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$5.00 Peter

Peter is just so sweet and charming that we instantly developed a strong friendship with him. Here are 13 of his hottest scenes! His first 4 solo scenes (all with massive cumshots). His 69 dick sucking scene with Austin. More dick sucking with Calvin. Jason wanted some too, and so did Joshua Berlin. Wait till you see him with Lance Steele. Luke is a total slut and couldn’t wait to get some of Peter’s jizz. We hooked him up with Jason and Trent Stone in nice hotel room, and then we took him hiking with Rex. To bring up the rear there are a whole series of snapshots from another of his visits to our place.

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Peter’s First Solo…
Peter was one of the very first guys we ever filmed. He instantly became a close friend and he remains that way today, even though he’s moved far away. But, we still talk on the phone all the time. He’s one of the nicest guys you’d ever want to meet. He’s genuinely kind and caring, and he’s not phony in any way. What you see with Peter is what you get, and what you get is pretty damn good!

This first video shows off how excited he was to try his hand at being a porno star. He has all the freshness and spontaneity that you might expect, and he has a smoldering passion that is unmistakable. After watching this you’ll understand why we’ve become so close with him.

Peter’s Second Solo…
When Peter came back over for his second session we were both really anxious to see how he would do. His first video came out so good that we were dying to get more from him. He certainly didn’t disappoint. He just as handsome and friendly as he was the first time around, and he was even more adventurous.

We asked him if he’d ever tried on a cock ring and he said no, so we handed him one to try out. It really made his dick hard, and it made him cum so hard that it just about blew a hole in the wall! In fact, the angle of this cum shot is so good that you can count his contractions when he shoots. We think we can count 15. But, it’s the look on his face as he cums that really amazes. You can tell he’s had one hell of an intense orgasm. You can almost feel it yourself just by looking at his face.

Peter’s Third Solo…
Pat was so taken by Peter that he wanted to try his hand at filming him. So, Peter came back over so he and Pat could have some fun. Peter is always SO cute, and this time was certainly no exception. His fat cock and sexy tattoos are incredible, and his smile is enough to melt anyone. He has the kind of eyes that make you want to cuddle up with him for a long, long time.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting - whenever he gets excited, he starts gushing out pre-cum. This time, Pat really gets the camera in close so you can see it oozing out. Then, Peter wipes it up with his thumb and licks it off. We’ll have to talk more sometime later about Peter’s, uh… tastes. You can sure tell that Pat was excited, and in fact he told me later that he had to stop filming 1/2 through to take care of some urgent business that had ”popped up.” Peter’s load is, as always, quite memorable. He gets the most intense looks on his face.

Peter’s Fourth Solo…
It’s been a while since he did just a solo session for us. Sure, he did lots of action scenes, but we know his solo scenes are always fantastic.

Peter is known for pumping out huge loads, and he doesn’t disappoint in this video. He’s also known for oozing out tons of pre-cum, and the same hold true here. As always, he takes a big gob of it and uses it for lube to finger fuck himself. SEXY! Many of our customers have agreed that Peter is their favorite.

Austin & Peter…
Austin is our very first model, and he’s one of our best friends. He is a great guy and was very anxious to meet Peter when he saw his videos. Peter was very curious to try out some sex with another guy on video. These two boys look great together, and they sure had fun.

They start out on the couch and were both a bit shy. I had to encourage them a bit to get them going, but once they did, it was great. You can see the hesitation on Peter’s face before he starts to suck Austin’s dick. He just didn’t know what to do. However, once he got a taste of Austin’s dick it was all over. He really got in to it. They moved to the bed and ended up in a 69 position, where Austin’s constant licking and sucking sent Peter over the edge and he shot off a huge load while he had Austin’s cock planted in his mouth.

Calvin & Peter…
Calvin really jumped at the chance to mess around with Peter! That’s not very surprising considering how cute Peter is though, huh. Peter also liked Calvin’s straight boy look, and this session with them together really came out great.

Peter smiles and jokes around the whole time, just as you might expect. And that really helped to put Calvin at ease. This is the first video he’s done with another guy, so he was kind of nervous at first. But, Peter’s obvious charms really settled him right down. They have a great time playing with each other’s hard cocks, and they give each other a blow job before Peter blows off a sweet load all over Calvin, who soon follows with his own.

Jason & Peter…
This is just one of the sessions from our famous “Saturday Marathon Orgy” series. Jason is such a cock hungry slut that he just couldn’t WAIT to get his lips wrapped around Peter’s hard cock. Peter had only messed around with a couple of guys, but you can tell that he really likes it.

The looks on Jason’s face are just amazing. He’s so damn HUNGRY. He just wants to eat Peter alive. I guess that’s not hard to understand. Peter is an amazingly sexy guy. You can tell that Jason would have rather had Peter’s load in his mouth. Watch how much he lusts after it when Peter gets off.

