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$5.00 Hector

Hector is a stud. That’s all there is to it. He’s a jock, he’s a frat boy, he’s smooth, he’s cool, and he’s willing to try new stuff. Here are 10 of his very best. His first 5 solo scenes. His first blow job from a guy with Sam, and then Sam blows him again. Davin gets big wad from him right in the mouth, and then Hector joins Austin, Seth, and Damian in a hotel room for some fun with dick toys. Finally, Rocket blows him through a glory hole.

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Hector’s First…
Hector first showed up as a 21 year old frat boy jock. He was a little shaggy, but we could tell right away what a hot stud he is. He’s a big boy – 6’ 4” and 220 pounds – and he’s got a 9” dick to back it up. He’s smooth and cute, charming and fun.

He said he was straight, and it took a long, long time for him to try anything gay. But, that’s ok. We know it takes time, and for his first 5 scenes we were perfectly willing to just film him solo. He’s just such a stud!

Hector’s second…
He came right back over again for a second show. Oh, sure he said he needed the work, but we could tell he was really curious as well. From day one he joked around about us being gay, and how we were the first openly gay people he’d ever met. He said we weren’t how he’d thought gay people were.

We put him in the shower so he could get all soapy and wet – we like that kind of thing around here – and then we asked him to jerk off on the bed. He’s so fun and happy-go-lucky that it’s a real joy to film. He got a haircut (he said just for us ….. awwwww) and he looks so foxy. He tries on a cock ring for the first time, and when he blows it’s really something to see. We told him right then that we just couldn’t wait to see him again, and that if he ever wanted a blow job…. He just laughed.

Hector’s third…
So, we didn’t hear from Hector for many, many months. We figured we’d just layed it on too thick with the blow job talk – sometimes straight boys do get freaked out by that stuff – and he’d just moved on.

But, lo and behold, he called again! He said he’d hooked up with a girl, but that he wanted to do another scene for us. When he showed up he instantly started talking about blow jobs. He said his girlfriend gave fantastic head. We asked if she swallowed, and he said NO! We both rolled our eyes, and he got what we meant. We suspect that thinking about that made him cum all the harder.

Hector’s fourth…
Once again, we didn’t hear from Hector for a couple of years. Then, out of the blue, he called again. He said he’d gotten in trouble with that damn girl of his, and had gotten thrown in jail for it. I told him his mother was right when she told him to say away from girls. They’re bad for him.

But, there he was looking like a stud with his big dick wagging and his curious puppy dog eyes kind of begging. He put on another great show, and he asked if he could come back over again right away. We said sure, and we asked him again if he’d gotten any good blow jobs from somebody who actually likes it enough to swallow. He laughed and said no. What a tragedy.

Hector’s fifth…
Hector seemed very happy to have gotten rid of the girl, but he was still bummed about being in jail for so long. We did our best to cheer him up – including telling him how much a good blow job would help with his attitude – but he still wasn’t ready for that.

But, he did, naturally, put on still another good show. This time he said he’d really been thinking about that blow job. He said if the next girl he hooked up with couldn’t do the job right he was going to let us give it a try. We’ve never hoped for someone else’s failure so strongly before.

Sam blows Hector…
She failed! Isn’t that wonderful news! We were so excited when Hector called a few months later and said he’d met another girl, and he liked her and everything, but that she hated giving head. Why in the hell he would hook up with a girl who hated sucking cock is a mystery, but there you are.

He said he was dying to get a real blow job. Sam stepped up the plate and did his very best, including turning him around so he could eat out that virgin, cherry asshole of his. Needless to say Hector was blown away! He said he’d never had one so good. He was hooked.

Hector wants MORE!…
Sam created a monster when he gave Hector that blow job. The boy calls day after day after day now. Pat has likewise gotten many tastes of Hector’s man meat. We can’t say no to Hector. We just can’t do it.

This time though, right in the middle of some fun, he asked Sam to grab the camera and film the whole thing again. While Sam was sucking him Hector said he really liked having his butthole played with last time, so Sam quickly stuffed a finger up his hot stud hole and started massaging his prostrate. That did the trick. Another VERY intense orgasm from Hector for Sam’s hungry mouth.

Davin blows Hector…
Once Hector had learned the joys of a good blow job, we told him we weren’t the only cocksuckers in the world. In fact, we know several excellent knob slobbers. He said he likewise thought it was time to fuck some new throat.

So, we instantly thought of Davin. We can’t really think of anyone who gets more excited when a big dick is stuffed in his mouth, and he absolutely LOVES hot cum. Hector immediately figured that one out, and he gives Davin every inch of his rock hard 9” dick, and a thick load of spunk too!

The Hotel - Presidential Pump…
When we decided to film a bunch of guys in a local hotel here using dick pumps and Fleshlights, we instantly thought of Hector. He’s so easy going and fun that we just knew he’d fit in. Austin, Seth, and Damian all thought so too.

I’m not sure what Hector enjoyed the most that afternoon. Fucking the Fleshlight. Pumping his dick up all big and fat. Having Austin lick his balls while he jerked off. Or playing around with his own asshole on the balcony in front of Sam’s drooling mouth.

Rocket blows Hector…
Hector heard that we’d been filming glory hole blow job scenes at the local arcade bookstore. He said, “Hey! What about me? I like blow jobs!” Naturally we had to invite him along the first chance we got.

Rocket is someone we’d never filmed before, but we knew he gave great head and loves a big cock. And we knew he loves hot cum shot on his face. This seemed like the perfect opportunity. We were right, because Rocket goes nuts on Hector’s cock. Hector, as always, looks fantastic. He love all his different styles, but what Rocket really loved was his blasting load of nut spunk.

Use Your Credit Card -
Safe, Secure Transaction - Hector / 10 scenes - $5.00

30 days access to Hector’s membership site. 10 scenes, streaming videos, dozens of photos, full descriptions.

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