NEW DVD The Arcade 4

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100 min. |  Live Soundtrack 

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We’re pleased to announce the release of our 93rd title - The Arcade 4 - our 4th naughty romp through the dirty bookstore arcade.


This time we bring a whole new cast of sexy guys to enjoy the kind of satisfaction you can only find through a glory hole. The main stars are Ramon Diego, our cover boy, and Jeremy Snow (our newest muse). These two have several adventures apart there before finally encountering each other. 


Jeremy Snow’s 1st Arcade scene

First we have Jeremy Snow, the consummate twink. And a real hungry one too. Hungry for cum that is. His very first scene for us is the first scene on this DVD. It’s all about a boy looking for cock, and finding it. He wanders back in the arcade, discovers a booth with a hole in it, and settles back to wait for the next cock to come through. He doesn’t have to wait long either. Think about it…if you looked through that hole and saw him sitting there begging for your cock, how long would it take you to stuff it through for him to devour? 
Jeremy eagerly slobbers all over the first hard cock to come through the hole, and milks a big fat load out of it like a good boy. He gets every last drop, and not being at ALL satisfied, then settles back waiting for another dick to come along.



Ramon Diego blows Hector
Our second scene offers up Hector in one of his first two glory hole blow job scenes. In this one features Ramon Diego. He’s bi-sexual, just like Hector, and absolutely LOVES to suck on a great big dick, and Hector has learned that the best blowjobs come from those who really LOVE to suck dick. So, Ramon coaxes a HUGE load out of Hector’s rock hard pole, and gets it blasted all over his eager face. The ending of this scene is kind of cute too. We’re all about reality here.



Riley fucks the glory hole
Next up we have Riley, one of our other new models. He’s done a couple of solo scenes for us, and when we told him about our adventures at the Arcade he was eager to join in. This time Sam is on the other side of the hole, and Riley fucks Sam’s face good and hard.



Jeremy Snow blows another one

Then we return to Jeremy Snow, waiting patiently for more hard dick. Before long a nice uncut Latino cock some snaking through the hole. This time Jeremy was determined to swallow some hot cum — he really likes that kind of thing — and that hot brown pole pumps one right down his gullet.



Rocket blows Hector
We’re also featuring Hector’s first glory hole blow job scene. This one features a friend of ours Rocket, who has always been to shy to do a scene for us, but said he would if he could suck Hector’s dick. How could we say no, and Hector was ready to give it try. He got so turned on he blasts a stunning load all over Rocket’s face.



Ramon Diego and the BBC
Our boy Ramon Diego can’t get enough dick either. He came by one night and we caught him on film sucking on this HUGE black monster pole! He just couldn’t believe how big it was, and he must say “HOLY SHIT!” at least 10 times. He just goes nuts on it!



Jeremy Snow and Ramon Diego
Finally we have the epic matchup between Jeremy Snow and Ramon Diego. If there is anything Ramon likes better than sucking the cum out of a big hard dick, it’s getting his pole expertly worked on by a slut twink. This time Jeremy just couldn’t WAIT to get Ramon’s beautiful cock deep in his ass. Ramon fucks him deep and hard through the hole, before going over to Jeremy’s booth to once again dump a big load down Jeremy’s throat.



BONUS: Ramon Diego’s hot cum
As a sweet little bonus we have a nice cumshot from Ramon who stopped by one night just to get off real quick.



Digital Download: 6 full length scenes - Windows Media or MP4 (Mobile)

8 Scenes - $10 - BUY NOW!