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$5.00 Hunter

Hunter is one of the sexiest Latino studs we’ve ever filmed. He’s charming, tough, cool, and cute. So here are his 6 very hot scenes. His first and second sessions, his arcade adventure, at our office, his “serve it up” scene, and finally his steamy shower scene.

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Hunter’s First Scene…
Hunter is just about as cute as they come. From his ear to ear grin to his delectable uncut piece of meat he absolutely oozes sensuality and adorable lustiness.

Of course, we always have to start with a new dude’s personality, because for us that is primary. Hunter is just as easy going, open, and charming as they come. He is just the kind of guy we go ape shit over. He’s very curious, very adventurous, and very eager. He told us that he was determined to be the most likeable guy we’ve ever filmed, and he just might have succeeded.

He says that he’s straight, but he also said he’s never really had the opportunity to mess around with a guy. So, who knows? We’re anxious to present him with just that opportunity.

He’s half Peruvian and half Puerto Rican, and what a hot combination that has resulted in. He’s got beautiful eyes, a rock hard sexy body, a really sexy bubble butt, and a complexion that is nearly flawless. He’s got some tough boy tattoos and a style that is both street wise and progressive at the same time.

His show is fantastic, with just the right amount of wide-eyed trepidation combined with some real passion. As with all new guys, he’s a little nervous, but he’s also got the cojones to get beyond that and prove what a total stud he is.

We’re very excited to have him on film to show you, and we’re really looking forward to his next show.

Hunter’s Second Scene…
He’s really charmed us, and we think you’ll be able to see why by looking at his photos and watching his videos.

The first thing that jumps out when looking at Hunter is his HUGE smile. It’s positively radiant, and it reflects what we think is a genuine happiness with life. Hunter is simply a cool guy and one who seeks - and finds - happiness and comfort in the things he encounters.

But, of course, that’s just the beginning of the delights that Hunter offers. Even when he’s looking serious he’s an extremely good looking young man. He’s exudes that smoldering Latino passion that can drive anyone insane with lust. Beyond that he’s got a perfectly proportioned body that makes him mouth watering.

And then we get to his very hot uncut cock. He’s got that kind of foreskin that easily slides up and down his pole, and he get rock hard in no time flat. He’s got uber delicious balls that you just want to get down and lick as they bounce up and down as he jerks off. And the loads he blows out just can’t be beat.

But, the best thing about Hunter is that thing that will always endear us to any guy - and that’s his wonderful personality. Some guys just simply aren’t very friendly. They seem serious and distant and uninterested. Even if they’re cute that really turns us off.

But, Hunter is just the opposite. He is such a nice guy that it comes shining through every moment he’s around. He’s not uptight in any way, and he’s not afraid to try new things. We asked if he’d ever tried a cock ring on and he said no. But, he was instantly interested in trying it out. This reveals a lot to us. It proves that he’s willing to try new things, and that he’s not intimidated by us as two gay men.

We’re delighted to have Hunter as a new model, and we look forward with breathless anticipation to getting more and more of him on film. We hope you do as well.

Hunter’s Arcade Adventure…
Hunter had come over several times now, and so we thought it was time to take him to our favorite arcade bookstore for some fun in a glory hole booth.

He said he’s not ready to do full on gay sex, but at the same time we think he’s very intrigued by the whole idea. He certainly gets a big kick out of having two gay men watch him jerk off, and we’ve talked about all the things that we’d love to do to him. He always laughs and says what jokers we are.

But, he never really says no.

We think that with more encouragement he’ll eventually come around. But, for the time being we’re thrilled to get these solo films from him.

His show in the booth was really fun because not only were we filming him and watching, but the old Queen that runs the place was there peeking through the glory hole at him as well. He seemed to really dig that scene too.

Hunter simply likes to be watched. No doubt about that.

We dig his new tattoo. He got it to cover up the one on his chest that he didn’t like. The new one is very beautiful, and it certainly fits him well. He says he wants to get more, and we’re anxious to see what he comes up with.

