Hot Sex - Vol. 1

Posted: May 4th, 2012 Department: Clips

$5.00 Hot Sex - Vol. 1

For those guys who want oral, anal, and a good cumshot, here we offer Here are 5 of our very best. Austin Fucks Cade Devilin, Clark works over Davin, Sam pops Jason’s Cherry, Luke and Brady fuck, and Brent White services Quinn through a glory hole!

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Austin Fucks Cade Devilin…
Finally Austin fucks the PISS out of Cade! We all know what a horn dog for stud butt Austin is, and now that Cade has learned to love hard cock, it just seem time to turn these two loose on each other. Austin told me he was anxious to just settle back and have Cade service him, and that’s just what happened. Cade starts out by sucking on Austin’s rock hard cock for a long time. He licks it up one side and down the other and generally gets it all lubed up for what they both really wanted - a nice long ass fuck.

Which they do in a variety of positions: doggie style - standing up - with Cade sitting on it. Lots of nice deep penetrating angles. They both LOVED it. This isn’t some “pop the head in and wiggle” video, either. Austin deep fucks Cade’s horny hole with long strokes, all the way to the balls. Finally, when they both couldn’t take it any more Austin blasts off all over Cades upturned face and mouth. Then Cade spews out his own ball churner. I think we hit the jackpot with this session!

Clark Plows Davin…
Clark loves getting his cock sucked and then fucking some hot ass. Davin is a perpetually cock hungry slut, and he likes nothing better than to be used like a complete fuck puppet – so long as he gets a big wad of nut juice blasted all over his face and down his throat in the end.

Clark calls up Davin, and from the moment he walks in the door he’s Clark’s sex toy. He fuck his throat long and hard, and then makes Davin milk his cock with his asshole for a nice long time. Naturally, Davin gets his creamy reward.

Sam pops Jason’s Cherry!…
Jason loves hard cocks. That’s all there is to it. Of course he likes a good blow job too, and he’sll fuck a hot butt quick. But, when someone offers him a hard cock he’ll start slobbering away like it’s an ice cream cone, and he likes to bend over and take it like a champ too.

This is how he learned to like it up the ass. He’d never been fucked before, and he was kind of afraid. But, Sam promised he’d make it feel good, and as you watch this scene I think you’ll agree that he succeeded. So much so that Jason was forevermore a total cock hound.

Luke & Brady…
These two hot boys just have a blast together. Brady is so adorably cute it hurts to look at him, especially his electric smile, and Luke is just a stud. Luke said he wanted to bottom for Brady, and Brady just couldn’t wait to target Luke’s hot ass.

There is lots of passionate sex in this one. The guys really dig each other, and they obviously love getting it on. Luke gets all sweaty, and Brady blasts out another one of his famous geyser like cum shots.

Brent White services Quinn…
This is actually Brent White’s first visit to the Arcade. He told us he’d never been to one before, and that he wasn’t really sure what a “glory hole” was. He found out quick, and we think he likes it! Quinn works at the bookstore, and when we showed him Brent’s photo he was raring to go. He said he couldn’t wait to bury his cock in Brent’s pretty face, and the he was sure his ass would tight and hot. He was right. Brent had a great time sucking on Quinn’s long fat cock, and Quinn was kind enough to reciprocate. But, it wasn’t long before Quinn stuck his hand through the hole and targeted Brent’s sexy ass.

Brent likes to have his butthole penetrated, and he was very anxious to have Quinn start fucking him. He wiggled his ass up to the hole and let Quinn go for it with gusto. It’s great to watch Brent get so hot and excited by getting drilled through the hole. His face gets all red and sweaty, and what is really great is that he jerks off and cums while getting porked. All this excitement made Brent pump out TONS of juice too! He then offers up his handsome face for Quinn to blow a load all over. Nice! We’re always thrilled the introduce guys to the joys of glory hole action. Particularly when the guys are as hot as Quinn and Brent White.

Use Your Credit Card -
Safe, Secure Transaction - Hot Sex - Vol. 1 - 5 scenes - $5.00

30 days access to our “Hot Sex - Vol. 1″ membership site. 5 scenes, streaming videos, dozens of photos, full descriptions.

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