After Sebastian sucks on Benji’s knob for a long time, he was ready and willing to take it up the ass.

Naturally, by this time Benji was so fucking horny to fuck that he practically JUMPED into Sebastian’s stud boy hole. I had to tell him to take it easy at first cuz Sebastian doesn’t get fucked all the time, and he needed some time to get used to it. So, Benji took his time getting Sebastian ready, but once that was done Benji started fucking him really good.

In several position too!

Sebastian took it like a man too. He accepted Benji’s relentless hole plowing, and he even did it with a smile on his face. I love it when he looks into the camera as if to say, “Wouldn’t you like some of this sweet ass?”

All this culminates with lots of thick creamy white jizz being pumped out by both Benji & Sebastian.

They both say they want to do more, and we both say that we can’t wait!

Sebastian wants more…

There is something extremely erotic about Sebastian that I find almost irresistible. It could be his humpy body and his sexy bubble butt.

Or it could be his very unique tattoos that gives him an edgy vibe. His sweet uncut dick is certainly alluring, and his adorable face and “come fuck me” eyes certainly contribute to the whole thing.

All this adds up to a hot little stud who makes my dick hard as hell. So, I was kind of disappointed when Sebastian disappeared for a while. I assumed he’d had his fun (with Austin’s hard cock), and he’d moved on or something.

But, there I was just minding my own business one afternoon when Sebastian called up and said he had some time and wondered if I’d like to get my dick sucked.

I couldn’t get his little butt over fast enough.

He’s just as sexy as he’s ever been in this one, and this time he’s got even more edgyness to show off. He’d painted his fingernails and toenails black, and I think it’ looks really sexy. He’s into Goth music and the whole scene, and he’d gone to see a big show, so he said he’d gotten all dressed up for the part and the fingernails were part of the deal.

Well, as I said, I think it makes him look very sexy. I like guys who aren’t afraid of pushing the envelope and don’t care what others think. That makes my dick even harder.

Anyway, Sebastian and I exchanged blow jobs, and in the end he blows out another one of his thick and creamy loads. He promised me that next time he’ll let me mount his hot ass too.

I can’t wait!

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