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$5.00 Jason - Best Boy

Jason is one of the very first models to answer our ad. He was just 20 y/o, and so innocent and horny it was unbelievable. He was just waiting for the chance to break out of his repressed teenage years, and he jumped into our little studio with gusto, and he’s now done dozens of scenes for us. Here are 10 of his very best. His first and second solo videos. His scene with Adam. Him fucking himself with toys. Austin fucking him. His romp with Cade Devilin and Lance Steele. His first lustfest with Peter. Fucking around in a hotel with Trent Stone and Peter. Blowing Lenny and Louis. Fucking around with Trent Stone and Cade Devilin.

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Jason’s First…
When Jason called answering our ad he sounded so sexy over the phone. He was the right age, height, and weight, so I agreed to meet him. The moment we started talking I could sense he was so horny and curious he just radiated sex. I took him to film right then. His first scene is so lusty and sensual it’s hard to describe. Plus because he’s become such a good friend it’s always amazing to me to see it again. Everything we both adore about Jason comes out in this scene.

Because he’s so turned on (and cute) I started getting hot and horny too. My dick started getting hard in my pants while I as filming, and Jason couldn’t take his eyes off my boner. I noticed, of course, and I asked if he cared if I pulled mine out too. The fun thing is the moment he gets a look at my dick he just starts blasting off right then. It’s so damn cute! It’s easy to remember being 20 years old, repressed, and horny. Jason reminds all of us how exciting that time is.

Jason’s Second…
Okay, I’m completely taken with Jason. Maybe it’s because he’s so cute and fresh. He’s only 20 years old, and I don’t think he’d been with many guys before we met. That hasn’t lasted! He’s much too interested in dick. My dick… Pat’s dick… Peter’s dick… I could go on and on, but let’s just say we haven’t been selfish with Jason and he’s been very interested in everything we’ve offered.

This is just you’re basic “boy with his porno mags” session. He plopped his fuzzy little butt down on my bed with all those bad boys and proceeded to have great time. That is, when he could peel his eyes off my VERY hard dick. Willie wouldn’t stay put with this sexy little stud on my bed. Yes, my cock does make another cameo appearance. The whole time I was filming Jason kept tickling my nuts with his toes. He’s very lucky that I have such strong self-control. So are you, cuz now you get to see the whole show, instead of just seeing the camera flung to the floor and then hearing me mount Jason’s sexy little bod. Anyway, in the end he squirts out a MASSIVE load, and then plays around with all that boy juice on his chest for a while.

Jason and Adam…
As we started meeting new models who wanted to try stuff with other guys, Jason always come to mind right away. He’s so friendly and cute. Plus he’s always so horny that it’s infectious. You can’t help but want to fuck just because he wants to fuck so much.

In this scene Adam was brand new. He didn’t want to fuck (yet). He was curious. Jason was a good matching because he always helps to put guys like that at ease. Once again it’s fun to watch two young guys travel along the journey towards getting laid without hang ups.

Jason and his toys…
We love Jason’s sweet smile and his sexy body. We’ve put his epic genitalia to work on many occasions. However, he’s only recently learned how good it feels to have his ass plowed. We filmed this the very first time he tried to plug his hole. He was too scared to let anyone fuck him right off the bat, but he said he’d try some toys and see what that felt like. So, we had him choose his own.

We can happily report that he took to it like a real champ right off the bat. You can see how good it feels to him by the way he shoots off. Those of you who are familiar with Jason already know that when he gets excited he pops a load without much notice. Well, you get to see him do it again. You can almost feel his pleasure as he fucks a load of cum out of himself. Jason’s not afraid to have his ass played with now. In fact, he downright LIKES it. Surprise, surprise!

Jason and Austin…
Austin and Jason have been friends for a while, and we all party together all the time. However we just never got around to filming these two guys together before now. But, as you can see from these photos, it was worth the wait. This is the first video we’ve released that shows Jason getting fucked, but it won’t be the last! Jason has really learned to love man sex, in many of its forms.

We like this video particularly because of the contrast between these guys. Austin is your classic humpy muscle jock stud, and Jason is just the opposite… A cute thin young suburban kid. We think they look great together. This has just about everything you could ask for: Lots of dick sucking, a little ass munching, and then a long butt fuck session. Austin has a nice time helping to break in Jason’s tight hole, and Jason sure enjoyed playing with Austin’s sweet dick.

