Why we love jock hunks!

Posted: April 9th, 2011 Department: Guys   No Comments

Why we love jock hunks: Austin’s Third Video!

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There is little that is more fun than a hunky jock stud who is bi and ready to play.

Austin is one of our very best models, and one of our very best friends. He’s totally cool, totally cute, and he totally loves man sex.

On the down low.

Well, he’s not alone there. We’ve found that some of the most fun guys do this stuff on the down low. They lead “straight” lives, but when the time is right they like blow jobs from guys, they like sucking dick, they like fucking ass, and they like getting railed by a big hard cock.

Austin is just such a guy. This is one of the first videos he did for us – long before he went to Hollywood and became Cody Alexander, and long before he’d even had man sex on film.

But, by this time he’d already been fucking guys like crazy. On the down low.

You can see what a horny motherfucker he is in this video. His cock is rock hard right away, and it never goes soft. He’s totally ready to fuck.

Yeah, Austin is a stud. He’s doesn’t fit in any mold, and he conducts his life the way he sees fit. He doesn’t apologize for leading a straight life most of the time, but he also doesn’t apologize for fucking guys whenever he feels like it.

Stud indeed.

~ SamSez