Hector Wants More

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It seems that ever since Hector got his first blow job from a guy he’s become quite happy to get them.

He’s stopped by several times now, dick in hand, and asked if we would take care of him. Naturally we’re always quite happy to do that.

He stopped by a few weeks ago and asked for some of our special treatment, and Sam invited him into the bedroom. As soon as we were there Hector asked if we wanted to take some photos of him too. Of course, we said sure.

After Sam had take a few nice snapshots, and Hector was completely naked, he asked if Sam would grab the video camera and film him getting a nice blow job.

How could Sam say no?

It’s nice to see Hector enjoying himself so much. His big long fat cock just gets rock hard, and he clearly loves having his knob slobbed on.

At one point he grabs the video camera out of Sam’s hands and proceeds to film it himself. He moans and thrusts his hips, and finally he says, “You like that don’t you!”

Well, wouldn’t you?

That’s when Hector starts to pump out all the juice he’s stored up in his stud nuts. He really moans and pants and thrashes around while he does it too. The one thing you can’t see very well is that Sam has planted his finger right up Hectors humpy asshole while he pops off and is tickling his prostate all the while.

No wonder he cums so hard.

We’re very thrilled to have gotten Hector addicted to sloppy blow jobs, and we can’t wait till we hear that knock on the door again.

We know he’ll have his dick in his hand!