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$5.00 Studs

You know you like ‘em. You know you want ‘em. Beefy, hunky, hardbody and horny…., so here are 15 of our best studs! First scenes from Brent White, Carlos, Clark, Dominic, Rusty, Seth, Troy Big, and Taylor. And we get some return action from Brian, Dirk, Joel, Kent, Landon, and Luke.

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Brent White’s First Scene…
Every once in a while we start out a post with these words: WOOF, WOOF, WOOF, WOOF, WOOF!!!!

Well, that’s just what we thought when we first laid eyes on Brent White.

He’s an exceptional boy. Tough, beautiful, sexy, curious, hot, and ready to go!

There is so much to like about Brent that it’s hard to know where to begin. I suppose the best place to start is his dreamy eyes. They are the most piercing color of blue, and they just sparkle. He likes to smile quite a bit, and they really light up then.

His body is just about perfect. Enough beef to make anyone happy, but not so much that he’s overbuilt. His tattoos are slightly on the rough side, but we kind of like that edge. His sexy bubble butt is practically irresistible, and apparently we won’t have to do much resisting.

He’s got a fucking hot cock too. What we really like is that he was SO turned on immediately. He was just pouring out pre-cum - even long before he pulled down his pants. We know this means he was really hot, and that is so fucking exciting.

Brent says he’s straight, but he made it very clear that he’s always wanted to mess around with other guys. He said he’s completely willing to do anything, and we’re completely willing to put him through everything!

He’s incredibly passionate too. He pants and moans and gets so excited, and it’s in a truly natural and spontaneous way. I couldn’t help myself and I reached out and started tickling his balls while he jerked off. This sent him over the edge, and he wiggled himself in a way that simply offered his butthole up for me to explore a bit as well.

That did it. He started blasting out cum practically as soon as I touched his hole.

Now, what does that tell you?

It tells us we’ve hit the jackpot again, and the Brent is going be doing some really fun things with us.

We can’t wait.

What a beauty!

Kent - aka Nash Lawler…
You know how much we like beefcake 19 y/o jock boys, and we know you do too. Kent certainly fills that bill.

Of course, good looks aren’t enough around here. We always say that a guy’s personality is just as important as their looks. Kent has BOTH. He’s really a nice guy, and very open and comfortable with himself. He’s straight, so solo sessions are about the most he’ll do. But that’s ok with us, and we hope its ok with you too.

We love this format you know…shower and then jerk off on the bed. Kent really has a great body, and its wonderful to watch him get it all lathered up and wet. Then he moves to the bed where he tries on a cock ring, jerks off for a long time while talking about all kinds of stuff, and then finally pops of an EXCELLENT load of jock juice. It’s a real nice one, folks!

Kent has done work for other photographic studios now, but we’re not sure where. If you happen to see him in a mag or on another website somewhere drop us a note and let us know. We’re always curious to see how others show guys that we’ve filmed.

Rusty - aka…Well, dozens of names!…
Rusty likewise went on to do lots of work for BIG studios in Hollywood, and always with a different stage name. But, he got started here. We just about jumped out of our pants when Rusty showed up for his first session! As you can see, he’s another great find to add to our stable of fine models.

We could go on and on about how cute he is, but his photos speak for themselves. However, we should tell you about his great personality. He’s a little quiet, but we like guys like that. He’s only 19 y/o, so he hasn’t been around very much, but we like that too. He wants to fuck some of our cutest guys, and we REALLY like that!

But, we’ll start out with this very hot solo video. You really get to know what he’s like here, and we’re very sure you’ll be as anxious as we are to see lots more from this exceptional hotty!

Seth’s First Scene…
Not every stud is a college jock. Some, like Seth here, are mountain boy, dirt biker, punk rock moshers. We first met Seth at a local concert. We’ve seen thousands of hot guys at shows, and we’ve filmed a few we’ve met there. So, when we started talking to Seth about modeling we were hopeful we’d hit the jackpot again. When Seth called the next week and wanted to come over we were very excited. He is very cute in many ways, and his show is fucking great. It’s his eyes that first grabbed our attention. They’re a fantastic color of green and they’re very piercing. His smile is bright and comes easily. He’s got a laid back style and his chin scruff and pulled back ponytail is very urban.

He’s got a nice body without being overbuilt. It’s very natural and inviting. But, let’s face it. Once you get a look at his big fat perfectly shaped cock you’re going to hit the roof. Plus, he’s got a great set of smooth balls that bounce and jiggle around fantastically.
Best of all, he’s not shy. He’s got a great personality that really comes through on film. Plus it’s obvious he enjoys showing off.
We’re thrilled to show off this new hotty, and we’re looking forward to getting more from him very soon.

Joel’s Fourth Scene…
It’s been a couple of years since Joel did a session for us, although he’s a good friend and is here almost every week - for other things!

