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Who hasn’t dreamt of their own ludus filled with hot and horny studs all willing to do your every bidding, and who call you Dominus? Well, we’re not all that here at Pat and Sam, but we sure do some fun training with hot guys, and here are some of our best students.

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Brent White’s Second!

We’re so very happy we’ve met Brent White. He’s fast reaching inclusion on our top 10 list of hotties.

The reason he’s skyrocketed in this regard is obvious. He’s very cute - humpy body, sexy tattoos, beautiful blue eyes, rock hard cock - and he’s got the kind of personality we just love - quiet yet intense, charming, curious, willing, and always cool.

But, the list of his attributes goes on from there. We think his smile is a knockout, and we love the fact that his dick is perpetually hard, and he always seems to leak massive amounts of pre-cum, enough to drench his boxers before he takes off his pants.

We also like his obvious curiosity about gay sex. He’s a Nebraska farm boy, and as such he’s never had much exposure to the “gay lifestyle.” He told us he was always surrounded by girls when he lived in the small farming town he’s from. But, he’s always had an underlying desire to play with guys.

This time, when we talked about that, and what kind of things he’d like to try, he said the he’d heard that it feels good to take it in the butt.


This time we plopped him down in our big green chair and let him rip. But, we weren’t satisfied with him simply putting on a solo show. Sam decided that the time was right to try something a bit more aggressive. So he started playing with his balls. Brent reacted by moaning and scooting his butt up a little - and open invitation to explore down there that Sam did not pass up. Before long Sam had his finger buried in Brent’s butthole and jammed up against his prostate, making Brent start panting and moaning to beat the band.

Naturally, this got Brent very hot and before long he was pumping out lots of hot stud juice, which is what we all love to see.

We’re really looking forward to getting more and more videos from Brent - in a variety of situations. But, no matter what he does we’ll always enjoy having Brent over to our place, and we’ll film him doing anything he wants.

Johnny Cush’s First!
Well, there I was minding my own business in my little office when I heard a knock at the door…

I don’t usually have visitors there, so I was a little surprised. Could it be someone I’ve had over before? Was the building manager come to tell me that he wanted to raise my rent? I was perplexed.

But, when I opened the door and saw Johnny Cush standing there, I was very pleased and excited.

He told me that he’d gotten my address from another model I filmed a while ago. He said that he’d wanted to come over sooner, but that he had to wait until he turned 18 y/o. I said that was a wise move on his part because I don’t give the time of day to guys who are under age.

But, I’m sure glad he did keep us in mind, and I’m very happy he decided to come over to put on a show for us.

Johnny tells me that he’s straight, but that he’s always been a little curious about guys. He said that he really likes getting his dick sucked, and that girls usually can’t take everything he offers. That naturally peaked my interest. I told him that the first thing he needed to do was put on a show for me, and he jumped at the chance.

He has a very sexy body, and a really sweet smile. He’s got those adorable young eyes that everyone likes, and he’s got a personality that really shines through it all. He was, understandably, a little nervous, but he took to modeling like a duck to water.

He wasn’t lying about his cock either. It’s a monster! He’s got to have about 9 inches, and his balls are wonderful. They flop and bounce around like crazy while he jerks off.

And, he blows out a big wad of hot stud boy juice! He’s very passionate, and he really wants to do more. He said he’s not sure if he’ll ever find the bravery to let guy suck his dick. But, we have a feeling that Johnny Cush isn’t a coward at all. We suspect that before long he’s going to be getting his dong slobbed on to beat the band.

We’re very pleased that this hot young man decided to come visit and give us - and you - a show.

Watch for more!

Mason’s Second!
We both think that Mason is one of the sexiest guys to come along in quite a while. There are many reasons for that…

First up is his smile. That will knock us dead every time. We don’t think there is anything more attractive than a big smile that genuinely comes from the heart. You can’t fake happiness and a sense of contentment with life. Mason brings that with him always. He’s clearly a very cheerful guy, and he obviously loves life. That is something we all want to have around.

