Chico and The Men

Posted: May 23rd, 2011 Department: Guys

This Week’s Update: Chico and The Men!

What happens when you tell two “straight” guys that they can fuck a gay boy just as hard and as nasty as they want?

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This video tells a story. It’s the story of two guys who are mostly straight, but who will fuck around with boys on the side from time to time.

Johnny Squirt is a college frat jock who has about 10 different girlfriends at any one time. But, that’s not enough for him. Besides always wanting more sex than they can deliver, he says most of the girls he knows won’t get dirty enough for him.

Seth is a biker bad ass who likewise fucks women all the time. But, just like Johnny Squirt, he frequently wants something strange. Seth was in a motocross bike accident about 6 months ago. It really fucked up him up, and in particular it trashed his knee. He’s been on his ass trying to heal up, and it means he put on some extra weight, and he’s got a brace on his leg. We think it just makes him look tougher and more menacing and Daddy like.

So, these two studs went to a race together, and afterwards were at a hotel relaxing when they decided they wanted to fuck a whore. Naturally they called Denver’s most notorious Madame,

for the hook up.

Unfortunately, all Mandi’s girls were booked, and so the only thing she had to offer them was a dirty slut boy. Knowing that these two studs fuck hard, she offered up the one slut she knew could take them on and survive.


Chico is a sexy hot, Latino, dick loving, cock hound who simply can’t get fucked hard enough. He wants it all, and he wants it rough. Even then you can be sure he’ll just want more.

What you’ll see in this scene is just how hard two straight guys can go on a willing little gay slut. In fact, at one point they start hurting the poor thing, but that only gets them hotter. But, Chico, being the champion whore that he is, takes it with only minor whimpering.

Of course, in the end Chico gets all their hot cum right in his face and down his throat. Johnny Squirt predictably delivers another fountain gusher of a cum shot, and Chico is right there for every drop. Blast after blast after blast of searing hot nut juice all over his face. It’s really a great shot. Anyone who likes a good cum shot will LOVE this one.

Then, to top it all off, these boys show Chico just how nasty a gay whore has to be in order to impress these straight boys.




After fucking him so hard he starts to cry, and then pumping enough baby batter all over his face to float a battleship, these two “straight” boys drag dick loving Chico into the bathroom, throw his ass into the tub, and they each take a long hot steaming piss right into his greedy open mouth!


Yep! Gallons of scalding straight piss all over a well fucked cum whore gay boy!
Oh, and our cameraman Sam has to join in on that bit of action by contributing his own bladder full of used beer for Chico to enjoy.

So, this scene ends with now Grand Champion Gay Whore Chico wallowing around in yellow, licking it up, and trying to stuff some of it into his now fucked sloppy boy hole.

~ SamSez

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