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$5.00 Spencer

We really like red hair, and so Spencer really turns us on. Here we offer his 8 very hot scenes. His first solo video, followed by his Arcade jerk off scene. Sam gives him his first gay blow job, and then he gives him a good prostrate massage. He joins Kaze in working over Benji, and then he plays with a butt plug. Davin blows him and Johnny Squirt. Finally, Sam puts him in restraints for a hands free cumshot!

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Spencer’s First Scene…
We just about started drooling when Spencer showed up for his first video.

First of all, we LOVE redheads and Spencer is the best kind. He’s tall, thin but not skinny, with fantastic green eyes and a big sexy smile.

His tattoos are very cool - not too crazy - and his smooth body really looks great with his smattering of freckles. Then we come to his long fat cock, the kind you can almost always expect from a readhead.

But, of course, it’s Spencer’s personality that really floats our boat. He’s just got that charming and open way of talking, and he finishes almost every sentence with a big ear to ear grin.

Spencer says he’s straight, and that he has a girlfriend. But he also told us that he doesn’t mind guys watching him, and he said he’s always been a little curious about guys.

We like that.


We’re hoping to assuage some of his curiosity very soon!

Spencer’s Arcade Adventure…
Whenever we find a horny guy who isn’t afraid to show his stuff, we like to take him to our favorite arcade and let him play there a bit.

The guys always seem to have a good time this loamy, lusty setting, and we love the sponteneity of dragging a boy to a bookstore that’s open for business and following him around as he explores his boundaries.

Plus, we know guys who go there and see our viddys get a real kick out of it.

So, here we have Spencer walking around becoming ever more aroused, until finally his woody pops up between his belly and beltbuckle…

Lusty backdrop or not, the first thing we look for in a stud is a cool attitude. We don’t care if a guy is the cutest thing on the block - if he’s an asshole, who cares? So, you can understand why we like Spencer so much.

He’s “laid back cool” incarnate.

And he’s so DAMN cute! We just adore his red hair and freckles. His tattoos are unique and artistic. And his style is totally genuine. Talk about wanting to have a beer with somebody!

Then we get to his family jewels. Mmmm Mmmm good. He’s got a totally sweet cock that always gets rock hard right away. You can always look forward to a good cumshot from Spencer too. He’s a walking sperm factory.

This scene is really great: Lusty backdrop, cool guy… Cute, cool guy with a big dick and some sexy tats guy and a big dick that spews huge wads.

Cute, cool, tattooed guy with a big dick who cums a lot and doesn’t mind sharing it with everyone - in a sex-charged setting that inspires wood all on its own…


Spencer Blown!…
We love watching the evolution of guys we meet. They come from many different backgrounds, and they have various desires and curiosities. Revealing all of that, and …ahem… satisfying some of those curiosities is always a true pleasure.

So, we come to the most excellent story of Spencer. When he first showed up he said he wasn’t interested at all in doing guy on guy sex in any way. He wasn’t hostile at all. He said he simply wasn’t interested.

That’s all cool. Nothing new there. So, we went ahead and did several solo scenes with Spencer. He always performed really well, and whenever we spent time with him he got friendlier and friendlier. Then, one evening, we invited him over to watch some football and drink some beers. We had a really nice time with him, and he seemed to really relax. Before long the conversations turned to blow jobs (naturally), and we impressed upon him once again the fact that guys give better head than girls.

He immediately pooh-poohed this idea, but we could tell we’d sparked a curiosity.

Finally, it all came to a head, so to speak. Spencer finally agreed to get a blow job on film. So, not wanting to pass up the opportunity to blow such a sexy stud, I stepped up the plate and volunteered my services.

You can watch the results for yourself. Spencer isn’t a terribly expressive person, but that’s ok. I think you can tell he liked it very much, and you can add this information to that happy thought - Spencer has been calling and calling and calling wanting to know when he can come over and watch football again.

He says that he’d like to experiment some more too.


Spencer’s Anal Awakening…
We’re just delighted in the progress that Spencer is making. He was uber-straight when we first met him, and he insisted that there was no way he’d do anything with another guy.