Jason, Dade Devilin, and Lance Steele…
Here are three totally cute guys in more spontaneous fun. This session is unique because it really didn’t go as planned at all, but it still came out great. Of course, I don’t do a lot of planning anyway, but this one really was off the cuff.

We started out intending to film Cade and Lance together. Jason was here helping me in the office that day, and he was going to take still shots of the whole thing. But, Lance called to say he would be late, and Cade and Jason (and I) just couldn’t help it and had to start playing right away. I filmed Jason fucking the piss out of Cade for quite a while before Lance showed up. We started over filming just Cade and Lance, but Jason (and I) were now so horny that we had to join in too. The whole thing finished up with the three boys jerking off together on the couch. This is a nice long scene, with lots of cock sucking and butt fucking, and all the guys just look great. Like all my work, this doesn’t even pretend to have a plot. It just shows the guys doing whatever feels good to them, and having lots of fun!

Jason and Peter…
This scene is from our “Saturday Marathon Orgy”, which is a series of scenes we filmed all in one day. This is the finale of that day with Jason and Peter. I’ve always thought that these two almost look like brothers. They certainly both get the same hungry looks on their face, and they both have a great time sucking dick and getting blown.

Naturally, Jason gets all excited seeing Peter cum, and he immediately blows out his own big wad in response. All the scenes we filmed that day were great. We had Brian and Lenny and Louis over as well, but this portion with Jason and Peter really shows them both off.

Jason, Trent Stone, and Peter…
Here we have three of our cutest guys in a somewhat unusual session. It was filmed in a hotel suite (something we rarely do), and the guys themselves filmed it! We just handed over the cameras and left. We told them to do whatever they wanted to do. And spent the rest of the day wondering what we’d unleashed..!

We’re sure you’ll like what they came up with. Peter was (as always) a little nervous, but that’s part of his charm. Especially when he eventually gets all relaxed and horny. Trent is at his cum hungry best, and Jason does most of the filming and direction. But, he’s a major horn dog and has to get his wad in too. We know you like seeing cute guys just having fun together without an agenda or someone else saying, “do this” or “do that”, so we’re sure you’ll find this show exciting. Pay special attention to Trent when he sees Peter’s cum. It’s a classic!

Jason, Louis, and Lenny…
We planned this big long orgy one Saturday afternoon, with Brian and Lenny and Louis and Jason and Peter. Jason is notoriously late, so we started filming Louis and Lenny without him. Jason arrived after they’d already been messing around for a while.At this point, Jason had never messed around with another guy before (besides Pat and I), and I was afraid he might be freaked out. But he walked in the door and stripped off his clothes just as quick as he could, never taking his eyes off the hard cocks that were waiting for him. Before you know it, Jason was sucking every dick he could get his mouth on, including MINE (yes, there is another cameo appearance by my dong…..I’m beginning to feel like Alfred Hitchcock). At one point he had Louis and Lenny taking turns fucking his skull.

He had a little trouble fitting both cocks in his mouth at the same time, but he tried just has hard has he could. Lenny had been playing for quite a while at this point, and he was ready to cum anyway, but when Jason stuck his finger up his ass that did it. He blasted a load all over Jason’s chest. The look on Jason’s face when he’s getting cum squirted all over him is amazing. That left Jason and Louis to play….and play they did. Jason just couldn’t get enough of Louis’ big dick and he was slurping away when in walked Peter. He wasn’t quite ready to jump in, so he just stood by and watched as first Jason squirted all over himself, and then Louis blasted a big load on Jason.

Jason, Trent Stone, and Cade Devilin…
This session happened before Cade moved out of state. Here we have him teamed up with Jason again (because they are good friends anyway) and then with our new hotty Trent Stone. These three boys not only look good, they have a great deal of fun together too. Trent is a little cock hungry slut, and Jason and Cade don’t mind giving him what he wants for just as long as he wants. We thought these two boys would know how to show him a good time, and we were sure right.

If you like seeing cute guys have fun together, then this is the one for you. Just like all our work, this doesn’t have any plot or anything; we just threw the guys together and let them do whatever they wanted. We think you’ll really like this one!

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