Ramon Diego’s First

Posted: August 12th, 2013 Department: Guys

Ramon Diego’s First - $3.00 Digital Download


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The first time Ramon Diego walked in we knew that he’d be a good fuck.

You can just tell by looking at him that he wants fun. All kinds of fun. Up and down and sideways kinds of fun. So, naturally, we invited him to have some fun with us on film, and he instantly said yes.

Ramon is just 24 years old. Fresh, but at the same time experienced. Sure, he’s been around, but he’s still turned on buy new sexy things. Well, we certainly offered him something new - a chance to suck dick on film - and it made his cock hard as a rock.

In fact, he likes sucking dick so much, and it makes his cock so hard (and if you gag fuck his mouth hard enough he’ll cum) that we’re beginning to think that maybe he has a clit in the back of his throat!

So, naturally, Sam had to fuck his mouth really hard so he would be sure to get really hard and cum! 

Well, we’re going to get lots more of sexy young Latino hotty Ramon here, and we hope you enjoy his idea of new fun as much as we did.


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