Hunter really is one hot stud. His big, long, fat, uncut cock just drives us nuts, and his hot body is nearly perfect. His big smile and wide eyes could charm anyone, and when you combine all that with his very accepting and open personality he absolutely hits every button.

We hope you enjoy this scene as much as we do, and we hope that it gives you a good idea of what a great guy Hunter really is.

Hunter’s Office Visit…
We could film Hunter every day for the rest of our lives and never grow tired of him. He’s a dreamboat in nearly every way.

Of course, it’s his smile and charismatic personality that immediately hits you. He exudes the kind of open and compelling attitude that we think most people are attracted to.

But, there is no denying that his physical attributes are incomparable. His body is sexy, sexy, sexy, and his cock is desire incarnate.

This time we filmed him in our little office so there is nothing in the picture to distract from what he offers. This scene is all Hunter, all the time.

He’s is so passionate and excited in this scene. He really digs showing off for us, and it really makes him hot. As a consequence, when he finally shoots off the blows out TONS of juice.

He likes to stand up as he jerks off, and when he starts to cum you can actually here all the hot stud spunk hitting the floor. It’s very cool.

We’ll always film Hunter, no matter when or where he wants it.

What a babe.

Hunter Serves It Up…
We are completely enthralled with Hunter. The list of his attributes is long, and every time we’re around him it grows longer.

I could list all his physical assets, and I could list all the ways his personality shines. I could say that his body is nearly flawless, and I could say that he so clearly loves life that his just can’t help himself but smile and laugh at the drop of a hat.

I could say that his long, fat, uncut cock is mouth watering, and I could say how much fun it is to hang out with him. I could say that his bubble butt drives me insane with desire, and I could say that every time we’ve taken him out to dinner or out for drinks he’s instantly swarmed by people who also want to hang out with him.

I could point out that he’s experimental and curious sexually, and I could point out that he treats us with respect and admiration, which is always flattering.

I could say many good things about him, but there is no real need to do that. All you have to do is watch his videos and you’ll see all that for yourself.

All that is left is for me to tell you that for this scene we decided to let him stand by the glass table and splooge all over it. He likes to stand up to cum, so this was a great way to do it. We filmed it from underneath so it’s almost like having him stand over you and cum on your face.

We like this scene a lot, and we particularly like the way he slaps his hard cock on the table now and then.

Wham! Wham! Wham!

Only a nice piece of meat makes that sound.

This is one serving hot meat swimming in a steaming, flavorful cream sauce that we’d love to second helpings of!

Hunter In The Shower…
What can we say about Hunter that fans of our studio don’t already know?

That he’s a total babe? That’s he’s adventurous and outgoing? That he has a killer smile and adorable eyes? That his cock is nothing short of magnificent? That his body is rock hard and ready for action?

All these things we’ve shown you before. Now, all that is left for us to do is get Hunter into some more crazy situations, and we have many plans in that regard.

But, today we’re showing him off in one of our favorite environments - taking a long hot steamy shower.

There is just something about watching a hot stud get all wet that really turns us on. So, naturally we were excited to see Hunter lather himself up and play with every nook and cranny of his hot body.

He doesn’t disappoint either. Of course his charming personality takes front and center, just as it always does. He smiles and laughs and makes all kinds of cute remarks. You can help but just KNOW that given the right situation Hunter would do just about anything.

We like this scene particularly because it holds a real surprise. Of course Hunter blows out a big load of hot cum - just like he always does - and we were able to film this at an angle so fans who like studly feet can watch his toes while he nuts.

But, then Hunter did something completely unexpected. He licked his own hot cum off his sticky fingers while looking right into the camera! How were we to know he’d like doing that? He never mentioned it before. What a treat!

You never know what Hunter is going to do next. He loves to surprise, and he won’t ever be pinned down into any box. He’s a free spirit, and we think that is the sexiest thing about him.

Besides his wonderful personality, hot body, fat hard uncut cock, sexy smile, and fantastic eyes.

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