Next up is his adorably sexy body. He said that he’s been working out a lot since his first video, and you can see that he’s tightened up quite a bit. His unique and artistic tattoos really highlight his body, and we could look at him all day. His hairy butt is so cute, and his dick and balls are just right - not too big, not too small.

Then we come to his pre-cum. He is one of the drippiest guys we’ve ever encountered. We love pre-cum all on its own, and the reason is that it always indicates a level of excitement that you just can’t fake. When you see a guy dripping pre-cum you can be sure that he’s genuinely turned on, and that on its own turns us on all the more.

Finally we come to his personality, which is beyond sweet. Mason is the kind of guy you just want to snuggle up to, and that you want to go and have fun on the town with. He’s not got a harsh bone in his body, and he really enjoys everyone. Plus, he loves to be looked at, and he’s anxious for everyone to see what he’s got.

We’re simply thrilled to have Mason coming around, and we can wait to get more film on him. We think he’s going to be doing lots of stuff for us, and we can’t wait.

Raphael’s First!
It’s an old cliche that big things come in small packages. Raphael proves that it’s not just a cliche - IT’S TRUE!

Let’s just cut the chase. Raphael has one of the biggest dicks we’ve ever filmed. We didn’t measure it (yet), but a good guess would be that when he’s fully erect it is about 11 or 12 inches long.


Plus, he’s uncut, and even when he’s hard the skin still slides up and over the head all the way. Very nice. Beyond that, dissimilar to other guys with really huge cocks, his does get ROCK HARD, and it stands straight up in the air!

Now, that’s not to say Raphael doesn’t have other attributes. In fact, he’s very cute - if a little on the rough side. He’s got a nice rock hard body, and a very tough manly attitude. He’s a man of few words, but that’s not surprising. He doesn’t need words to back up what he’s got.

He’s got the real deal.

He says he likes girls and boys, and that his favorite thing to do is to fuck someone in the ass. WOW! There are only and handful of people I know who could take that foot long pole up their ass, and even then I suspect that when Raphael gets going he fucks really hard.

In any case, we’re going to do our best to find someone to take that long dong up the butt, and we’re sure we can find someone to at least slob on it for a while. Raphael says he likes blow jobs too.

We’re very happy to bring you Raphael and his huge dick. We think his show is fun, if somewhat quiet. He’s not someone to talk long and continuously. He wants to get right down to business.

Just fine with us.

Johnny Squirts Again!
We’re always very happy to hear from Johnny Squirt. Mostly because he’s such a great guy to have around…

.He’s been traveling quite a bit recently, and so when he called and said he was in town for a few days and wanted to stop by to do a solo video we jumped at the chance.

He’s looking very “mountain boy” in this scene. He’s got a scruffy on his face, and he’s wearing a baseball cap and a hoodie - classic mountain wear.

But, most importantly, he’s got that great big smile plastered on his face. That is one thing that will send us over the top every time.

He was sure anxious to pull out his rock hard cock and jerk off too. He said he’s got a new girlfriend, and that she’s a real fuck puppet too. But, we think he gets more pleasure from squirting off in front of the camera than anything.

And squirt he does. We think Johnny’s cum shots are the best around, and he doesn’t disappoint in this scene either. He blows out TONS of juice, and he shoots it way up in the air. The sperm came raining down like an April shower!

We’re just enchanted with Johnny. He’s got everything we like. A tough masculine attitude that is as light hearted as it is accessible. He’s got a great body, and his cock is just right. And he cums like a geyser in Yellowstone!

We can’t wait to see him in front of the camera again.

Hector Wants More!

It seems that ever since Hector got his first blow job from a guy he’s become quite happy to get them.

He’s stopped by several times now, dick in hand, and asked if we would take care of him. Naturally we’re always quite happy to do that.

He stopped by a few weeks ago and asked for some of our special treatment, and Sam invited into the bedroom. As soon as we were there Hector asked if we wanted to take some photos of him too. Of course, we said sure.