But, here he is back again and looking better than ever. If you’ve seen his first three solo videos, then you know what a stud Joel is. Plus, we have a whole slew of great photos we’ve taken of him that you’ve probably seen. But Joel just keeps getting cuter and cuter, and his charming personality really shines through in this session.

Just like his last, he stopped by right after work to see us. But, now he works as a professional and doesn’t get all dirty like he was before. It’s cool to see this more corporate side of him. Like some of his previous sessions, Pat filmed this one and their close friendship is very apparent.

Carlos’ First Scene…
Carlos is a very cute and very sweet Latino babe who wanted to model for me. Well, that’s what he said anyway. My cock thinks he might have had other motives.

This scene is a little unusual for me, because I have to give him a ”hand” during filming. He seemed to want it.

I really like him a lot, and it’s not just his HUGE dick or his fantastic body. He’s really a nice guy too.

Not only did I give him a hand job, but I stuffed two fingers up his sexy butt too. I had to set the camera down, so you could see it better. I really enjoyed filming this one. After he squirted, I rubbed in all over his belly. I think he liked it. He sure quivered a lot.

He’s coming back over for some more fun. I’m targeting his ass more next time. I think he’s ready. He may just give Santana a run for the money - what do you think?

Brian’s Sixth Scene…
Brian did many scenes for us in the two years that we knew him. They were mostly solo scenes, but he did do a couple of j/o videos with friends too.

He never did anything sexual with anyone, but he was always willing to show off.

So, you can imagine how sad we were when he said he’d been called back to active duty in The Marine Corps and that he was leaving for good. But we were able to get this last video from him before he left. This sixth video is one of his best too.

Brian is such a friendly guy, and he’s so very cute that we almost started crying when we said goodbye for the last time. But, we’ll always remember how sweet is, and how much we enjoyed being his friend. Plus, we’re all very lucky to have so much of him on film to look at.

He’s every bit a man, and every bit a soldier. But, most importantly he’s a open, honest, and very accepting person. He always just accepted us as we are. Often time’s military men can have a reputation of arrogance and distain for those who aren’t as accomplished as they are. But, that’s not the case with Brian. He likes all people, and he has respect for everyone. Beyond his good looks and sweet body, that’s what’s ultimately attractive about him.

He’s one of the good guys.

Clark’s First Scene…
I’ve learned to notice that little spark that some guys have in their eyes, the one that says, “I like to show off!”

Part way through his interview, I sensed that Clark would put on a good show. After that point, I didn’t really hesitate to say ‘OK’ to Clark.

He’s not perfect, and his flaws (opportunities?) are obvious, so I won’t bother listing them here. I’m always one to try to look past that kind of thing.

I think everyone has areas with room for improvement and we all look past them in one way or another… Better to focus on attributes!

Clark’s magnificent body is one of them. It is the kind of physique that I really like. Of course I have lots of likes, but nice broad shoulders, hefty pecs and arms rate pretty high. A washboard tummy you could ski moguls on, and a really sweet dick. Plus I really like the way he smiles, and his eyes are extremely sexy.

But, I think the best part of his show is the way he seems to warm up to the whole thing. I think he was a little nervous to start, but he quickly realized that this would end up being fun and he has a real nice time. I hope that comes through for you the same as it did for me while filming.

Dirk’s Third Scene…
And then there’s Dirk. There are dozens and dozens of guys you could name and we’d happily say they are all fucking hot. But, whenever we look at Dirk the only thing we can think of is “fucking HOT!!!”. He is so fucking hot it’s not possible. He showed up for his third session on a skateboard. Fucking hot. He was on his lunch break from a construction job his was doing and he had paint on his very rough hands. Fucking hot. His knuckles were all scraped up and bloody from having fallen when he was trying some extreme skateboard moves. Fucking hot.

He has the most amazing personality. He’s very boyish and has a great sense of humor. He jokes around and laughs a lot, and he loves talking about skateboarding, skiing (extreme stuff too), motocross, wakeboarding, whatever. Fucking hot. He is just a big kid at heart. Fucking hot

However, whenever the camera turns on he becomes this total sex machine. His big laughing eyes narrow and he puts on that “I’m going to fuck the living shit out of you” look and then he starts peeling off his clothes revealing his fucking hot body and his fucking hot cock.

Okay, he drives us nuts. He’s a total stud and we think every single photo (and the video) just drips with fucking hot sensuality. I’m afraid he only thing we haven’t been able to capture is his off camera kick-in-the-pants personality. I think one day we’ll have to set up a hidden camera so he doesn’t know that he’s being filmed. Then you could see his fun side, which only makes him even more….


Dominic’s First Scene…
Here’s an unusal one - meet Dominic! He’s a skateboarder and loves to do all kinds of extreme sports. He likes dirt bikes and skydiving too. He’s straight and says he’s never done anything with another guy, and that he’s not interested in trying either. But, that’s ok with me. He doesn’t mind showing off, and he’s go a lot to show. Plus I like his tough boy attitude

It’s hard to believe that he’s only 18 y/o, but it’s true. I didn’t really believe it either, but its right there on his ID. He’s just one of those kids who matured very early.

