Sam blows Robert

Posted: March 30th, 2012 Department: Guys

Sam blows Robert!

Robert came back over after his first solo video, and confessed that what he really wanted the whole time was a good blow job!

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Honestly, I had no idea. He certainly didn’t indicate that when he was here the first time. So, when he called a few months later and said that he wanted to come over again I just figured he wanted to do another solo.

But almost the minute he walked in the door he started talking about blow jobs. How much he likes blow jobs. How girls can’t suck dick right. How he knows guys suck dick better.

Obviously I agreed on every point.

Finally, he asked, “Do you like to suck dick?”

“Oh, yes!”, I replied.

Well, that was about all it took. Before long he was wagging his long, fat, rock hard cock at me with that come and get it look on his face.

So, I slobbed on his pole for a nice long time, and then filmed him as he pumped out some thick, hot nut juice.

Robert sure does have a sweet cock!

BTW - Notice how he likes to have his nuts pulled on real hard. While I blowing him I was twisting them as hard as I could. He loved it!

~ SamSez

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