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$5.00 Austin - The First

Austin is the very first guy we ever filmed here at Pat and Sam. He was a good friend long before we started the business, and he was our only choice to be the first. He’s done dozens of scenes for us through the years, but here are 10 of his very best scenes. His first three solo scenes. his slick scene with Lance Steele. Then when he came over one fall all bundled up ready for snowboarding. The first scene he did with Santana (featuring Santana taking a piss!). He and Cade Devilin in the shower together. Him fucking himself with toys. Another scene with Cade and Jason, and a bunch of snapshots of him hiking in the mountains.

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Austin’s First…
We started filming guys over 12 years ago, and this is the very first film we ever made. Having absolutely no experience with filming was certainly a challenge, but we figured Austin is so cute that he would still come shining through.

We think it worked. Austin is such a stud that we could have filmed with a hand crank camera and he would still make anyone drool with desire. In any case, this is the film that started us on our long road of finding and filming new guys. Enjoy!

Austin’s Second…
We first started our business by filming j/o videos of our friends, and selling “used” underwear to their fans. It’s amazing how many people like the personal touch that only a pair of fragrant boxers can provide. Austin in particular has provided many guys with various kinds of “customized” garments. This video was filmed for a customer who wanted something really special to watch over and over again. Austin did his best to comply.

He’s not only a humpy babe, but he’s also an extremely cool guy. He’s the kind of person everyone hopes to have for a friend. He pops off nice loads too!

Austin’s Third…
Austin just keeps getting bigger muscles! He’s constantly in the gym and is determined to win trophies for bodybuilding. In this video he has on a white tank top (for a little while) and some very sexy boxers. His cock is rock hard all the way through it! He almost cums right away, but he holds himself back and then goes on for quite a while.

He is such a fucking stud! He pulls his cock out through a hole in his shorts and jacks off for a while that way. Then he gets completely naked and shoots a big wad all over his rock hard stomach.

Austin and Lance Steele…
The cool thing about this video is that both of these guys have gone on to do a commercial porno video together. They are both in “BLADES” by Studio 2000. Austin is known as Cody Alexander, and Lance made it to the cover as Bobby Steele. It’s a great video, but now you can see these guys when they first met here at Pat and Sam’s place. I have to tell you right off the bat about the best part of this video. It’s when Austin first gets a look at Lance’s BIG dick. He does a double take and then the look on his face is PRICELESS! I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time.

But, beyond that, it’s a great scene. It’s a fairly tame one though, the guys just jerk off together. This was the first time Lance had ever done anything like this at all. He went on to play with Jason on video for me (which I’ve already posted) but this was filmed before even that. Lance was very nervous, but he did a good job anyway. Of course, he’s since gotten over all that, but this shows his first adventures. Austin is all fuzzy in this one, so all you fans of his hairy chest will be pleased. However, I think he’s ALWAYS a hump, whether he shaves or not.

Austin Fall Snowboarder…
It’s likely we wouldn’t have started the business if Austin hadn’t agreed to jerk off on film for us all those many years ago. He started a trend here that continues to this day. When he said he wanted to do another solo film a few weeks ago we jumped at the chance. It’s obvious what his attributes are, so I won’t list them here. What I would like to point out is how much fun he and I had filming this.

We really joked around a lot and that’s not something that happens quite the same way with new guys. I’m always trying to be on my best behavior then and usually they are too. But during this video, not only was Austin a total fuck off the whole time, but I was relaxed and playful too. I hope that doesn’t detract from the “action”, but it’s almost impossible for he and I to be serious about stuff for very long. We’re far more interested in being goof-offs. Anyway, I really like this scene because it shows the bond between Austin and I. He’s one of my very best friends in the whole wide world, and I’m extremely grateful and honored to be able to say that. Plus, he is a big humpy stud.

Austin and Santana’s First…
Here we have two “straight” guys who have girlfriends, but who like to fuck other guys on the side. Austin & Santana have been fuck buddies for a long time, but this is the first time they did anything together on film. Austin is all shy and quiet in this scene. He’d never done anything with another guy on film at this point.

Santana stopped by on his work break, so he’s all hot and sweaty. He’s always ready to go, and he’s a total stud in this scene too. Austin just happened be hanging out at our place that day, so one thing led to another. Now, just wait until you see these two stud go at it bareback in another video of ours.

Austin and Cade Devilin in the shower…
Running a business like this means that from time to time guys just stop by for this or that - a blow job, have a beer, have some fun, get fucked up the ass, that kind of thing. One afternoon Cade Devilin was here and he asked to take a shower. While he was in the bathroom Austin showed up.

Naturally he just couldn’t stand the thought of Cade in there all wet and naked, and before you know it he was stripping off his clothes and climbing in with him. I just happened to have the still camera with me and these are the shots I got that afternoon. I’m afraid I didn’t last long either, and before long the camera was on the floor and I was in the shower with them.

Austin fucks himself…
I finally did it! I got Austin to stuff his ass with a toy! I’ve tried and tried over the years to get him to do it, and he finally capitulated. He’s said many times that he’s tried it alone at home, and that it felt good. Plus he’s done a commercial video in Hollywood that shows him getting dogged. However, this is the first one he’s ever done for me. He’s looking his “Mountain Boy” best in this one. He has a nice hairy chest and he’s kind of scruffy looking. But you know that’s the way I like him the most. Then, to watch him get all funky and nasty makes him even better. He chose a purple toy with several nice balls to play with. He’d seen other guys with it, and he thought it would feel good. After he got all turned on looking at girls get ass fucked, he lubed up his ass real nice and started sliding those balls in one by one.

You can tell it hurt at first, but then he really started getting into it and jerking off to beat the band. Of course he shot off a nice thick load to top it all of. After having his channel massaged so nicely his balls really pumped out a nice wad. If you’ve seen his “Hollywood” work (as Cody Alexander), I think you’ll agree that this is much better (even without a real penis). He simply looked like he was in agony the whole time he was getting fucked in the other scene, but in this one he really enjoys it and you can tell he wants more. I guess he just feels a little more comfortable here at our place. Now, he said he’ll try the real thing next! This is for all his fans who have asked to see his hole getting stuffed.

Cade Devilin, Jason, & Austin…
This is the second meeting of Austin and Cade. These two guys are too cute to be in the same room together! My eyes get tired cuz I don’t know where I want to look the most. This was a very spontaneous session. I was just sitting here working away one afternoon, when “knock, knock”, there was Cade at the door. There isn’t really anything unusual about that because he comes over all the time. But he wasn’t here 5 min before Jason showed up, and 10 min behind him came Austin.

Of course, with these three boys in the room the subject turned right to sex, and the fact that they were all horny. So, it was off to the bedroom for a quick j/o session. Jason wanted to take a try at the still shots this time, so the camera stayed focused on Cade and Austin. But Jason and I were sure having fun too. The boys look at magazines and joke around for a while before squirting out big loads. First Cade all over his chest, and then Austin blasted all over Cade. Niceness!

Austin - Mountain Boy…
Austin is our original mountain boy, and here he is in his natural element. We’ve been hiking with him several times this summer, taking it easy as he’s still not fully healed from his fall last summer. Anyway, he’s looking as humpy and delicious as ever, and we always like it when he doesn’t shave his chest for a while. He’s also as horny as ever, so at least nothing got damaged as far as that’s concerned!

These photos are from 2 different hiking trips we made with him. They look fairly similar, so we just lumped them all together. He always wants to jerk off when we reach the summit of whatever trail we are on, and we like to have the camera ready to catch it all. This is really the best way to enjoy the outdoors, don’t you agree?

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