Austin Fucks Cade Devilin

Posted: March 26th, 2013 Department: Clips   No Comments

Austin Fucks Cade Devilin - $3.00 Digital Download


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At long last Austin fucks the living hell out of Cade Devilin! We all know what a horn dog for stud butt Austin is, and now that Cade has learned to love hard cock, it just seem time to turn these two loose on each other. 

Austin told me he was anxious to just settle back and have Cade service him, and that’s just what happened. Cade starts out by sucking on Austin’s rock hard cock for a long time. He licks it up one side and down the other and generally gets it all lubed up for what they both really wanted - a nice long ass fuck. 

Which they do in a variety of positions: doggie style - standing up - with Cade sitting on it. Lots of nice deep penetrating angles. They both LOVED it. This isn’t some “pop the head in and wiggle” video, either. Austin deep fucks Cade’s horny hole with long strokes, all the way to the balls. 

Finally, when they both couldn’t take it any more, Austin blasts off all over Cades upturned face and mouth. Then Cade spews out his own ball churner.

I think we hit the jackpot with this session!