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Sam takes special pride in proving to straight guys that if you want a GOOD blow job, go see a cocksucker! Here are 8 of his very best scenes. Hot skateboarder Aiden gets his fatty worked over, AND his ass munched on! Sam only saw Trevor’s HUGE cock as a challenge. Spencer was eager to offer up his sexy ginger dong. Robert confessed that what he really wanted all along was a blow job. Dylan is fresh out of the military and SO ready to get off. Troy BIG is another military super hump. Hector took years to convince, and now he kicks himself for waiting so long! Andy likewise has a big dick, and a tasty ass.

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Sam blows Aiden
Do you remember the first blow job you ever got? Most guys will look back on it with fond memories. Others may not.

I’m afraid I’m one who didn’t receive the services of a master cocksucker the first time. He guy who sucked my dick was terrible at it.

So, when Aiden said he’d never had a really good blow job, I couldn’t wait to offer him one. He’s got the sweetest, fattest, rock hard cock, and he’s one cute and sexy motherfucker.

He instantly said ok, and before you could say Johnnie-on-the-spot I had his pants off and his big fatty stuffed down my throat. You can see the reaction on his face and I do my best to give him the best head I could.

Now, being an ass many myself I naturally gravitated towards his virgin butt hole. First with my finger, and then when he didn’t resist I flipped him over and stuffed my tongue right up his tasty pink stud boy ass hole.

He liked it.

I munched on his ass for a long time while giving his cock a good workout with my hand. This made him get harder than I’ve ever seen him before, and he started moaning and wiggling around to beat the band.

Finally, when I could tell he was just about over the edge, I flipped him back over and let him blast his creamy load right in my mouth.

It’s just fantastic to see all this on film. You can watch his face as I work over his cock and his tasty boy hole. You can tell he was experiencing something that was blowing his 19 y/o mind.

I can guarantee you he’ll be looking for more from guys who know who to give it.

And, he promised he’d be back here for more too.


Sam blows Trevor

I’ve known Trevor for a long time now, and for three years I’ve been lusting after his big long cock. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’ve wanted to give him head, but he’s always just laughed and said he gets enough from the girls he dates. Naturally I assured him that guys always give better blow jobs, but again he’s just laughed it off.

But, I’ve finally worn him down. After endless conversations about how perfect his dick is for cocksucking and how the shape of it makes it just right to slide down a hot throat, and after hearing him say that most girls don’t get but three or four inches in and then just mostly gag and choke, he finally agreed to let me give it a try.

This video is cool because you get to see him realize all that I’ve been telling him is true. I admit, I don’t have an endless throat like some others, so I couldn’t get the whole damn thing is, but I did my very best, and in any case you can tell by the look on his face that it was probably the best blow job he’s ever had.

Well, I could go on and on about how enjoyable it was…

…but the proof is in his pudding!

Go take a look at the video and you’ll see for yourself.


Sam blows Spencer

Ahhhh, the joys of breaking in straight boys. We love watching the evolution of guys we meet. They come from many different backgrounds, and they have various desires and curiosities. Revealing all of that, and …ahem… satisfying some of those curiosities is always a true pleasure.

So, we come to the most excellent story of Spencer. When he first showed up he said he wasn’t interested at all in doing guy on guy sex in any way. He wasn’t hostile at all. He said he simply wasn’t interested.

That’s all cool. Nothing new there. So, we went ahead and did several solo scenes with Spencer. He always performed really well, and whenever we spent time with him he got friendlier and friendlier. Then, one evening, we invited him over to watch some football and drink some beers. We had a really nice time with him, and he seemed to really relax. Before long the conversations turned to blow jobs (naturally), and we impressed upon him once again the fact that guys give better head than girls.

He immediately pooh-poohed this idea, but we could tell we’d sparked a curiosity.

Finally, it all came to a head, so to speak. Spencer finally agreed to get a blow job on film. So, not wanting to pass up the opportunity to blow such a sexy stud, I stepped up the plate and volunteered my services.

You can watch the results for yourself. Spencer isn’t a terribly expressive person, but that’s ok. I think you can tell he liked it very much, and you can add this information to that happy thought - Spencer has been calling and calling and calling wanting to know when he can come over and watch football again.

He says that he’d like to experiment some more too.


Sam blows Robert

Robert came back over after his first solo video, and confessed that what he really wanted the whole time was a good blow job! Honestly, I had no idea! He certainly didn’t indicate that when he was here the first time. So, when he called a few months later and said that he wanted to come over again I just figured he wanted to do another solo.

But almost the minute he walked in the door he started talking about blow jobs. How much he likes blow jobs. How girls can’t suck dick right. How he knows guys suck dick better.

Obviously I agreed on every point.

Finally, he asked, “Do you like to suck dick?”

“Oh, yes!”, I replied.

Well, that was about all it took. Before long he was wagging his long, fat, rock hard cock at me with that come and get it look on his face.

So, I slobbed on his pole for a nice long time, and then filmed him as he pumped out some thick, hot nut juice.

Robert sure does have a sweet cock!

BTW - Notice how he likes to have his nuts pulled on real hard. While I blowing him I was twisting them as hard as I could. He loved it!

Sam blows Dylan

Do I know how to seduce straight guys, or what?! Here we have Dylan who is 19 y/o and from Phoenix. I think he’s just a fucking stud with his pierced tits and sexy tattoo. I asked him right off the bat if he were straight, gay, or bi, and he said straight. I don’t think he was lying either.