Joshua Berlin & Peter…
We were chomping at the bit to hook Peter up with Joshua Berlin. He’s just so cute and friendly that it was certain that they would hit it off. And of course they did.

They play around in the shower for a while, and then move on to the bed for the real action. This video also marks another first for us, a nice long butt munch! Joshua really savors Peter’s ass for a long time. I sure can’t blame him there - Peter does have a sweet bootay. Then Peter finishes off my blasting off another of his now signature geyser like cum shots. It goes everywhere! I think even Joshua was impressed!

Lance Steele & Peter…
Here are two of my cutest studs. Both of these guys are mostly straight, but I have a way of getting boys to do stuff for me they wouldn’t normally do. Peter recently got his hair cut short for the summer, so he and Lance look just like twins. Plus, they both have nice big matching dicks! Peter is always so sexy, and this session is no exception. His big “you wanna do WHAT to me?” puppy dog eyes are so adorable that I just want to jump him and eat him up.

Lance is nothing but excellent. His hot body and BIG dick are as tempting as ever. And his big grin is sure to make you want to munch whatever he offers up. In this session, the guys watch a dirty movie, and then jerk off sitting on the couch side by side. They both shoot out great loads too. I get them to turn around and spread their cheeks so you get great shots of their pink holes.

Luke & Peter…
Luke is kind of new around here, but he’s already started proving himself. He too blasts out some of the biggest loads we’ve ever seen. So, we figured it was just fitting that we hook these two guys up together. They certainly didn’t disappoint.

Luke is new to the whole gay sex scene, so he just kind of laid back and let Peter take care of things. Peter loves sucking a big hard dick attached to a sexy guy so he was happy to oblige. I think the fact that Luke is a moaner (you can really hear it in this scene) only served to turn Peter on more. I know Luke was certainly enjoying the attention he was getting, and in the end he shot a load that went clear over his head! Upon seeing this Peter sat back and blasted out his own shotgun like load.

Jason, Trent Stone, & Peter…
Here we have three of our cutest guys in a somewhat unusual session. It was filmed in a hotel suite (something we rarely do), and the guys themselves filmed it! We just handed over the cameras and left. We told them to do whatever they wanted to do. And spent the rest of the evening wondering what we’d unleashed..!

We’re sure you’ll like what they came up with. Peter was (as always) a little nervous, but that’s part of his charm. Especially when he eventually gets all relaxed and horny. Trent is at his cum hungry best, and Jason does most of the filming and direction. But, he’s a major horn dog and has to get his wad in too. We know you like seeing cute guys just having fun together without an agenda or someone else saying, “do this” or “do that”, so we’re sure you’ll find this show exciting. Pay special attention to Trent when he sees Peter’s cum. It’s a classic!

Rex and Peter…
We love to hike whenever we can, and we love to take cute guys along for the trek. The only trouble is we aren’t the only ones who enjoy all the beautiful scenery here in Colorado, and finding a private place to film is getting more and more difficult. But, all the trouble finding a private place melted away once these two sexy boys pulled out their cocks. I did my best not to slip and fall with the video camera, while Pat took care of the still photos. As sure-footed as I am I still can’t compete with the mountain goats around there, and you’ll see some camera jiggles to prove it. I hope you can overlook them.

I love watching Rex in this one. He’s always a little hard to read, but if you watch closely you can see some interesting facial expressions. Of course, Peter is always welcome, and each time he shows up we eagerly await his cum shot knowing it will be a geyser. This time is no different. You’d think he’d need to have balls the size of grapefruits judging by all the cum he squirts out! This was a fun afternoon of hiking and squirting. I can’t think of many better ways to spend the day.

Peter Playing…
To finish up this 13 episode extravaganza of Peter, we’re offering up these candid snapshots we took of him one evening. He’s not unlike Cade in that every time he was here he asked if we wanted to take pictures of him. He too loves to be photographed, and, naturally, we’ll always jump at the opportunity to take photos of a cute naked boy.

Peter is the epitome of what we love around here. Of course he’s cute, with a nice body, and a big dick. But, those are just bonuses when it comes to Peter.

What makes Peter one of the best is his personality. He’s fresh, open, honest, charming, and fun. He’s adventurous and always easy to get along with. If you look closely into his eyes in these scenes you’ll see an innocent young man who is horny and curious and excited and frightened. Yet, he’s very brave too. He never says no. He just jumps right in, and brings his electric smile (and huge loads of cum) with him.

Use Your Credit Card -
Safe, Secure Transaction - Peter / 13 scenes - $5.00

30 days access to Peter’s membership site. 13 scenes, streaming videos, dozens of photos, full descriptions.

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