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$5.00 Cade Devilin

Once in a while we meet a guy who instantly becomes a start. Someone who absolutely melts the camera every time. With his vulnerable good looks and sparkling charismatic personality, Cade Devilin is by far one of the finest guys we’ve ever filmed. Here are 10 of his very best. His first solo scene. His first “Anal Awakening”. Sam turns his ass into a “Fuck Hole”. He cums all over Trent Stone’s face. He and Joshua get fucked by Jason. He jerks off with Damian. He and Lance and Jason fuck around. Rusty has his turn with him. Ryan wanted some too. Finally, he and Jason work over Trent Stone.

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Cade’s First…
Cade showed up as this humpy little 22 y/o muscle boy who really had no idea how cute he was. Oh, sure he dressed as nice as he could, and he knew he had charm and personality, but I don’t think he realized how cute he really is. But, I certainly did. I started telling him so, right off the bat. That must have appealed to him because from then on whenever he came over he begged me to take is picture - ‘n stuff.

This is his first video, and you can instantly see the star that is to come. More than that, you can see just what a little ass slut he totally wanted to be. The very first thing he shows is his sweet bubble butt. That set the stage. From then out all I wanted to do was to see (and feel) more of that hole.

Cade’s Anal Awakening…
It wasn’t by chance that Cade showed me his ass the very first thing. After his first scene we had a nice long talk about butt sex, and he felt comfortable enough to tell me he’d always wanted to have a guy fuck him up the butt. He said he’d tried once a long time ago back in Texas, but the guy’s dick was too big and it hurt. I told him that was really too bad because it can feel excellent if it’s done right.

Finally, he asked me if I would “do it right” to him. How could I refuse? I did my very best to make sure it felt real good, so this isn’t some run up and stuff it in the butt kind of video. I took my time, and made sure the whole thing was geared toward the sensations in his hot little hole. I guess it worked. From then on Cade would bend over for a hard cock without hesitation.

Cade - Fuck Hole!…
This video starts out by my front door, and I didn’t waste any time getting to his butt. His hole is the sweetest I’ve tasted in a long time, and he wasn’t in the door a minute before I pulled his pants down, bent him over, and stuffed my tongue in his boy pussy. I wanted to get him opened up real good before I started, so I took out my butt plug and fitted that firmly in place before showing him how to suck cock. He’s gotten to like that a lot too. Then, it was on to the bed where first I plug him the anal probe while he blows me some more. Then, when I felt he was ready for the real thing, I put him in some restraints and rammed my cock deep in his ass. Once he got used to that I started riding him in every position I could think. His ass was just too sweet, and I blasted off deep in his hole. Then, with his ass now all sloppy and well fucked, Cade popped off another of his huge loads.

The photos are all from another day of fucking we had together. I wasn’t really intent on videoing him that day. He stopped by one afternoon and the moment he walked in the door I ripped off his pants, tore open a hole in his underwear, and fucked him through it. Then I wrote “Fuck Hole” in black across his ass and stuffed a butt plug up there. I made him put his pants back on, and we went out driving around and having beers, all the time with his ass plugged. When we got back to my place I fucked him with dildos (‘n stuff) again. Cade likes it nasty. I just happened to take a few snapshots.

Cade Devilin and Trent Stone…
Cade always pumps out thick creamy loads. Cum slut Trent Stone met him and instantly wanted his hot juice all over his face. Trent is just that way. Cade always wants to nut, so this scene was a natural.

These guys both have dynamic personalities, and they both really shine in this video. It’s kind of strange that they want to watch straight porno, and they both claim to be “straight”. They each one have girlfriends, and Cade even has 2 kids. Trent actually has like 6 different girlfriends at any given time. So, you figure out why Cade likes to get ass rammed really fucking hard, and why Trent has a fetish for jizz on his face. But, no matter why, they clearly do. If you are what you do, these boys are bi-sexual.

Cade, Joshua Berlin, and Jason…
I sure had a great time filming this one. All these boys had so much fun it made it one of the best afternoons behind the camera I’ve had in a long time. They just joke around and laugh all the way through this scene. Except, of course, when they aren’t chugging cock or buttfucking! Jason is one of my very favorite models, and he’s become one of my best friends too. Cade is equally charming and cute, and he has also snuggled up right in the heart of Pat and Sam. Joshua is the newest guy of the lot, but he is fast becoming a favorite around here too. With this film, they have all really outdone themselves.

