Hunter’s Second Scene

Posted: August 23rd, 2013 Department: Guys   No Comments

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Every now and then a guy comes along who brings everything we love in a model. Hunter is one of those guys…

He’s really charmed us, and we think you’ll be able to see why by looking at his photos and watching his videos.

The first thing that jumps out when looking at Hunter is his HUGE smile. It’s positively radiant, and it reflects what we think is a genuine happiness with life. Hunter is simply a cool guy and one who seeks – and finds – happiness and comfort in the things he encounters.

But, of course, that’s just the beginning of the delights that Hunter offers. Even when he’s looking serious he’s an extremely good looking young man. He’s exudes that smoldering Latino passion that can drive anyone insane with lust. Beyond that he’s got a perfectly proportioned body that makes him mouth watering.

And then we get to his very hot uncut cock. He’s got that kind of foreskin that easily slides up and down his pole, and he get rock hard in no time flat. He’s got uber delicious balls that you just want to get down and lick as they bounce up and down as he jerks off. And the loads he blows out just can’t be beat.

But, the best thing about Hunter is that thing that will always endear us to any guy – and that’s his wonderful personality. Some guys just simply aren’t very friendly. They seem serious and distant and uninterested. Even if they’re cute that really turns us off.

But, Hunter is just the opposite. He is such a nice guy that it comes shining through every moment he’s around. He’s not uptight in any way, and he’s not afraid to try new things. We asked if he’d ever tried a cock ring on and he said no. But, he was instantly interested in trying it out. This reveals a lot to us. It proves that he’s willing to try new things, and that he’s not intimidated by us as two gay men.

We’re delighted to have Hunter as a new model, and we look forward with breathless anticipation to getting more and more of him on film. We hope you do as well.