Rocket Blows Hector

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Rocket Blows Hector - $3.00 Digital Download


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In our never ending quest to capture hot glory hole sex in all its forms, featuring all the different guys who like it, we bring you this jizz sucking bonanza of a scene.




Rocket is a cocksucker. But, what Rocket likes even more than sucking dick is getting a big wad a nut juice blown all over his face when he’s done. Without that, he says, it’s almost not worth it!



Hector loves getting his cock sucked. He’s straight, but he’s learned that if you want a GOOD blow job, you go see a cocksucker. He’s learned that the best cocksuckers hang out at bookstore arcade glory holes.


So, we just HAD to get these two together.


Hector has a fantastic cock, an when he gets good and hard it’s big as shit. Plus, he always blows out huge loads of thick, creamy, steaming hot ball spunk.


Rocket has a great tongue piercing. It’s feels great on your dick as he’s licking it – and your balls. He really gets into sucking dick, and as that juicy reward gets nearer and nearer he gets more and more passionate, until at the end when he’s getting his face glazed he’s literally drooling with excitement.


So, let this serve as a lesson to you too. If you want a great blow job – no strings attached, easy, no problem – go see the cocksuckers at your local arcade. And, if you want to suck some big straight boy dick, the kind that always nuts hard at the end, you know where to go.