Jeremy Snow 1st Arcade

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Jeremy Snow 1st Arcade - $3.00 Digital Download


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Mmmm, a new hot 19 y/o stud boy eagerly milks a big creamy load out of an anonymous rock hard cock through a glory hole!

We know you like it. We know you want it. So, here we go….again!

This is the first scene in our newest “Arcade” series, and will be included in our DVD titled “The Arcade #4″.

It’s also our first chance to introduce you to our newest model, Jeremy Snow. We think he’s absolutely adorable, and in many different ways. He’s not only extremely good looking — we could look at him all day — but he’s also a real charmer. He’s intelligent with a head for engineering. He’s both smooth and tough at the same time. Young and headstrong, sure … but there is a submissive side to him too. He fucks like champ, both top AND bottom. 

He’s smart enough to realize he likes the best of BOTH worlds. He’s totally bi-sexual, with as many girlfriends as he does boyfriends ….. and he fucks them all with gusto.

19 year old hotties are like that these days.

But, this IS his first time on film, and his first visit to a glory hole arcade in a porn shop! It was a whole new world for him, but he sure did like it.

He’s quite a dick slut when the mood strikes him, and he told us he wanted his first films to show just him worshiping a cock. He said the idea of just him and a cock through a hole really turned him on.

So, we hooked him up with one of the best cocks we know of. He’s someone we’ve worked with many times, and he likes nothing better than getting his dick serviced through a glory hole. This was a perfect combination.

And Jeremy certainly does worship that dick! He said he likes cum a LOT, and he was anxious to milk a load out —– and taste it too! So, this is all about Jeremy enthusiastically working out that load.

We’ve done lots more with Jeremy. He’s really enthralled with the whole idea of a glory hole. As you can see at the end of this scene, this is not the only dick he milk a load out of that day. Or other days since.

He wants more. He’s waiting for more.

Hell, he might be there this very day even!

He wants you to stop by.