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$5.00 Johnny Squirt

Johnny’s many HUGE cumshots have earned him the name Johnny Squirt, and here are 9 of his hottest scenes! His first 3 solo scenes. His fantastic Arcade solo. His first gay blowjob. His jerkoff scene with Tate. His scene with Davin and Spencer. He plows Brent White through a glory hole. And, last but not least, his epic HOTEL cum and piss fest with Seth and Chico.

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Johnny’s First Solo…
His cock is nearly perfect - not too big and not too small - just the size for a little gaging, and we’re sure it would hit that sweet spot! Plus, and some might say the best of all, he doesn’t shave his pubes. They are natural, but not overgrown. We love the way his nuts are hairy. What a stud!

Johnny says he’s personally straight, but that he’ll play with boys on film. He says he loves a good blow job, and most girls won’t let him fuck them in the ass - so he’s ready to plow some boy butt once in a while. Stud, indeed. Here is the clincher: He literally blows the biggest load we’ve ever gotten on film - and that’s saying a lot!

Johnny’s Second Solo…
We just love his hair. It’s slightly long and a little scruffy. It reminds us of something you’d see back in the 70’s. It’s almost like a feathered shag or something. He says it just grows out that way naturally, and that’s what it’s all about. He’s got those sexy eyes that we just can’t resist, and his smile is nearly perfect with big even pearly white teeth. When he takes off his shirt his swimmer’s body just about knocks you out. He’s smooth and svelte with nicely formed pecs. He’s got a treasure trail that can’t be beat, and even his belly scar is somehow sexy.

Then, when he pulls out his really sweet fucking cock things get downright lusty. Particularly when you can expect one those geyser like loads he says he always blows out. The photos from this session turned out great. He’s just the kind of guy we love to feature at Pat and Sam. His video is likewise delightful because his friendly open personality comes shining through.

Johnny at the Bookstore…
It seems everyone wants to give the Arcade a try… And why not? It’s a very lusty place, and the boys we like best like it that way. Johnny Squirt is no exception. We told him about the arcade and said he’s been there before and loves jerking off in one of the booths. He said he particularly likes it when some horny guy is in the other booth watching him and begging for his cock. He says it makes him feel like a stud.

We don’t see why he’d need anything but a mirror to feel that way, but we were happy to have him do a show for us there anyway. He’s looking sexy with his moppy hair and his snowboard logo clothes. And don’t forget about his dirty boots! But, it’s his cock and body that really gets us going. And, he once again blows out a huge load from his mouthwateringly delicious cock. The next step is for him to stick his dick trough that very tempting glory hole for a blow job - or more. He said he’s ready. So are we.

Johnny Squirts Again…
He’s looking very “mountain boy” in this scene. He’s got a scruffy on his face, and he’s wearing a baseball cap and a hoodie - classic mountain wear. But, most importantly, he’s got that great big smile plastered on his face. That is one thing that will send us over the top every time. He was sure anxious to pull out his rock hard cock and jerk off too. He said he’s got a new girlfriend, and that she’s a real fuck puppet too. But, we think he gets more pleasure from squirting off in front of the camera than anything.

And squirt he does! We think Johnny’s cum shots are the best around, and he doesn’t disappoint in this scene either. He blows out TONS of juice, and he shoots it way up in the air. The sperm came raining down like an April shower!

Sam blows Johnny…
Johnny Squirt has been incessantly pleading for a blow job! He’s really been laying the pressure on even more recently. Ever since I showed him a video of me blowing Seth he’s been almost begging to get one himself. I keep telling him that I’d prefer to hook him up with some sexy young stud, but he keeps saying right back that he thinks I’ll do a better job. He said he wants an expert to do it. Well, I suppose I am pretty good at it - particularly in comparison with the average girl that Johnny Squirt encounters.

So, I just couldn’t resist any more. After hearing “Please! Suck my dick, ok?” for the umpteenth time I had to set down the still camera down and go for it. However, I did have the sense of mind to set up two video cameras so you get to see the whole thing. I have to say I enjoyed it. Johnny has a fantastic cock, and he sure blows out all kinds of thick stud juice. Some of it got in my eye, but that’s ok. Ultimately, I think I’ve ruined the chances of any girl coming along any time soon who can compete. I’d better start watching my back in case some pissed of girl comes up looking for revenge… Or lessons!

