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$5.00 Rusty

Rusty is another model we filmed first, who went off to Hollywood to start in BIG videos. Here are his 7 searing hot scenes. Here are his first 2 solo scenes, his JO scene with Trent Stone, him fucking Ryan, his dream come true scene with Cade Devilin, with Austin giving up his ass, and finally he fucks the hell out of Trent Stone.

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Rusty’s first scene…
We just about jumped out of our pants when Rusty showed up for his first session! As you can see, he’s another great find to add to our stable of fine models.

We could go on and on about how cute he is, but his photos speak for themselves. However, we should tell you about his great personality. He’s a little quiet, but we like guys like that. He’s only 19 y/o, so he hasn’t been around very much, but we like that too. He wants to fuck some of our cutest guys, and we REALLY like that!

But, we’ll start out with this very hot solo video. You really get to know what he’s like here, and we’re very sure you’ll be as anxious as we are to see lots more from this exceptional hotty!

Rusty’s second scene…
We were thrilled to have Rusty back over for his second solo session!

He has a really fantastic body, a fat hard cock, and a naughty boy attitude that we’re sure you’ll like a lot. He’s still a little shy, but that’s ok. He’s beginning to feel more and more comfortable around here, and you can expect to see him with some of our favorite guys very soon.

Pat and I took turns filming and taking photos this time. We both wanted to get as big an eye full of Rusty as possible. Of course, we were ALL happy when he started to play around with his jizz after he got off. That’s a real turn on, don’t you think?

Rusty’s and Trent Stone Jerk Off…
Here are two of our finest finds playing around together. This one is just a J/O scene because we wanted to let these guys get to know each other really well before they went on to do more.

Here they are watching a movie they both said they wanted to see. As in most of our videos like this, they joke around a lot and just have fun. There wasn’t any agenda, so you get to see them as they really are.

You know that’s our favorite way of doing things!

Both of these boys have promising futures ahead of them in mainstream gay video modeling. They’ve both been given big parts in a major studio productions, and you’ll be seeing them plastered all over the place soon. If you want to know details about that just drop us a line and we’ll give you the inside scoop.

Just like several of our other guys, we have no doubt that all of Hollywood (and the rest of the country for that matter) will just go ga-ga over these two once they get a look at them.

But, of course, you’ll be able to say that you saw them here first, and that you already know them. Plus, you’ll be able to say that you know what kind of guys they REALLY are. Not a studio fabrication made up to be what some executive somewhere thinks you SHOULD like.

Here you’ll see Trent and Rusty in real life. Just playing together as guys often do.

Rusty’s and Ryan…
As soon as Ryan returned from Oklahoma, we immediately wanted to get him hooked up with all the cute new guys we’d met since he’d been gone.

He’s always a lot of fun, and he has a way of making new guys feel at ease.

So, when Rusty said he was interested in meeting him we know we’d have a hit on our hands. We like contrasts when teaming up guys, and this is a nice one. Rusty is all muscles and tanned - a jock boy at it’s best. Ryan is thin and fair - a sweet city boy. And they sure do have a nice time with each other.

They both cum all over each other. That’s always fun!

Rusty has a pretty big dick, and I think Ryan was kind of shocked. He told me later he’d never been with a guy that big. You can tell how much he likes it though.

Rusty always has a good time here. He says he likes the guys he meets, and he just a joy to work with.

Rusty and Cade Devilin…

We all know what a compelling young stud Cade Devilin is. We are doubly fortunate, because we know him better than most.

Although you can see him in Falcon videos, and in All Worlds videos and in Studio 2000 Videos and all kinds of other places, in all those videos you’re seeing a pizza delivery boy or a college football jock or some other contrived part. But we all know that the best thing about Cade is Cade himself, so that’s how we’ve always presented him. His charming personality only enhances his fantastic good looks and ample physical qualities.

Well, all that charm struck one of our viewers and he sent us an email saying that he’d never done porn before, but that if he could work with Cade he would be willing to try it. One thing led to another and the next thing you know Rusty was at our door ready to be a model for us. Now, he’s gone on to do lots of videos as pizza delivery boys or college jocks, but once again you’ll only get to know who Rusty really is by seeing his videos right here at Pat and Sam.

So, now at long last we are pleased to present the epic meeting between these two humpy boys. Once again we didn’t set any agenda or ask them to play any parts. They’d never met before they sat down on the couch together, so what you see is what happened. I guess you can say they kind of hit it off.

Rusty and Austin..

At last! After knowing Austin for 7 years, and filming him doing various things over the past 5 years we finally talked him into getting assfucked on film!

And although it took a long time, it was well worth the wait… For both him and us!

I say it was good for him simply because he blows out a huge wad of juice with Rusty’s rock hard cock stuffed deep his stud hole. I always told him he’d shoot harder than ever while getting fucked, and it was good to see it come true, especially on film.

He and Rusty hit it off right off the bat. Austin had been commenting on Rusty for quite some time, and likewise Rusty had mentioned many times how much he’d like to meet Austin.

Rusty has been doing lots of work for other studios, and he’s always in demand and very busy, so it took a while to hook it up. But, when they finally met sparks started flying.

The dynamics between these two really comes through, and when they started kissing I just about dropped the camera!

Rusty and Trent Stone FUCK…
AYou probably know that Rusty uses a different name every time he works for a different studio, so you might know him as Garrett, or you might even know him as someone else. But, we know him as Rusty, and no matter what his name is he always looks great and is a sweet person. Trent Stone is always Trent, but that’s MORE than enough. He’s done lots of work for us now (another one we found first!), and here he is at his freshest. First up is a cute jerk off scene we arranged to get these boys introduced to each other.

They just watch some videos and joke around. It’s cool to see them warm up to each other though. Then we move on the main event where Rusty gets his chance to fuck the hell out of Trent, and Trent gets his chance to suck off Rusty. This scene has everything you might want, including a big fat dildo, but mostly it’s just the two boys going at it like crazy. In the end, Rusty blows a nice load with Trent there to savor every drop. After which he lays back and nuts himself.

Use Your Credit Card -
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30 days access to our “Rusty” mini-membership site. 8 scenes, streaming videos, dozens of photos, full descriptions.

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