It starts out with the boys goofing around on the bed together. They show off their asses and laugh a lot before settling in for some hot dick sucking. Cade and Joshua really enjoy slobbering on Jason’s perpetually hard dong, and all the boy at one point are in a ring sucking on each other. Then, it’s on into the living room for some hot butt fucking. Jason again takes turns mounting both Cade and Joshua. Cade even gets in the middle of a boy sandwich with his dick buried in Joshua while Jason mounts him from behind. They all finish off by squirting out geysers of jizz. This is another one for all of you who want to see some fresh young guys actually have fun together, without being concerned about a script or acting. This is just the real thing: boys fucking around.

Cade and Damian…
We were very anxious to hook Cade and Damian up! Mostly because Cade is so cool and fun that we just knew he would be able to get Damian to relax and have a good time. But also because we knew this pairing would turn out fucking HOT!

Well, it worked! These two guys really hit it off and the session came out great. They goofed around together for a while, and then they started a nice long j/o session. Damian is still a little hesitant to actually do anything heavier, but that’s ok. It’s great to watch him wrestle with his desires. Cade looks his adorable best in this one, and we’re happy that he continues to work for us even though he’s now become a ”big Hollywood sensation!” Have you seen his newest from Falcon? WOW!

Jason, Cade, and Lance…
Here are three totally cute guys in more spontaneous fun. This session is unique because it really didn’t go as planned at all, but it still came out great. Of course, I don’t do a lot of planning anyway, but this one really was off the cuff.

We started out intending to film Cade and Lance together. Jason was here helping me in the office that day, and he was going to take still shots of the whole thing. But, Lance called to say he would be late, and Cade and Jason (and I) just couldn’t help it and had to start playing right away. I filmed Jason fucking the piss out of Cade for quite a while before Lance showed up. We started over filming just Cade and Lance, but Jason (and I) were now so horny that we had to join in too. The whole thing finished up with the three boys jerking off together on the couch. This is a nice long scene, with lots of cock sucking and butt fucking, and all the guys just look great. Like all my work, this doesn’t even pretend to have a plot. It just shows the guys doing whatever feels good to them, and having lots of fun!

Cade and Rusty Wood…
What a compelling young stud Cade Devilin is! We are doubly fortunate, because we know him better than most. Although now you can see him in Falcon videos, and in All Worlds videos and in Studio 2000 Videos and all kinds of other places, in all those videos you’re seeing a pizza delivery boy or a college football jock or some other contrived part. But we all know that the best thing about Cade is Cade himself, so that’s how we’ve always presented him. His charming personality only enhances his fantastic good looks and ample physical qualities.

Well, all that charm struck one of our viewers and he sent us an email saying that he’d never done porn before, but that if he could work with Cade he would be willing to try it. One thing led to another and the next thing you know Rusty was at our door ready to be a model for us. Rusty has likewise gone on to do lots of videos as pizza delivery boys or college jocks in Hollywood (under a variety of different stage names), but once again you’ll only get to know who Rusty really is by seeing his videos right here at Pat and Sam. So, now at long last we are pleased to present the epic meeting between these two humpy boys. Once again we didn’t set any agenda or ask them to play any parts. They’d never met before they sat down on the couch together, so what you see is what happened. I guess you can say they kind of hit it off.

Cade and Ryan…
This is another session that didn’t go as planned at all. In fact, this started out to be just a solo video with Ryan. We had just gotten started when Cade came knocking on the door. He likes to stop by unexpectedly, and I don’t mind one bit. Of course Ryan (who is gay) took one look at Cade and started drooling (wouldn’t you?), so I suggested they play around together.

We had just gotten started with that when Jason knocked on the door. So, I asked him to take the still shots for me. I’m kind of like Tom Sawyer in that regard. So, if the still shots look different it’s because he isn’t very used to taking photos. Anyway, Cade and Ryan have a nice time together. They suck each other’s cocks for a little while, and then sit back and jerk off. Of course, Cade shoots off way over his shoulder again, and Ryan pops a great nut too. I just love these spontaneous hook ups. They are always lots of fun.

Jason, Trent Stone, and Cade Devilin…
This session happened before Cade moved out of state. Here we have him teamed up with Jason again (because they are good friends anyway) and then with our new hotty Trent Stone. These three boys not only look good, they have a great deal of fun together too. Trent is a little cock hungry slut, and Jason and Cade don’t mind giving him what he wants for just as long as he wants. We thought these two boys would know how to show him a good time, and we were sure right.

If you like seeing cute guys have fun together, then this is the one for you. Just like all our work, this doesn’t have any plot or anything; we just threw the guys together and let them do whatever they wanted. We think you’ll really like this one!

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