Tate and Johnny Squirt…
Tate has been hanging out around here quite a bit lately. He said he’s come to look forward to the enjoyments we have to offer. Johnny Squirt has likewise been calling and calling. So, when the two boys just happened to drop by at the same time one afternoon we decided to turn on the camera.

Both these boys are mostly ’straight,’ but they’ll play around on the side whenever it suits them. In any case, we’ve found that all you need to do with these boys is pop on a dirty movie and before long you’ll see some hot rod’s popping out of their pants. Johnny Squirt doesn’t disappoint this time. He blows out such a huge cum shot it’s amazing. Tate likewise has a very intense orgasm, but it’s hard to beat Johnnie’s geysers.

Spencer and Johnny work over Davin…
We just love to film a sexy gay boy giving head to hot and curious straight boys… That is why were so thrilled to invite Spencer and Johnny Squirt to come over to feed cock hungry Davin their fattys and their loads. Davin is a reliable cock sucker. He simply can’t get enough dong down his throat, and he particularly likes sucking straight dick. He sure gives great head too. He’s very eager. He also has a cum fetish and simply can’t wait to get hot goo blasted all over his face. It makes him cum really hard himself. Spencer is kind of new to all this. He’d only ever gotten head from us before, and so he was a little intimidated at first.

But once Davin started slobbering all over his hard cock, he got right into it. Johnny Squirt is a bit more adventurous. He loves getting head, no matter who it’s from. He’ll just lay back and let a good knob slobber have at it. He gets the most satisfied looks on his face the whole time, and he just pants and pants.

Johnny fucks Brent White through a GLORY HOLE!…
Brent White has proven himself to be one hot dick taker. He positively lusts after cock, and particularly if he can take it up his ass. Johnny Squirt likes nothing better than a nice long blow job before stuffing his hot pole in a tight butt. So, this pairing worked out just right. Brent once again showed up looking like a complete fucking stud, and Johnny, as always is so cute you could practically eat him alive.

The best part, naturally, is when they start fucking around through the hole. Brent just can’t wait to get his lips wrapped around Johnny’s hardon, and Johnny was perfectly happy to oblige him. But, it wasn’t long before Brent bent over in front of the hole to show Johnny where he really wanted that dick - deep in his gut locker. Johnny fucked the hell out of Brent, and it’s great to watch the look on Brent’s face as his asshole is being penetrated. He took it like a champ until Johnny couldn’t hold back any longer. Then Brent knelt down so that Johnny could blow his signature copious load right on Brent’s face. We warned Brent that Johnny blows out tons of cum, but I think he was still a little shocked. Not so shocked that he couldn’t stand up and immediately blow out one of his own.

Chico, Seth, & Johnny - THE HOTEL…
Chico is a sexy hot, Latino, dick loving, cock hound who simply can’t get fucked hard enough. He wants it all, and he wants it rough. Even then you can be sure he’ll just want more. What you’ll see in this scene is just how hard two straight guys can go on a willing little gay slut. In fact, at one point they start hurting the poor thing, but that only gets them hotter. But, Chico, being the champion whore that he is, takes it with only minor whimpering.

Of course, in the end Chico gets all their hot cum right in his face and down his throat. Johnny Squirt predictably delivers another fountain gusher of a cum shot, and Chico is right there for every drop. Blast after blast after blast of searing hot nut juice all over his face. It’s really a great shot. Anyone who likes a good cum shot will LOVE this one. Then, to top it all off, these boys show Chico just how nasty a gay whore has to be in order to impress these straight boys.

After fucking him so hard he starts to cry, and then pumping enough baby batter all over his face to float a battleship, these two “straight” boys drag dick loving Chico into the bathroom, throw his ass into the tub, and they each take a long hot steaming piss right into his greedy open mouth! Yep! Gallons of scalding straight piss all over a well fucked cum whore gay boy! Oh, and our cameraman Sam has to join in on that bit of action by contributing his own bladder full of used beer for Chico to enjoy. So, this scene ends with now Grand Champion Gay Whore Chico wallowing around in yellow, licking it up, and trying to stuff some of it into his now fucked sloppy boy hole.

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