I can tell when someone has gotten their first blowjob from a man before. This is really it!

The totally cool thing about this video (besides the fact that Dylan is so cute) is the way he gives himself over to desire. I don’t force myself on anyone (as any aficionado of my videos will attest to), at the same time I’m very open about the fact that I like stud cock and ass. I’ve always felt that an open and honest invitation makes the act end up being much more fun than a clandestine groping or forced sex. This video shows just how to do it.

This started out as a typical first time j/o video with he and I talking about what he likes to do with girls, and me telling him what I like to do with guys. He seemed curious about blowjobs, so I continued in that vein. Ultimately I told him I would love to give him the best head he’s ever had, and he finally said OK.

So, I did.

I thought he was going to start crying! I mean I’m sure I give good head and all, and I did my very best, but he REALLY started getting into it! He’s a very passionate boy. His dick isn’t small, but it isn’t huge either, so I was able to use ALL my talents. Well… he certainly got off on it, and when he finally blasted I certainly got sloppy! Yum Yum!

If you want to see a cute young straight boy get seduced into giving it up, this is the video for you. I suppose the only bad thing about this shoot is that I was too pre-occupied to take very many still shots. But, the video… well, that got it ALL!

Sam blows Troy BIG

Here is the second session starring super hump Troy!I was instantly smitten by Troy’s sexy body and big dick, so I was very anxious to have him come over for his second show. He and I had talked before about his maybe getting a blow job, so I was wondering if I could talk him into it.

I did.

We filmed this one in on the bed, and he was looking at some very dirty magazines. His cock looked so big and tasty that I asked if he would like to get it sucked. He said sure, and so I set the camera down, aimed it just right, and then proceeded to jam as much of his fantastically hard cock down my throat as I could get.

You get to see me give him a nice long blowjob in the video from this session. I sure wanted to finish him off, but I know duty comes first, so when he was getting ready to cum I picked up the camera again so I could get a good shot of it. He always blasts out gobs of creamy jizz.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed making it.

Well… maybe not quite as much.

Sam blows Hector

It seems that ever since Hector got his first blow job from a guy he’s become quite happy to get them. He’s stopped by several times now, dick in hand, and asked if we would take care of him. Naturally we’re always quite happy to do that.

He stopped by a few weeks ago and asked for some of our special treatment, and Sam invited into the bedroom. As soon as we were there Hector asked if we wanted to take some photos of him too. Of course, we said sure.

After Sam had take a few nice snapshots, and Hector was completely naked, he asked if Sam would grab the video camera and film him getting a nice blow job.

How could Sam say no?

It’s nice to see Hector enjoying himself so much. His big long fat cock just gets rock hard, and he clearly loves having his knob slobbed on.

At one point he grabs the video camera out of Sam’s hands and proceeds to film it himself. He moans and thrusts his hips, and finally he says, “You like that don’t you!”

Well, wouldn’t you?

That’s when Hector starts to pump out all the juice he’s stored up in his stud nuts. He really moans and pants and thrashes around while he does it too. The one thing you can’t see very well is that Sam has planted his finger right up Hectors humpy asshole while he pops off and is tickling his prostate all the while.

No wonder he cums so hard.

We’re very thrilled to have gotten Hector addicted to sloppy blow jobs, and we can’t wait till we hear that knock on the door again.

We know he’ll have his dick in his hand!

Sam blows Andy

It may come as a surprise, but sometimes I meet guys who really aren’t that interested in modeling. Frankly, they simply want a blow job or something. Usually I have ignored their pleas for sex and kept the camera focused on the scene so that I can deliver an unaltered production to you. I know there are many who aren’t interested in seeing me fuck around with a hot young stud (the opposite of who I am).

But, I also know that there are a few who like seeing cute horny young guys get worked over by a more experienced and mature man. And there are times that I simply can’t resist my own desires and so no to a big fat hard cock and long full balls… or a tasty sizzling ass for that matter.

Which brings us to Andy. He’s a hot 22 y/o Latino FUCKSTUD who I met one afternoon. He told me instantly that he didn’t really want to be on film and that he simply wanted his cock sucked. Naturally my first inclination was to run him home and slobber all over his knob for the rest of the afternoon. But, I also realized that Andy was someone who all our fans would love to see.

He’s got sexy smoldering eyes that are at first hidden behind some nice eyeglasses. That’s always very sexy to me. He’s got a hot smooth body and who doesn’t want that? I suspected (and my suspicions were confirmed) that he’d have a fat long cock. I can smell one a mile away.

So, instead of instantly complying with his blow job request I basically begged him to please come do a solo video instead. He said OK, but I could tell he had other plans.

Everything started out just fine. He gave a nice interview and then shed all his clothes. However, when I got a look at that fat monster between his legs my resolve started to melt. Then, while we were filming, he asked if I was sure I didn’t want to suck it I capitulated.

I couldn’t resist.

So, I set up the camera to catch the best angle I could and started working his big dick over with all the gusto I could muster. Then he asked if I would eat his ass and how could I refuse?

But, in the end, instead of blowing him to completion I told him he had to jerk off and cum for the camera. I wanted you to be able to see his great cum shot.

So, although my plans didn’t go exactly as I’d imagined I still think the video came out pretty cool.

I hope you think so too.

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