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$5.00 Hot Black Men

There is nothing quite like a hot and horny black guy to get you going. Cute and cool. Hunky and hard. Suave and stylish. Here are 10 of the cutest we’ve ever filmed. Anton is foxy beyond belief. Detwon is gay, smooth, and beautiful. Diego looks hungry for sex right NOW. Frank is tough and badass. Johnny Cush is young, ready, and naughty. Justin is urban hot and fine. Maurice really wants to be bad. Peyton already knows how to be bad. Taylor is beefcake extraordinaire. Xavier is SO good looking its staggering.

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Anton’s First…
I have to comment on Anton’s HUGE FUCKING COCK first. Jesus Fucking Christ, how would anyone get that big curving thing in their mouth or ass? It’s just a monster.

But, beyond that, isn’t he cute? I think he’s the first guy I’ve filmed who was in a shirt and tie, and what a handsome devil he is. He says he’s straight, but he’s sure been calling a lot. He said he had a great time and he wants to do it again. I think he’s curious about other guys. But, who could I ever hook him up with? Anyone I asked to tackle his monster would either want to kill me or kiss me.

Detwon’s First…
Detwon comes very highly recommended by one of our favorite guys, Jason. They’ve been friends now for a couple of years. Jason said that he thinks Detwon will soon become a favorite around here. We agree! There are many reasons to like Detwon. He’s openly gay, and that’s always a bonus. He’s exceedingly good looking - bonus. He’s got a magnificent body - bonus. He’s got flawless skin and complexion - bonus. He’s got a big fat cock - bonus. And he’s got a appealing personality - bonus.

For this being his first time on film he was surprisingly at ease. Most guys are nervous, but he just settled right into showing off all his… ahem… assets. We like the way he smiles at the drop of a hat, and how he laughs easily. He’s ready to be both top and bottom on film, and we’re anxious to see that happen. He says he likes all kinds of guys, so what’s not to like there? He told us he’s always had a crush on Jason, and that’s perfectly understandable. Jason is eminently attractive.

Diego’s First…
When Diego called and wanted to come for an audition, his voice really sounded good over the phone. He’s got a deep and intriguing way of talking that almost gave me a hard on over the phone. So, you can imagine how happy I was to see this cute stud come walking up for the interview.

This is his first time on film, so naturally there is some hesitation and nervousness. But, he’s a trooper and ends up putting on a great show. We like his smooth body and his really nice cock. Plus, the way he looks and the camera really makes you feel like he’s going to crawl through and fuck you right there on the spot!

Frank’s First…
Everyone, this is Frank… and his amazing 11″ dong!

He has a rock hard body and lots of tattoos. He jacks off for a while and makes some wisecracks. He was really horny and said he’s anxious to do more! He plays with his mammoth tool and shoots a big load into his hand. I don’t know how he keeps from passing out from loss of blood when that thing gets hard. It’s astounding!

Johnny Cush’s First…
18 y/o Johnny tells me that he’s straight, but that he’s always been a little curious about guys. He said that he really likes getting his dick sucked, and that girls usually can’t take everything he offers. That naturally peaked my interest. I told him that the first thing he needed to do was put on a show for me, and he jumped at the chance. He has a very sexy body, and a really sweet smile. He’s got those adorable young eyes that everyone likes, and he’s got a personality that really shines through it all. He was, understandably, a little nervous, but he took to modeling like a duck to water.

He wasn’t lying about his cock either. It’s a monster! He’s got to have about 9 inches, and his balls are wonderful. They flop and bounce around like crazy while he jerks off. And, he blows out a big wad of hot stud boy juice! He’s very passionate, and he really wants to do more. He said he’s not sure if he’ll ever find the bravery to let guy suck his dick. But, we have a feeling that Johnny Cush isn’t a coward at all. We suspect that before long he’s going to be getting his dong slobbed on to beat the band.

Justin’s First…
Justin is really a sexy guy. One of the first things we noticed was his bright green eyes. He’s also got that laid back attitude that is both inviting and erotic at the same time. His style is very urban and cool, and it matches his personality, which is open and fun. He likes to tell naughty stories, and he tells them well. That’s always a bonus, and it seems obvious that he likes his sex kind of rough and dirty. Fucking hot.

But, it’s when he gets naked - which he says is his favorite way to be - that things get supernova hot. His body is rock hard an sculpted. His skin is nearly flawless, and if you can get past all that you’ll encounter his long, fat hard cock, and if that doesn’t make your mouth water then you may want to call 911. One of the best parts is his cum shot, which is really sweet in itself, but seeing his thick, creamy nut juice slide over his perfectly smooth dark skin is almost hypnotizing.

Maurice’s First…
Maurice is very handsome. His eyes sparkle, and his complexion is beautiful. He’s got a wonderful smile, but he reserves it and only brings in out when he’s really tickled. He’s got a sexy body and a very hot bubble butt. He’s got a nice hard dick, but he is a grower - not a shower. So don’t be deceived by his initial state. He’s very intelligent, and knowledgeable about his ancestry and both his cultures. He says he’s more American than anyone in his family. I asked if he were Muslim and he said his father is. He said he’s agnostic.

He’s very passionate and said he’s always horny. He’s straight, but he told us right away that he’s cool with gay people. We told him that it would be mostly guys watching his show, but he said that was cool. He said it wouldn’t matter because he’d be performing for any women who happened to be watching. He said, “This scene is for the chicks, but I don’t care if guys enjoy it too.”

Peyton’s First…
Peyton is really cute. A little rough around the edges, but that’s the way we like ‘em around here. Peyton says he’s mostly straight, but that he’s been known to let a guy suck his dick once in a while. Now, who doesn’t like to hear that?

He’s got a really sweet smile too, and his personality is very mild, but somehow intense at the same time. You can tell that he’s in control of himself, but that it takes some effort to keep it. I think that Peyton would break out into something wild at the drop of a hat. But, his show was really hot. He clearly likes showing off, and he really shot off a great load. He even let me tickle his balls a little.

Taylor’s First…
Taylor has a magnificent body with some very hot tattoos, and his smile will just melt your heart. He was a little nervous, but that soon went away. His cock is very nice. Not too big and not too small.

In this session, he talks for a while about screwing his girlfriend while someone else watched, and how it really turned him on. I really dig his show because he is so fresh and real. He doesn’t pretend to be anything he isn’t, and he tries so hard to put on a good show. And, he’s a very sexy man. I’m just sure you’ll enjoy watching him pleasure himself for you.

Xaviar’s First…
Ok, you know what suckers we are for beautiful eyes and a big smile. So, you can understand why we hit the floor on our knees when we first encountered Xavier. He’s got the eyes and the smile all right, but he’s also got a rock hard body and a big dick. That takes him another couple of miles. Then he’s got a soft spoken yet smoldering personality that really sends him over the top.

About ½ through the interview he confided that he had messed around with a couple of guys before. Naturally we asked if he liked it and he said that it felt really good to have a cock up his ass. Hmmmmm. We assured him that he wasn’t alone in that regard.

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