Cream Filled Charlie

Posted: August 13th, 2011 Department: Guys

Sometimes, there is simply NO replacement for a sweet and creamy Twinkie like Charlie.

Watch Charlie’s third video in Double Life

Charlie keeps calling and calling, wanting to come over and try new things.

If you’ve read about him before, you know that Charlie is straight. But, we think he’s very curious too.

He’s wearing his red shorts again, and you can tell he finds them erotic in some way. Isn’t it fun to try to figure out what goes on in these guy’s heads?

This time we have him in the shower and on the bed. He’s certainly lightened up quite a bit from the first time we filmed him, and he’s beginning to goof around a lot more. He knows how much we like his bubble butt, and giggles every time we mention it.

That adds to his charm, and he’s a lot freer in showing it off this time. We’ve told him how much we want to see some ass play from him, and he now says he’s thinking about it.

Charlie really is a delightful guy, very spiritual. He’s into auras and crystals and all kinds of stuff that we don’t even pretend to understand.

But it’s always fun to hear him talk about it, and he really enjoys “massaging” our auras.

It’s just so sweet.

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