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CROTCHMEN - Pat and Sam - Johnny Squirt - Aiden - Cole

Blake - Cole - Angel - Tate - Aiden - Nathan - Johnny Squirt
Age: 20 to 25, Solos, Interviews, Straight, Audition, Amateur, Homemade, Muscles, Twinks, Big Dicks, Mutual Masturbation,

From the visionary directors of The Arcade…

7 hot boys, 6 hot solos, and a scorching str8-boy jerkoff!

Aiden’s 2nd

Tate Returns!

Angel’s Debut

Nathan’s Weener

Cole’s 3rd

Blake Outside In

Tate + Johnny Squirt

Started at $3.00 - ends on Sep 06, 2010 - 13:10:12 PDT

BOYS WITH TOYS - Pat & Sam DVD - Ass Obsessed Studs!

Trent Stone, Austin (aka Cody Alexander), Jason, Louis, Santana
Age: 20 to 25, Anal, Dildos, Toys, Solos, Interviews, Straight, Audition, Amateur, Homemade, Muscles, Twinks, Big Dicks, Latino

If you like seeing sexy young studs open up thier buttholes to accept big fat dildos ‘n stuff, you’ve found the right spot!

Started at $3.00 - ends on Sep 06, 2010 - 16:51:00 PDT

BOULDER BOYS - Pat and Sam - Rick’s ANAL Awakening

Austin, Jason, Brian, Lenny, Louis, Peter, Rick, and Santana
Age: 20 to 25, Oral, Threeways, Solos, Interviews, Straight, Audition, Amateur, Homemade, Muscles, Twinks, Big Dicks, Anal, Dildos, Shaving

Watch Austin (aka Cody Alexander), Jason (aka Tim Atwood), Brian, Lenny, Louis, Peter, Rick and Santana explore the limits of their desire. A long marathon cocksucking orgy, and a series of anal training exercises on Rick.
Although Pat and Sam stock # PAS003 is officially titled ”Boulder Boys,” many of us - especially the guys in it - have come to think of it as The Saturday Marathon.
That’s because so much happened that day and so many hot guys dropped in for some fun!

Started at $3.00 - ends on Sep 07, 2010 - 17:18:32 PDT

FUCK ROD! - Pat and Sam - Straight boy, rough anal!

Rod, Sam, Cade Devilin, and Santana
Age: 20 to 25, Oral, Anal, Threeways, Solos, Interviews, Straight, Audition, Amateur, Homemade, Muscles, Latino, Interracial, Big Dicks, Dildos, Rough Sex, Humiliation, Bondage,

Rod is straight and married with kids.
But, he has a secret.
His ass CRAVES to be penetrated. He truthfully prefers HUGE dildos – the bigger the better – but, he’ll bend over quick for any old rock hard cock.
He’s not much for sucking dick. He just wants it up his ass.
He wants his butthole opened up as deep and as wide as he can get it.
This video shows his progression, from his first simple solo audition scenes with us, to his first scene with dildos.
Finally, we top it all off with the big Kahuna. Rod submits!
Once he proved to us that his ass was made to be penetrated, he then told us that he likes to be blind folded, and then tied up and fucked. He also like humiliation and rough sex.
So, we invited sexy Latino thug stud Santana and his big fat brown chorizo sausage of a cock to come over, and we asked humpy sexy muscle stud boy Cade Devilin to join in.
These two guys got a big kick out of treating Rod like garbage, and ripping into his ass with big dildos …… ‘n stuff. They laughed at him, and called him names and treated him like dirt.
Rod loved every minute of it.
Santana even decided that he had to target Cade’s sexy ass for a while, and things really get WILD then.
Yeah, that Rod really loved getting rough fucked like a dirty slut.
So much so that he came back over so we could film FUCK ROD HARDER, but that’s another story and another film.

Started at $3.00 - ends on Sep 08, 2010 - 18:26:39 PDT

THE ARCADE SOLOS - Pat and Sam Studios - Peep Holes!

Hunter, Spencer, London, Atreyu, Frankie, Jason, Blake, Chris D, Luke
Big Dicks (10 inch +), Latins, Public Nudity/Sex, Glory Hole, Peep Shows, Cum, Masturbation, Solos, Straight Guys,

9 hot boys in a very lusty setting - our local dirty bookstore!