After Sam had take a few nice snapshots, and Hector was completely naked, he asked if Sam would grab the video camera and film him getting a nice blow job.

How could Sam say no?

It’s nice to see Hector enjoying himself so much. His big long fat cock just gets rock hard, and he clearly loves having his knob slobbed on.

At one point he grabs the video camera out of Sam’s hands and proceeds to film it himself. He moans and thrusts his hips, and finally he says, “You like that don’t you!”

Well, wouldn’t you?

That’s when Hector starts to pump out all the juice he’s stored up in his stud nuts. He really moans and pants and thrashes around while he does it too. The one thing you can’t see very well is that Sam has planted his finger right up Hectors humpy asshole while he pops off and is tickling his prostate all the while.

No wonder he cums so hard.

We’re very thrilled to have gotten Hector addicted to sloppy blow jobs, and we can’t wait till we hear that knock on the door again.

We know he’ll have his dick in his hand!

Davin blows Peyton!

The fact that Davin is such a cum hungry little cocksucker really turns me on.

He’s constantly calling me to come over to get his tonsils massaged, and I find it hard to turn him down.

But, my cock isn’t the only one he likes sucking on. He’s always asking if there are any other guys who want blow jobs as well. He told me once his biggest turn on is to get his face covered with hot jizz, and he his biggest fantasy is to be a “Bukaake Boy”.

I was at my office one afternoon, enjoying the pleasure of Davin’s company, when he started begging for more dick. I’d already given him a nice facial, strictly for my own personal enjoyment, when he started whining that he wanted more.

“Don’t you know anyone else who needs to blow out some thick cum today”, he started mewing.

I gave it some thought, and I remembered that Peyton mentioned how much he loves a good blow job. So, I picked up the phone and gave him a call. He lives just a few minutes away, and when I told him that I had a hot cocksucker at my office he practically ran over.

Davin was very excited to start sucking on another big black cock, having really enjoyed having Kaze stuff his black monster down his throat in a previous lip-chapping adventure.

Peyton walked in the door and took off all his clothes, sat down and said to Davin, “Have some!”

Davin just loved slobbering all over Peytons long, fat, rock hard slab of meat, and Peyton just sat back and enjoyed the attention. Before long though he wanted to really face fuck Davin, so he stood up and started jamming his pole down his throat. Davin likes it a little on the rough side, so he was just fine with that.

Finally, Peyton built up a big load, and when he was ready he coated Davin’s upturned face with a thick, steaming hot load of nut juice. Davin always wants to get the last drops down his throat, and so Peyton’s final act was to stuff his cum slicked cock all the down Davin’s throat to pump the last big right in his gullet.

Whenever Davin calls wanting more cock and cum we’ll be right there to arrange it for him.

Chico - Papi’s Boy!

Naturally, whenever a little dick slut like Chico comes along we’re thrilled to rush him to the front of the line.

Of course, the very first thing we asked for from Chico was his ID.

I mean, just look at him! He looks like a teenager!

Well, he eagerly proved that he’s an adult, and then he eagerly proved that he is a total pig for dick.

Typically we have models do just a simple solo scene to start out with. But, Chico would have none of that. He told me right off the bat that he intended to expertly service my cock, and that I should just start wrapping my head around that right away.

So, I did.

I’m afraid I have small resistance to an adorable young man who is quite good at begging for cock, and I have deep fondness and enduring affection for sluts.

So, I let Chico play with me as much as he wanted, and I indulged him in some of his more, ahem…..exotic requests.

Well, let’s just call a spade a spade, shall we?

He begged me to drag him into the bathroom and piss in his mouth.

How could I refuse?

So, this is our very first oral piss scene. We hope you like seeing this fresh young sex pig get his mouth piss fucked by a man (well, I’m certainly not a “boy” anymore, that’s for sure).

Chico also savagely fucks himself with a couple of dildos, and he even pulls one out of his ass and stuffs it into his greedy mouth!

Like I said, Chico is one nasty boy, and when he gets a rock hard cock shoved in his face he turns into….

Papi’s Boy!

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