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$5.00 Arcade Peepshows

Anyone who has hung out in a bookstore arcade waiting to get laid knows how exciting it is to see some totally sexy straight guy come in, even just to jerk off. If you’re quick enough you can get into a booth next to him and he might let you watch. Here are 11 of our best public peepshow scenes. Straight boy Wyatt will only let you watch. Hunter is Latino hot and sexy. Jason is always ready to nut for you. Blake is so pretty you’d think he’s gay, but he likes pussy. Atreyu wants to be a porn star. London is sensual and hungry. Spencer is a redhead who always wants more. Frankie’s big dick is sure to please. Johnny Squirt blasts out another huge load. Chris D has the biggest dick of the lot, no doubt. Luke is farm boy tough and sexy.

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Ever since we mentioned our adventures with other models at the local arcade, Wyatt has been begging for us to take him there. He said he’d never been to one before and he was curious about what goes on. When we mentioned the “glory hole” he really got intrigued. “Guys really stick their dicks through the hole for a blow job?” he asked. Naturally we told him all about it.

So, off we went with Wyatt in tow ready for a hot show, and that’s just exactly what we got. We tried and tried to get him to stick his cock through and receive some pleasure, but he just kind of laughed and said no. But, he sure let us see everything he’s got to offer. His wide eyed wonder at it all really turns us on, and we hope you like it too. He’s just the kind of guy we’ve seen there frequently, and we suspect Wyatt may return on his own sometime to check it all out with some privacy. His cock sure got big and hard while there. Makes us wonder.

Hunter has fast become one of our very favorite models. His shows are always fun, and his personality makes him irresistible. He’s come over several times now, and so we thought it was time to take him to our favorite arcade bookstore for some fun in a glory hole booth. Hunter simply likes to be watched. No doubt about that.

We dig his new tattoo. He got it to cover up the one on his chest that he didn’t like. The new one is very beautiful, and it certainly fits him well. He says he wants to get more, and we’re anxious to see what he comes up with. Hunter really is one hot stud. His big, long, fat, uncut cock just drives us nuts, and his hot body is nearly perfect. His big smile and wide eyes could charm anyone, and when you combine all that with his very accepting and open personality he absolutely hits every button.

This is a lusty little scene with Jason showing off why he’s not only our favorite, but many others too. His hard body looks excellent, and his sweet cock it certainly a crowd pleaser. Plus, the fire hose blast of cum he shoots out is epic!

Luckily we had a friend there to give a hand at just the right time. You’ll see what we mean when you watch the video. So, next time you’re around one of those stores you might just want to stop by and see what’s what. You never know!

There is something lusty and erotic about watching a sexy and horny boy relive himself in an arcade booth through a glory hole. Particularly when they’re straight like Blake. You have to wonder if they’ve ever gotten a blow job through the hole anonymously. You have to wonder if they’d do it under the right circumstances. Blake had never been to an arcade like this before. He sure got a big kick out of it and was very curious about what went on there.

“You mean guys go in there just to get a blow job!” he exclaimed. I assured him that it happens every single day. I explained how many “straight” guys just want to get off, and they know that you can’t get a better blow job than you can from a cock loving guy. Blake gave a great show in this environment. It’s just like being in one of those stores and seeing some uber-hot boy come in and jerk off for you. If you’ve never done it before here is your chance to experience how it feels. Now that Blake has been introduced to the scene, we wonder if he’s headed back there on his own. We wonder if he’s gone back to that same booth, and we wonder if some lucky guy got to give Blake an experience he’ll never forget.

We went to the local arcade recently to film a scene. While we were filming this sexy Latino boy can in and started shopping around. He was naturally curious about what we were doing back in the arcade, and asked about it. We told him what was what, and his eyes got bigger and bigger and bigger. He said, “I’ve always wanted to be in a porno flick!” Well, one thing led to another, and here you get to see this sexy tough boy give it his best shot. We asked him if he was straight or gay or what, and snapped “Straight!” right off the bat.

But, while we were filming we noticed he was having a little trouble getting wood. He kept looking at the glory hole, and he finally asked if he could stick it through there. He didn’t ask who was on the other side. He didn’t care. Well, Pat was there helping me film, so of course he was perfectly willing to play the fluffer this time. Pat shuns air time, so you’ll just have to imagine what was happening on the other side of the hole. Well, that did the trick. Atreyu did a great job, and we’re thrilled to have him on film. We’re doubtful we’ll see him again though. As he was leaving we asked him if he wanted to do more, and he just kind of shrugged. I think he really just wanted a blow job.