Started at $3.00 - ends on Sep 09, 2010 - 13:00:33 PDT

The Return Of Santana - PAT AND SAM - Latino Stud - BIG

Santana, Austin, Brian, Chris

Age: 20 to 25, Oral, Anal, Solos, Interviews, Straight, Audition, Amateur, Homemade, Muscles, Twinks, Big Dicks, Military, Butt Plugs, Dildos, Interracial, Tattoos, Latino, Hispanic, Spanish
Our favorite Don Juan rides again… and again… and again!

Many of you will remember Santana. He’s been absent from my site for the past few months. He got married a few months ago and asked that I remove him for a time. Now that he has things settled with his new wifey, he wants to go back to being the Spanish Don Juan he really is. You know what that means… fuck all the pretty chicas, and get the cute guys to pound his stud ass hole. Oh, and if he meets a really fine trans bitch, he’ll ride her hot dong too! He really is a slut puppy.

The biggest I know!

Started at $3.00 - ends on Sep 09, 2010 - 15:16:42 PDT

Cade’s Anal Awakening - Daddy Trains Muscle Boy’s ASS!!

Older on Younger, Muscle Stud, Anal toys, Straight to Gay, Domination, Anal Training, Anal, Anal, Anal,

Cade Devilin in his very first videos ever!, before he went to Hollywood and became a star! With some help and training, this young super-humpy discovers ass fun!

Cade is one of the hottest and nastiest boys I’ve ever had the privilege of fucking!
He was certainly “straight” when I met him, and he still has a wife and a kid. But, since he’s met me he’s learned to love man sex. This video features his first three videos for me, and I’m in every one.
The first one started out as a simple j/o video. However, Cade was so cute, and so obviously horny and willing to mess around, that I just couldn’t help myself and offered him a blow job. He has an excellent cock, and I just love sucking it. Also, when he started undressing, the first thing he did was show me his asshole. Of course, that’s the best way to make friends with me.
I asked him if he would like to get his hole munched on and he said sure, so I spent a good long time slobbering on his butt before I stuffed two fingers in there for good measure. He finishes off this first scene with a healthy load, and I invited him back over right away.
He told me he was ready to try getting fucked, but that he was very scared that it would hurt. I told him I would be happy to break him in, and that I would be very careful to make sure it felt good. So, his second video shows me entering his butt for the first time. He really got off on it (so did I!!!), and I had him ride it for a good long while. After that, he sits back and jerks off another mammoth load for you to see.
The third scene is the real wild one. He said he was ready to get very kinky, and that he likes it rough. I had now been working on his ass for a while at this point, so I knew just what he wanted.
The scene starts out by my front door, and I didn’t waste any time getting to his butt. His hole is the sweetest I’ve tasted in a long time, and he wasn’t in the door a minute before I pulled his pants down, bent him over, and stuffed my tongue in his boy pussy. I wanted to get him opened up real good before I started, so I took out my butt plug and fitted that firmly in place before showing him how to suck cock. He’s gotten to like that a lot too.
Then, it was on to the bed where first I plug him the anal probe while he blows me some more. Then, when I felt he was ready for the real thing, I put him in some restraints and rammed my cock deep in his ass. Once he got used to that I started riding him in every position I could think. His ass was just too sweet, and I blasted off deep in his hole. Then, with his ass now all sloppy and well fucked, Cade popped off another of his huge loads.
This video shows all of Cade’s initiations to butt sex. He is now firmly in the “bisexual” category, and he’s having lots of fun catching up on all the lost cock he’s missed over the past few years.

Started at $3.00 - ends on Sep 09, 2010 - 19:09:45 PDT

Cumshot Review Vol. 1 - Pat and Sam Studios - 50 clips!

THEMES: Age: 20 to 25, Amateurs, Compilation, Solos, Twinks

Of course you wanna see dick…and surely you wouldn’t want to miss the all-important “money shot” either. Well…we’re readin’ your dirty mind. Here’s a juicy collection of 30 of our young stud finds in 50 various clips. All types of guys…all sizes of loads…and all different kinds of cocks. Watch ‘em stroke right up to the point of no return…and blast their wads everywhere!
Now put your tongue back in your mouth.
This is a great way to get to know what Pat and Sam are all about - and that’s fresh, new, guys.
We are constantly searching for guys who’ve never been on film before, and we offer them a chance to show off. We really like the honest, “boy next door” look and attitude, and we just love observing the various levels of sexuality and desire for exploration that these guys bring.
It’s great to watch a straight guy get naked and jerk off for a gay man with a video camera.
It’s great to watch that guy then go on to feel comfortable enough to experiment, and try stuff he’s never tried before.
But, no matter what, they always cum!
Each clip has a brief intro to the guy, and then switches to the moments just before he nuts – and then bam, bam, bam, bam.
You know you want it on your face!

