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$5.00 Latino Studs

Some call themselves Latino. Others, Hispanic. Still others, Chicano. Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Spanish – the list goes on and on and on. But, what ALL of them mean to us is STUDS! Here are 10 of the hottest ones we’ve filmed. Sweet and beautiful Antonio’s first. Aries’ has a HUGE cock. Atreyu’s debut shows his tough street creds. Cristobal brings his South American excellence. Hector’s first is just hint of the wild things he’ll go on to do for us. Hunter’s first is magnificent. Santana gets plugged by Sam. Miguel’s tryout makes Sam hungry for his ass. Raphael’s rock hard, uncut monster is even bigger than Aries! Robert has dreamy eyes and came back for a blow job.

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Antonio’s First…
Antonio is just 21 y/o. He’s a guy that Santana found, and he’s been telling me about him for a while now. Santana finally got him to agree to be filmed, and I’m sure glad he did. I started out filming this one, but Santana took over about ½ through and finished for me. You can really see how much these guys dig each other.

Antonio has a very sexy slim body, and his cock is about 7″ and very hard. He gets all passionate while he’s jerking off, and the looks on his face are really sexy. The very best part of this video is his cum shot. He blasts out wad after wad all over his chest and one goes over his head. It’s one of the very BEST cum shots we offer.

Aries’ First…
Aries is likewise just 21 y/o. He’s 1/2 Greek and 1/2 Mexican. I think he’s very swarthy looking with his hairy ass and legs, and his sexy facial hair. His eyes are also very exotic. Plus, my GOD look at that cock! It must be 9″ long and 6″ fat. And it gets rock hard.

He is straight, but he said he likes butt sex, as most Greek guys do (and a lot of Mexicans I know!). I told him that fucking boy butt is the BEST, and he kind of got a gleam in his eye. Who knows what he might do, if properly persuaded. I think you’ll enjoy his show, and I know you’ll enjoy his cock and his nice load.

Atreyu’s Debut…
We went to the local arcade recently to film a scene. While we were filming this sexy Latino boy came in and started shopping around. He was naturally curious about what we were doing back in the arcade, and asked about it. We told him what was what, and his eyes got bigger and bigger and bigger. He said, “I’ve always wanted to be in a porno flick!”

Well, one thing led to another, and here you get to see this sexy tough boy give it his best shot. We asked him if he was straight or gay or what, and he snapped “Straight!” right off the bat. But, while we were filming we noticed he was having a little trouble getting wood. He kept looking at the glory hole, and he finally asked if he could stick it through there. He didn’t ask who was on the other side. He didn’t care. Well, Pat was there helping me film, so of course he was perfectly willing to play the fluffer this time. Pat shuns air time, so you’ll just have to imagine what was happening on the other side of the hole.

Meet Cristobal…
We met Cristobal through Dexter. We immediately thought they must be brothers, but they aren’t. They just both happen to have the same hairstylist, the same tailor, and the same person taught them both how to jerk off. It’s really uncanny in that regard. Cristobal is from Chile, a fascinating country located south of Peru, bordered inland by Bolivia and Argentina. It has a variety of climates: Low northern desert, a Mediterranean middle, and the cool, verdant Andes in the south. We learned a lot about Cristobal during the interview… Like most South American boys, he’s a huge futbol fan. And he falls right in with our other ‘refined Latinos,’ working as a leasing agent. He moved here from Chile about 7 years ago and he’s been chasing white pussy ever since. We like his story about how he recently took part in the gangbang of a willing, horny stripper girl, and how he really wants to do that again.

Hector’s First…
Now who doesn’t like a tall, fun, horny frat boy? Hector is 6’ 4″ and, again, 21 years old. He’s got a kick in the pants kind of attitude, and he really digs being filmed. He’s smooth, and he’s got a BIG dick.

But, it is his party time personality that makes him really intriguing. This is his first video, but he’s gone on to do lots more for us - even giving up his big fat hard cock for some great blow jobs from other guys. He even likes to get his ass eaten!