But, that wall of separation soon started to melt away. We think he got very excited by showing off for us, and then he discovered how good a blow job can be from a guy. In fact, he offers up his dick just about every time he comes over now.

We know he’s excited by all this because his dick literally drools out pre-cum every time. That is a strong indication of real excitement, and you can’t fake pre-cum.

The last time he was over for a blow job, Sam decided to stick his finger up Spencer’s butt. He flinched at first, but he soon discovered that that feels good as well, when it’s done right.

So, Sam invited him over for a bit more adventurous butthole fun. In this video you get to see Sam munch on Spencer’s virgin rosebud for a long while, and then Sam proceeds to finger his hole for deeper than he ever did before. Spencer get’s his prostrate massaged real nice, and, unsurprisingly, this makes him blow off a big thick load of juice.

Frankly, this is one of Sam’s favorite “Anal Awakening” videos, mostly because Spencer gets so damn excited by it. Plus, Sam didn’t even have to jerk on his dick to get him to cum. Watch and you’ll see that the cum just starts gushing out while Sam rubs on Spencer’s prostrate.

We wonder what is next for this charming lad.

Spencer, Benji & Kaze…
This video turned into a big surprise, for both me and everyone else involved. And I really like surprises.

Benji came over to do a video one afternoon, and we had just settled in for some solo fun when the phone rang.

It was Spencer and Kaze, and they said they were in the neighborhood and wanted to know if they could stop by. I told them I was filming Benji and was a little busy, but that we could take a break for a while.

When they showed up they both offered to join in on the fun. I asked Benji if he was cool with that, and being the amicable guy he is, he said sure.

So, this turned into a sexy three way with three hot guys.

Benji is BI, and he’s done videos with lots of other guys. Spencer is mostly straight, but he’s done a few videos with guys now and he’s getting very cool with it. Kaze is a new guy and is mostly straight as well, but he likes getting his dick sucked.

So, this worked out really well. Benji gives both of them some head for a while, and they both really enjoyed that. The funny thing about Spencer is that he gets really hot and really excited very quickly. It wasn’t long before he blew off his load and went ahead and took off.

That left Benji and Kaze to play around together. I think Kaze got really turned on by Benji - who wouldn’t? - and so he even decided he’d give Benji some head for a short while too. This is the first time Kaze has ever sucked dick, so I was thrilled to get that on film.

Having this straight stud suck his dick got Benji really hot as well, so he was the next to blow a hot wad.

Kaze said he wanted to take a nice long leisurely jerk off, so Benji took off as well, leaving Kaze to pound out a hot load by himself. All that fun got him really hot and he’d built up quite a load, so when he finally got off he blew out TONS of thick, creamy white jizz.

We really dig this scene because it is so spontaneous. We think it’s fun to throw guys together out of the blue and see what happens. This time we hit the jackpot with three incredibly studly guys.

Spencer Gets Excited…
We’ve been having lots of fun with Spencer recently…

He’s beginning to explore his body, and his own sexuality.

We’re quite happy to help him out in that regard. In particular, we’ve help him discover that his asshole can be a stimulating part of his sexual experience. Sam recently had him over for a nice butt munch and fingering session, and it was obvious that Spencer really enjoyed that.

So, this time we figured that he might want to go a little further and try out a nice toy. We chose a smallish red butt plug, and asked him to try putting some of that up his ass. He was certainly eager to try.

Spencer is really an adorable young man. We just love his red hair and sexy blue eyes. His smile reveals an open and charming personality that we find irresistible, and the fact that he’s now comfortable enough around us to do some exploring only makes him more attractive and compelling.

So, we were tickled pink to see him get so excited about the anal toy we showed him. He had no hesitation at all about trying it out. He got himself all lubed up and started to put the tip in his butt.

Now, here’s the kicker. He got so excited by it that he shot off almost immediately!

We think it’s delightful to see a guy get so excited by having his ass played with. We understand the wonders of discovering that your asshole can be extremely stimulating.

