Trent Stone - Cum Slut

Posted: June 3rd, 2011 Department: Clips   No Comments

So, there is this guy named Trent Stone. He’s fucking beautiful, you see, and he’s a total cock hound.

Anyway, he showed up here wanting to get on film, and before you know it he was proving, over and over and over again, just how much he loves hard cock – up his ass and down his throat – and just what his real fetish is….

….hot cum.

Trent loves cum all over his beautiful face.

So, Trent did lots and lots of videos for us, and then he went to Hollywood and did some amazing work out there. And for the really big studios too! He made quite a name for himself, and then he retired.

He hooked up with a very handsome, very rich, and very sweet Daddy who took him under his wing, shot loads of juice all over Trent’s hungry face, and that’s all she wrote. Who couldn’t ask for a happier ending?

What we’re left with is a library of film work from Trent, all of which is really marvelous. Every scene he’s in he steals the show. He sparkles. He bounces around like a puppy dog, and he shines.


So, here are two offerings from Trent. One from us, and one from one of the big studios – FALCON / JOCKS.

The scene we offer you from our little studio is one of Trent’s very first ones. He instantly started begging to have Sam’s cock stuffed up his ass, and that’s a request that is rarely turned down. So, here we have TRENT’S ANAL AWAKENING (from The Butt Stops Here), complete with Sam’s cock, some dildos, and a stellar performance from Trent - and one that sealed him as a boy we’d never say no to.

See Trent Stone in Falcon / Jocks LONGSHOT

The scene we offer you from big dog FALCON / JOCKS is one titled LONGSHOT (scene one). It’s one that Trent made long after he’d done many scenes for us. He’s teamed up with a total stud named Joel Drake that some of you may instantly recognize. This is a smoldering hot scene between these two, and one that any fan of Trent’s will truly enjoy watching.

Naturally, we can’t help but think we’re just that little bit better at capturing Trent’s inner beauty. His charm, his boyish fun, and his cool style. But, each of these scenes shows a different aspect of Trent, and are therefore fun in their own right.

We hope you watch both of them. We hope you watch anything with Trent Stone because we know that once you do you’ll be as infatuated with him as we have always been. Since the first day we saw him.

So, Joel Drake? The guy Trent’s with in Longshot?

He’s a guy we call Rusty around here. If you like him, you should see what he did with us – including his scene with Austin, which is mind blowing!

You can watch Trent in THE BUTT STOPS HERE with VOD right now, or you can see him streaming in our member’s area.

And, naturally, we’ll be happy to ship the DVD to you!