New Mountain Boy - Riley

Posted: June 12th, 2011 Department: Guys

This Week’s Update: Riley’s First Video!

There is something irresistibly erotic about a fresh, 19 y/o, slightly shaggy, very cute, and totally sweet snowboarder mountain boy.

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It may be that one of the reasons for that is that they typically pull out a nice, fat, rock hard cock and two floppy balls just about popping they’re so full of cum.

Riley is just such a boy. He’s got all that, and more.

As you know, the best part of guy for us is his personality, and Riley is a quiet charmer who will instantly get under your skin.

Just watch his eyes and the way he talks. You can tell he’s a real gentleman, besides being fun with a good sense of humor.

But, he obviously likes to fuck too.

Very horny, this boy.

And, he bites his lip. All the time. It’s so cute. So charming and fresh. You just want to gather him up and hug him.

But, you know that fantastic (and very hard) cock of his will get in the way, so you’ll just have to take care of that first.

Yeah, we think Riley is just fucking adorable - in every measureable way.

We hope you do too.

~ SamSez

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