We know that many “straight” guys are so uptight that they can’t allow themselves to explore their ass without getting caught up in all kinds of stupid thoughts about self identity and nonsense like that.

On the other hand, seeing a guy free himself, and by doing that enjoy himself is wonderful beyond description.

This is why we film. We want to capture exactly this kind of honest self realization and exploration. We’re aren’t much interested in artifice and contrived scenarios. We really like real life.

Spencer, Davin & Johnny Squirt…
We just love to film a sexy gay boy giving head to hot and curious straight boys.

That is why were so thrilled to invite Spencer and Johnny Squirt to come over to feed cock hungry Davin their fattys and their loads.

Davin is a reliable cock sucker. He simply can’t get enough dong down his throat, and he particularly likes sucking straight dick. He sure gives great head too. He’s very eager. He also has a cum fetish and simply can’t wait to get hot goo blasted all over his face. It makes him cum really hard himself.

Spencer is kind of new to all this. He’d only ever gotten head from us before, and so he was a little intimidated at first. But once Davin started slobbering all over his hard cock, he got right into it.

Johnny Squirt is a bit more adventurous. He loves getting head, no matter who it’s from. He’ll just lay back and let a good knob slobber have at it. He gets the most satisfied looks on his face the whole time, and he just pants and pants.

We really like this scene because the gays all have a good time. They laugh and joke around, and they cut up all the way through it. We think that’s just fucking hot. We’ve never been the kind to think that unless the guys are dour and stern looking, and act like their on some distant planet call “Hawt” that it’s not erotic. Just the opposite. When guys are having fun it seems far more natural and accessible to us.

That’s what we’re all about. Reality, and the natural.

But, the best part about this scene are the cumshots. First up was Spencer. He got really excited really quick, so he was ready to blow first. Davin’s excellent pole slurping skills got the best of him, and he blasts a hot load on Davin’s greedy face. That got Johnny Squirt excited right away as well.

Now, we only gave Davin a small warning about Johnny. We told him that he cums a lot, but Davin didn’t really take notice, so we didn’t say much more about it. It’s absolutely crazy to watch Johnny blow TONS of juice on Davin’s face next. Davin’s reaction is priceless, and seeing Johnny and Spencer crack up is likewise insane! This has got to be one of the best cumshots we’ve ever filmed.

All that juice on Davin’s face made him horny as hell, although he was taken aback at first. But, once it sunk in that he’d just gotten two molten gushes on stud nuts all over his face and in his mouth he sat back and shot off a big load himself with Johnny and Spencer watching right along.

We really like this scene. It’s spontaneous, fun, crazy, and hot all at the same time. It’s not Hollywood. It’s not contrived. It’s not got pursed lips and sunken cheekbones.

It’s not G&G or Prada.

It’s just three sexy guys going at it and getting their nuts off while having fun.

Just the way we like it.

Spencer Restrained…
Ever since Spencer started experimenting with man on man sex, he’s dropped hints to us that he has a fascination with bondage.

He mentioned one time, after he got off a little quicker than we would have liked, that he supposed we would have to tie him up and spank him for it.

Another time he mentioned that he had a girlfriend once who tied him up and blindfolded him and then had her filthy way with him.

So, we figured we might as well give him an opportunity to play around with some cuffs we have. He jumped at the chance, and we think this video turned out really well.

Naturally, as Sam was in charge, Spencer’s ass is the main target of this scene. Spencer got into our big green chair and put his legs up in the air and Sam put the cuffs on so his ass was perfectly placed.

Spencer had a rock hard cock as soon as the cuffs were locked on, and he never went soft. Sam ate his butt for a nice long time, and then he pulled out a butt plug.

Spencer is as predictable as Pavlov’s dog when it comes to having his butt penetrated. As soon as the plug started going in he said, “I’m going to cum!”

He wasn’t even playing with his dick!

Sam grabbed his cock and pointed it up so you guys can see it on video, and it’s so cute to see Spencer pop off while all tied up and getting his butt used.

We think this is another great video because it reminds us what it’s like to be young and inexperienced, but horny as hell and curious to try new things.

We wonder what Spencer is going to want to try next!

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