New DVD - PoleWatchers

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 90 min. |  Live Soundtrack 

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We’re pleased to announce the release of our 92nd title - POLE WATCHERS!


This one features 6 fantatsic scenes with Hunter, Zander, Johnny Cush, and Corey all jerking off, Seth and Sam both do some cocksucking,  and then Benji fucks Sebastian in his hot Latino bubble butt, and down his hungry throat….all with lots of creamy juice in the end!


Hunter’s Office Visit


We could film Hunter every day for the rest of our lives and never grow tired of him. He’s a dreamboat in nearly every way. 

Of course, it’s his smile and charismatic personality that immediately hits you. He exudes the kind of open and compelling attitude that we think most people are attracted to. 

But, there is no denying that his physical attributes are incomparable. His body is sexy, sexy, sexy, and his cock is desire incarnate. 

This time we filmed him in our little office so there is nothing in the picture to distract from what he offers. This scene is all Hunter, all the time. 

He’s is so passionate and excited in this scene. He really digs showing off for us, and it really makes him hot. As a consequence, when he finally shoots off the blows out TONS of juice. 

He likes to stand up as he jerks off, and when he starts to cum you can actually here all the hot stud spunk hitting the floor. It’s very cool. 

We’ll always film Hunter, no matter when or where he wants it. 

What a babe. 



Zander’s First


The first time we met Zander we didn’t know whether to drool all over ourselves looking at him or to nudge each other and say, “Isn’t he sweet?”

He’s got the looks down pat as well, no doubt about that. He’s got cheekbones you could hand chandeliers off of. He’s got beautiful blue eyes, and a some really sexy freckles on his nose that are the leftover tell tale signs that indicate he did just turn 18 years old. His shimmering blond hair is so hot because he keeps it just a little long, and that makes him look all the more boyish. 

His body is smooth as silk, but if you look closely you’ll see that the hair in his armpits is thick and lush. We just LOVE that. It portends that as he grows and matures he’s going to turn into a real man. His dick is just the right size as well, and blissfully he doesn’t shave his pubes. YAY!!! 

He was naturally a little nervous for his first show. But, that soon melts away as he starts to jerk off and get all hot. He’s clearly a very passionate boy, and we’re just sure that when he fucks someone else he turns into a little animal. 

He’s totally gay, and he says he likes “men”. He doesn’t have a boyfriend, which is inexplicable to us. He must play hard to get because I can guarantee you he’s got guys lusting after him left and right, as I’m sure a fair number of you will as well. 

We’ve told him that we think he looks best when his face lights up with a big smile, but that’s just us. We adore a beautiful smile and will do anything we can to coax one out of a guy, particularly one as cute as Zander. 

We’re looking forward to many more shows from Zander. We sat down with him and showed him some photos of lots of guys we’ve filmed, and he pointed out some he’d like to mess around with. So, we’re looking at setting something up right away. 

We’re really pleased to present this adorable young gay boy to you, and we hope you like him as much as we do 


Johnny Cush’s Second

Johnny Cush is really adorable, and only 18 y/o. He’s got a great body and a sweet smile, and that’s in addition to his dreamy eyes. 

We’re always happy to bring you a fresh new face, but don’t forget to take a gander at that huge long dong Johnny’s swinging between his sexy legs! 

We like the way he jerks off faster and faster and faster as he gets going, and we like the way his balls bounce up and down like crazy. 

Johnny has a way to go in developing a strong and dynamic personality though. 

He’s somewhat reserved and introverted. But, that’s probably because he is just 18 years old and hasn’t seen much of the world yet. 

But, we think that as he gets to know us he’ll lighten up a bit. We’re hoping that he returns again and again so we can offer him the opportunity to open up a bit. 

But, in any case, his show is really hot, and we’re pleased to give him a chance to show you what he’s got. 


Corey’s First


We’re always interested to film an 18 year old boy.

Naturally the young ones are universally desirable, but beyond that we’ve found that they typically have a very open and willing attitude, which we really like. 

Corey is no exception. He’s got that wide eyed wonder that we can’t help but find attractive. He’s got some hot Latino blood running through is veins, and that makes him even more compelling. 

Now, Corey is no “twink”. He’s not skinny and all hard body like many 18 y/o boys are. Just the opposite. He’s got a football player build, and in fact he said he played football on his High School football team - Linebacker. You can see why. He said he’s been really working out hard recently in an attempt to get a six pack and more muscle definition. At just 18 y/o we think he has the potential to work himself into being quite a studly man. 

We don’t call him fat by any stretch. But, by the same token he’s not lithe either. In fact, he’s got some beef on him, but we don’t mind that a bit. With that comes his broad shoulders and a nice beefy butt. That is something we’ll never turn down. 

His cock is nicely sized as well. It’s not some big monster, but it’s not teeny either. He gets nice and hard, and when he does he’s got quite a mouthful. 

But, what is really attractive about Corey is his sweet personality. He’s quite charming and very curious. That is something that will melt us every time. He says that he’s straight, but that he’s always willing to try new things. He said he messed around with another guy once, but that they didn’t do anything “heavy”. Just some mutual jerking off and the like. 

At the same time, he said he’s ready to do something new. He said he loves blow jobs, and that he might let another guy blow him sometime. That’s music to our ears. 

We’re hoping you see the same charms that we do in Corey. We think he’s got lots of potential, and we’re looking forward to helping him achieve that. 



Seth Wants More


One of the best things about this job is seeing guys evolve and change over time.