So here is a very rugged mature-looking young man for all our fans. I really think Dominic is extremely handsome with his hairy chest and I sure dig his big hard uncut dick. He likes playing with his foreskin and pulls it out real long and plays with it a lot. I think that looks really sexy. Plus, the way he scowls at the camera just makes me all horny.

He’s also a really nice guy, despite that growling exterior.

This session just proves you never know what you might see here at Pat and Sam Online! .

Landon’s Second Scene…
Landon’s first visit was pleasant and erotic as hell, lacking only one thing… He wasn’t able to get off the first time he came to visit. He was too nervous and the vibe just wasn’t right for him. We went ahead and posted his first show because we think Landon is so exceptionally cute and so amazingly sweet that we thought we shouldn’t deny all you a chance to see Landon, even though he didn’t get off.

So, when Landon begged to come over and try again we were very willing to give him that chance. We sure are glad we did too.

This time Landon performs beautifully. He was very relaxed and quite ready to go. This time his cock gets rock hard, and he blows out a very sexy load. Plus he constantly gets a big grin on his face while he’s doing it.

We’re very infatuated with Landon, and he promises he’ll do more for us - including getting it on with another guy!

We think you’ll instantly see why we were so happy to have Landon back over.

Troy BIG’s First Scene…
This guy has it all: A huge, beautiful dick, a shaved head, a tough-ass attitude, a humpy body, and a sweet ‘bait me’ smile!

I already have another model named Troy (who is also a fucking stud), so this guy is named Troy ‘Big.’

Not that the other Troy we’ve filmed is small…

Anyway, I think that name really suits him. He says he’s straight, and he sure acts like it. But I asked him if he would consider messing around with another guy and he said he’d think about it, but that he would only do top. He said, “I might let a guy suck my dick or something, and I might even fuck the right guy”.

I think we’ll be seeing lots more from this humpy Adonis. I already have visions of him mounting Joshua!

Mike White’s Second Scene…
There is something extremely attractive about a humpy stud with a big dick who can’t stop grinning and outright laughing. With Mike White, you get all that and more. He’s got a fantastically humpy body, a nice long fat dick with full floppy balls (really, honestly delicious big bouncing balls - watch them while he jerks off - don’t you just want to drain them yourself?), a sexy bubble butt that just begs to be munched, deep green eyes that are both inviting and intense, and (best of all) the biggest smile this side of the Rocky Mountains!

He just laughs and laughs the whole time. He sincerely has a good time showing off, and although he’s straight (we’ve heard that before), he really enjoys hearing the two of us flatter him up one side and down the other.

It’s not really flattery though because in reality he’s got everything we like to see and both of us were panting away to beat the band.

We like this show because of Mike’s genuinely congenial personality. It just makes his sexy body and big dick icing on the cake.

Taylor’s First Scene…
I sure was glad to meet Taylor….

Not only is he a big humpy stud, but he’s a super nice guy too.

He has a magnificent body with some very hot tattoos, and his smile will just melt your heart. He was a little nervous, but that soon went away. His cock is very nice. Not too big and not too small.

In this session, he talks for a while about screwing his girlfriend while someone else watched, and how it really turned him on.

I really dig his show because he is so fresh and real. He doesn’t pretend to be anything he isn’t, and he tries so hard to put on a good show. And, he’s a very sexy man.

I’m just sure you’ll enjoy watching him pleasure himself for you. .

Luke’s Arcade Adventure…
Continuing in our series of adventures at the local adult arcade we offer Luke’s epic sojourn there. It’s been a while since we’ve had Luke on film. He’s been busy working on the family farm in Nebraska, and when he is in town he has many “fans” who demand his personal attentions. Beyond that, he’s been working with other studios and they’re keeping him very busy. Naturally none of that affects our friendship with him and we see him often.

In any case, when he heard about what we’d been doing at the bookstore he got really excited and asked if he could join in on the fun.

We just knew he’d put on a good show. He’s looking very farmer stud right now having grown his beard a bit. Anyone who’s spent time on a farm in winter will understand that. We think it makes him look just delicious. Anyone who’s given a blow job to a farmer stud behind the barn will understand that.

If not, we’re hoping that this video will give you a taste of that kind of adventure. Invariably, whenever a farmer stud comes to the big city they’re horny and ready for action. Many of them know to head to an arcade to get some much needed relief. So, this scene is right out of true life.

On a side note, our good friend who manages the store just about fainted when Luke showed up. Mother has a thing for farmer studs and he went bananas over Luke. We handed him the still camera and told him to get some snapshots for us. The results are here. The photos are a little wobbly because Mother’s hand was shaking with desire and excitement. We think the results are charming, and we hope you do too.

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