London continues to reveal himself to be a naughty boy. He’s played with Davin and Jason now, and so we decided to offer him a trip to the arcade. Being the lusty boy he is, he instantly jumped at the notion. He asked if there would be anyone there who would suck his dick, and we’d arranged to have another model come and play. But, wouldn’t you know it, the other guy never showed. So, we were left to film poor London all by himself.

But, that’s ok because he’s hot as hell all by himself. We love his rock hard body, and the perfect amount of hair he has. His cock and balls are just right in size too - certainly not too small, and not too big - and his dick gets rock hard, too. His sexy blue eyes just twinkle and sparkle, particularly when he smiles! London is one hot boy and we’re pleased to show him off in this way.

So, here we have Spencer walking around the bookstore becoming ever more aroused, until finally his woody pops up between his belly and beltbuckle. Lusty backdrop or not, the first thing we look for in a stud is a cool attitude. We don’t care if a guy is the cutest thing on the block - if he’s an asshole, who cares? So, you can understand why we like Spencer so much. He’s “laid back cool” incarnate.

And he’s so DAMN cute! We just adore his red hair and freckles. His tattoos are unique and artistic. And his style is totally genuine. Talk about wanting to have a beer with somebody! Then we get to his family jewels. Mmmm Mmmm good. He’s got a totally sweet cock that always gets rock hard right away. You can always look forward to a good cumshot from Spencer too. He’s a walking sperm factory.

Frankie has a wild side. He looks like your average Joe, just a regular guy working through life and trying to get his dick wet from time to time, but we’re learning that he has… er, yearnings that have yet to be explored. When his cute mug appeared in the peephole of our front door this time, we decided to do something a little different with him.

After some assuring words, Frankie was ready to go - in more ways than one. He was doing his best to hide a half-chub as he wandered around in our fave arcade looking at all the goodies, and he was pretty much hard right from “jump street” by the time a booth opened its door. Typical 21 year old. What would we do without them?

Johnny Squirt…
We told Johnny Squirt about the arcade and said he’s been there before and loves jerking off in one of the booths. He said he particularly likes it when some horny guy is in the other booth watching him and begging for his cock. He says it makes him feel like a stud. We don’t see why he’d need anything but a mirror to feel that way, but we were happy to have him do a show for us there anyway.

He’s looking sexy with his moppy hair and his snowboard logo clothes. And don’t forget about his dirty boots! But, it’s is cock and body that really gets us going. And, he once again blows out a huge load from his mouthwateringly delicious cock. The next step is for him to stick his dick trough that very tempting glory hole for a blow job - or more. He said he’s ready. So are we.

Chris D…
Chris D is a sexy Latino boy who is very curious about gay sex. He’s commented about how he wondered what a blow job from a guy would feel like. That’s because he said he’s never met a girl who could swallow his big dick. We’ve assured him that we know guys who would amaze him with their fellatio skills, and his eyes light up every time we mention it.

We decided to film him at our local arcade fun house because wanted him to get used to the idea of glory hole. We think that before long he’ll be stick his big fat hard cock through that hole, and we’ll be there with some eager cocksucker to take advantage of the situation.

It’s been a while since we’ve had Luke on film. He’s been busy working on the family farm in Nebraska, and when he is in town he has many “fans” who demand his personal attentions. Beyond that, he’s been working with other studios and they’re keeping him very busy. Naturally none of that affects our friendship with him and we see him often. In any case, when he heard about what we’d been doing at the bookstore he got really excited and asked if he could join in on the fun.

We just knew he’d put on a good show. He’s looking very farmer stud right now having grown his beard a bit. Anyone who’s spent time on a farm in winter will understand that. We think it makes him look just delicious. Anyone who’s given a blow job to a farmer stud behind the barn will understand that. If not, we’re hoping that this video will give you a taste of that kind of adventure. Invariably, whenever a farmer stud comes to the big city they’re horny and ready for action. Many of them know to head to an arcade to get some much needed relief. So, this scene is right out of true life.

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