I like seeing guys who’ve been stuck in “straight” mode for a long time find out that things aren’t what they thought they were, or become comfortable enough to try new things. 

When Seth first came over he was very “straight” I asked him during our first meeting if he would consider having any kind of sex with another guy, and his reaction was very stiff and formal. He was cool about it, but gave me an emphatic no. 

But, after doing his first video and then visiting with us for a while he seemed to really lighten up and be much more at ease. However, we didn’t hear from him again for over a year. 

Then, out of the blue he called back again. He said he’d really enjoyed the first video, and that he’d given it lots of thought. He said he’d decided that he’d like to get a blow job, but that he wanted me to do it. 

Naturally I was very flattered, and more than a little excited. I invited him over and his second video came out great. I gave him as good a blow job as I could, and his reaction was priceless. It’s one of those videos where you can see the guy have an epiphany right on film. 

But, like before, Seth disappeared again for quite a while. Then, just like he did before, he called back and asked to do it again. I jumped at the opportunity because he really is very cute and has a great cock. 

I really like Seth because he represents that real and unpretentious kind of guy that just drives me nuts. He’s got a little hippie in him, and he’s got a rough edge that is very attractive. His tattoos are street tough, and his pierced dick is really intriguing. His ICP tattoo (actually the logo for Psychopathic Records) proves that he’s a fan of crazy music, and that always gets me hot. 

But, the best part about him is that he’s very cool. Now that he’s gotten to know us he’s very laid back and down to earth. That is as erotic as anything to me. 

But, physically I think he’s just killer. His adorable green eyes and super long eyelashes are over the top, and although he’s not a “hard body” I think his body is super sexy. Top that off with his super hard cock, long floppy and naturally smooth balls, and his erotic passion, and you’ve got one hot and horny stud. 

All this made me very excited to suck his dick again on film. I told him I’d like to hook him up with another model, but he said he was more comfortable with me. So, who am I to argue. 

But, what really blew me away was when he asked if he could suck MY dick as well. 


How could I say no to that? He told me he’d never sucked another guy before, so I was happy to let him give it a try. He actually gives really good head for not ever doing it before. I thought about telling him he was as good as any cocksucker I’d met before, but I thought he might not react well to that. 

In any case, he sucked on me for a while before I finished him off. I really dig his reaction in this video. I think it’s great to see a guy try something he’s never done before - and it’s doubly gratifying to see him really enjoy it. 

I’m thinking that Seth will want to try more things going forward, and I mentioned again that I want to hook him up with one of our models. He seemed more receptive to it this time, so I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next. 

I just hope he doesn’t wait another year like he has before! 



Benji and Sebastian


We really look forward to hooking guys up together. It’s always a bit of a gamble because we never really know if the guys will like each other and develop chemistry.

Sometimes they do, and sometimes they don’t. So, naturally we’re always a little nervous too whenever we start an adventure like this. 

We’ve worked with Sebastian several times now, and we’ve gotten to know Benji a bit more as well, so we got the idea that they might like playing around together. One evening they both came over and this is what happened. 

The reason we thought they might spark is because Sebastian really likes to suck cock and get fucked up his hot Latin ass. Benji, on the other hand, has a perpetually rock hard dick that he obviously really likes sharing. So, we figured this would be a perfect match. 

I think we hit the nail on the head with this one. Benji brings his tall, svelte, Euro-boy good looks to the table. His rosy cheeks are just adorable, and his bright blue eyes have just the right amount of lustiness in them. As predicted, his cock springs to life immediately, and it never goes soft until he blows thick juicy wads. 

Contrast that with Sebastian’s smoldering Latino intensity. Whenever he’s presented with hard dick Sebastian seems to devolve into a total slut. He slobbers all over Benji’s steely cock head while looking right into the camera as if to invite you right there to fuck his mouth too. He does the same thing while Benji’s pud is sliding in and out of his well fuck butthole. 

These boys get really into each part of this, first lots of hot cock sucking, and then lots of hot butt fucking. So, we’ve decided to make this a special presentation and split this into two different posts, one to commemorate our last post of 2008, and the next to usher in 2009. 

This week while you celebrate New Year’s eve you can watch Benji stuff his cock down Sebastian’s throat and pump his mouth real good, and you can see Sebastian look right in the camera while he slobbers all over Benji’s knob getting it ready for his hot fuckable ass. 

Then, you can look forward to seeing Sebastian letting Benji go at his fuck hole in a variety of positions before they both blow off big wads. Sebastian takes it like a real champ too, because Benji likes to jack rabbit fuck for a long time. 

We hope you enjoy the way we say goodbye to 2008, and the way we say hello to 2009 - with two hot boys who like to suck and fuck. 

After Sebastian slobbered all over Benji’s knob for a long time, he was ready and willing to take it up the ass. 

Naturally, by this time Benji was so fucking horny to fuck that he practically JUMPED into Sebastian’s stud boy hole. I had to tell him to take it easy at first cuz Sebastian doesn’t get fucked all the time, and he needed some time to get used to it. So, Benji took his time getting Sebastian ready, but once that was done Benji started fucking him really good. 

In several position too! 

Sebastian took it like a man too. He accepted Benji’s relentless hole plowing, and he even did it with a smile on his face. I love it when he looks into the camera as if to say, “Wouldn’t you like some of this sweet ass?” 

All this culminates with lots of thick creamy white jizz being pumped out by both Benji & Sebastian. 

They both say they want to do more, and we both say that we can’t wait!