Started at $3.00 - ends on Sep 10, 2010 - 14:17:31 PDT


***GayVN Award Nominee***
Best Solo

Larry, Jason, Austin (aka Cody Alexander), Troy, Brian, Lenny
Age: 20 to 25, Anal, Solos, Interviews, Straight, Audition, Amateur, Homemade, Muscles, Twinks, Big Dicks, Military, Marine, Uniform, Smooth, Hairy Chest,

A hot Marine in uniform. A fuzzy big dicked stud boy. A humpy straight stud with a big fatty, and Jason blows just looking at my dick. Austin fucks the hell out of cute young Lenny.

Started at $3.00 - ends on Sep 10, 2010 - 17:15:07 PDT

CUMSHOT REVIEW Vol. 2 - Pat and Sam - 50 loads of CUM!

Brady, Rusty, Trent, Jason, Kent, Dirk, Tate - 30 guys all together!
Cumshots, Cumshots, Cumshots

Wonderous wads of generous jizz, squirts and spurts and hot shots that will have you licking your TV!

This release is all about the release - sexy first timers and a few seasoned favorites letting loose in a variety of styles. Johnny Squirt pounds out a wad that arcs over his head; Trent gives himself a hot, sticky facial; hippie Daniel goes rock hard and spews like a shaken beer; fuck puppet Davin catches Jason’s flying load in his mouth at the arcade; thick dicked twink Aiden gushes out a river…

Hot Guys Unloading

50 Squirting Clips!
30 Cummy Studs!

Started at $3.00 - ends on Sep 11, 2010 - 13:38:54 PDT

STRAIGHT OR GAY? - Pat and Sam - Yes or No? You Decide!

Alex, Bill, Brandon White, Joshua Berlin, Lance, Jason, Carlos, Austin (aka Cody Alexander), Sam
Age: 20 to 25, Oral, Anal, Threeways, Solos, Interviews, Straight, Audition, Amateur, Homemade, Muscles, Twinks, Big Dicks, Latinos, Interracial, Muscle Studs, Jocks

Are these guys straight, or are they gay? Can a straight guy jerk off in front of a gay guy and not be a little gay himself? If a guy fucks girls, and he fucks guys does that make him gay? What about “gay for pay”? What about the guy who only gets blow jobs from dudes? How gay is that?
We think that’s all bullshit. It’s all about right now, and what you’re doing right now. Tomorrow you can do something else if you want.
But, for now, these guys are here for you. Who gives a fuck about labels?

Alex’s 1st Session
Bill’s 2nd Session
Brandon White’s 1st Session
Joshua Berlin’s 1st Session
Lance and Jason
Carlos, Austin and Sam

Started at $3.00 - ends on Sep 11, 2010 - 19:00:39 PDT

TREASURE TRAIL - Pat & Sam DVD - Hot Amateur Studs!

Dominic, Trevor, Peter, Calvin, Conner
Age: 20 to 25, Solos, Oral, Interviews, Straight, Audition, Amateur, Homemade, Muscles, Twinks, Big Dicks,

A show all, tell all meat fest! Hung skaters, smooth young Str8 guys, tattoed bisexual party boys!

Started at $3.00 - ends on Sep 11, 2010 - 20:19:11 PDT


Johnny Squirt, Wyatt, Davin, Jason, Cole, Luke, Frankie, Chris D
Anal Sex, Big Dicks (10 inch +), Blow Jobs/Oral Sex, Interracial, Latins, Public Nudity/Sex, Threesomes, Glory Hole,

We like filming guys in our local arcade / bookstore. They guys love the glory hole. They can just stand there and let some cock hungry slut, like Davin, take care of their pole and nuts from the other booth.
Davin takes it up the ass like a champ, and he loves it when a guy blows his nut all over his face. Jason gives him a particularly big load.

Started at $3.00 - ends on Sep 12, 2010 - 18:07:52 PDT

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