Killer Hot Mountain Boy

Posted: August 5th, 2011 Department: Clips   No Comments

Zane is another killer hot Mountain Boy!

Watch Zane in Wood Work

What makes a good Mountain Boy?

Slightly Scruffy – check

Studly – check

Curious – check

Self assured – check

Ready to fuck – check

Zane has all those qualities. He’s charming, handsome, rugged, horny, and ready to go. This is his second session with us, and he’s very relaxed and easy going this time.

We love his face scruff. And his perfect body fuzz. Of course his rock hard cock is irresistible too.

And his taint! Watch his taint as he’s jerking off and getting ready to cum. Is that lickable or what? I mean, wouldn’t you just love to get down there and slobber all over it with his balls resting on your nose as he jerks off?

Don’t you just know he’s really like that!

Yeah, we sure do like Mountain Boys around here.

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