Hunter’s First…
Hunter is just about as cute as they come. From his ear to ear grin to his delectable uncut piece of meat he absolutely oozes sensuality and adorable lustiness. Of course, we always have to start with a new dude’s personality, because for us that is primary. Hunter is just as easy going, open, and charming as they come. He is just the kind of guy we go ape shit over. He’s very curious, very adventurous, and very eager. He told us that he was determined to be the most likeable guy we’ve ever filmed, and he just might have succeeded. He says that he’s straight, but he also said he’s never really had the opportunity to mess around with a guy. So, who knows? We’re anxious to present him with just that opportunity.

He’s half Peruvian and half Puerto Rican, and what a hot combination that has resulted in. He’s got beautiful eyes, a rock hard sexy body, a really sexy bubble butt, and a complexion that is nearly flawless. He’s got some tough boy tattoos and a style that is both street wise and progressive at the same time. His show is fantastic, with just the right amount of wide-eyed trepidation combined with some real passion. As with all new guys, he’s a little nervous, but he’s also got the cojones to get beyond that and prove what a total stud he is.

Santana’s 4th…
Santana stopped by (again) one afternoon and started teasing me with his big brown dick. There I was, innocently working away. Trying to update the web site and edit videos and stuff, and there he was waving that huge cock in my ear. What was I supposed to do? You know me… I grabbed a big black butt plug and stuffed it up his ass.

Isn’t that what you would do? I knew I’d never get any work done until I took care of him, so I figured I might as well get the job done right. Luckily for you, I also wasn’t selfish about it and figured you might want to see it too. So, I turned on the video camera and went to work. My idea sure hit the mark because he bounced around and shot out one of the thickest creamiest loads you could ever want to see. All with his hot stud hole plugged with a fat toy. Having taken care of Santana, I was able to get back to work getting stuff done for you guys.

Marvelous Miguel…
Once in a while we find a guy who has an aura on film that is simply captivating, a guy that we think could go a long way on film. Miguel is one of those guys. He’s got a face that is no less than beautiful. His complexion is nearly flawless, and he’s got the kind of eyes that just draw you in. He’s got a really sweet uncut cock, and his bubble butt is really alluring. He’s just learning English, and he certainly hasn’t developed a command of the language yet. We think that’s really sexy as well.

He tells us that he’s BI, but we think he leans more towards the gay category. He said that when he’s with guys he prefers to bottom. He’s quite passionate with lots of moaning and panting. Naturally, we’re very attracted to that as well. All in all, we think Miguel is really someone quite special, and we’re thrilled to have met him.

Let’s just cut to the chase. Raphael has one of the biggest dicks we’ve ever filmed. We didn’t measure it (yet), but a good guess would be that when he’s fully erect it is about 11 or 12 inches long. It’s a MONSTER! Plus, he’s uncut, and even when he’s hard the skin still slides up and over the head all the way. Very nice. Beyond that, dissimilar to other guys with really huge cocks, his does get ROCK HARD, and it stands straight up in the air! Now, that’s not to say Raphael doesn’t have other attributes. In fact, he’s very cute - if a little on the rough side. He’s got a nice rock hard body, and a very tough manly attitude. He’s a man of few words, but that’s not surprising. He doesn’t need words to back up what he’s got. He’s got the real deal.

He says he likes girls and boys, and that his favorite thing to do is to fuck someone in the ass. WOW! There are only and handful of people I know who could take that foot long pole up their ass, and even then I suspect that when Raphael gets going he fucks really hard. In any case, we’re going to do our best to find someone to take that long dong up the butt, and we’re sure we can find someone to at least slob on it for a while. Raphael says he likes blow jobs too. We’re very happy to bring you Raphael and his huge dick. We think his show is fun, if somewhat quiet. He’s not someone to talk long and continuously. He wants to get right down to business.

Robert’s first…
There is so much to say about Robert that it’s tough to know what to tell first. Well, he’s obviously cute, but look closely at his eyes and you’ll see that they’re two different colors. Very sexy. Of course, his body his hard and sexy, and he’s got a BIG dick. It gets fucking ROCK hard too.

Robert did this solo video for us, and we didn’t hear from him again for a long time. We figured he was just experimenting. He told us that he’s straight, and that’s that. But, several months later he called back begging for a blow job! That surprised us. He let us film that, but he said he didn’t want to be on film any more. But, he loved the blow jobs. Suffice to say he’s come back over many, many times. We only got him on film twice, but he’s a regular around here none the less.

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