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$5.00 Bookstore Arcade Glory Hole Sex

There are many guys who enjoy going to a local bookstore arcade for a good blow job AND a hard ass fuck through a glory hole. Here are 5 of our best GH scenes. Brent White is a humpy Nebraska farm boy who loves to come to the city for cock down his throat and up his ass, and Johnny Squirt is happy to give it to him hard. Davin is a total cock hound, and Quinn lets him service his big fat hard cock. Seth is a nasty dirt biker with a fat pierced cock that Brent White can’t get enough of. Luke and Chris D BOTH work over slobbering cum slut Davin, and to finish it all off Quinn hammers whore boy Brent White for all he’s worth.

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Brent White and Johnny Squirt…
Brent White has proven himself to be one hot dick taker. He positively lusts after cock, and particularly if he can take it up his ass. Johnny Squirt likes nothing better than a nice long blow job before stuffing his hot pole in a tight butt. So, this pairing worked out just right. Brent once again showed up looking like a complete fucking stud, and Johnny, as always is so cute you could practically eat him alive.

The best part, naturally, is when they start fucking around through the hole. Brent just can’t wait to get his lips wrapped around Johnny’s hardon, and Johnny was perfectly happy to oblige him. But, it wasn’t long before Brent bent over in front of the hole to show Johnny where he really wanted that dick - deep in his gut locker. Johnny fucked the hell out of Brent, and it’s great to watch the look on Brent’s face as his asshole is being penetrated. He took it like a champ until Johnny couldn’t hold back any longer. Then Brent knelt down so that Johnny could blow his signature copious load right on Brent’s face. We warned Brent that Johnny blows out tons of cum, but I think he was still a little shocked. Not so shocked that he couldn’t stand up and immediately blow out one of his own.

Davin and Quinn…
Quinn works at the bookstore as an attendant. He love to stand behind the counter all day looking at all the hot and horny studs who come in to buy videos or to go back in the arcade and fuck. Whenever a particularly hot one comes in he jumps on the opportunity to tap some fine ass. So, when Davin came in looking for some “really dirty porno” and said he wanted a video with some “huge cocks”, Quinn offered both a video and his big fat hard cock. Davin loves dick. All dick. But, particularly he loves a rock hard cock slamming his throat and stuffed up his ass through a glory hole. He just turns into a total slut.

He particularly liked Quinn’s piece of meat. He said it was just the right size. Big enough to make him choke and fill his butthole to that sweet spot, but not too big that his hurt. It’s great to see Davin jerk off and cum with ass up to the hole and filled to the guts with Quinn’s fat piece of sausage. Quinn, on the other hand, said he wanted to watch his juice blow all over Davin’s slutty face, so when he was ready to nut he got in the same booth with him. Davin does the job right by holding his mouth open for Quinn’s nut cream and then sucking it clean for him.

Seth and Brent White…
Seth is a rough and ready dirt bike rider. He discovered not long ago that guys will suck his dick better than any chick can, and he’s been hankering to stuff his mammoth pole up some hot boy butt ever since. So, when we told him we wanted him to stick his monster through a glory hole and have another guy slob on it and ride it for all it’s worth, his big pretty eyes got big and dreamy and he said yes right away. We think Seth has a nearly perfect cock. It’s big, but not so big that it’s impossible to deal with. It’s rock hard, and that’s always a bonus. It’s shaped just right to fit down your throat and up your ass, and he’s got a very sexy piercing that really looks great.

Brent’s first reaction to it was classic. He turned to me and said, “I don’t think that will fit in my butthole!” I told him that he should give it the old college try, and he said ok. And try he did. Once he slobbered all over it for a while, he turned around and started stuffing it up his tight ass. It took quite a while, and he got all red faced and sweaty trying it. But, he eventually worked it all the way in, and then allowed Seth to fuck him HARD. Seth, on the other hand, was in heaven in the other booth. He kept looking at me and saying, “It’s so TIGHT!” He fucked Brent like a whore for quite a while, and as he was fucking away Brent jerked off and squirted like a bitch in heat. This, of course, made Seth all hot, and before long he was blasting out a big load all over Brent’s greedy face.

Luke, Chris D, & Davin…
We never think about doing a glory hole fuck fest without thinking about Davin. Then we think of Luke. His cock is so perfect, and he always stays rock hard. He loves a good blow job, and he loves to fuck tight ass. Davin also mentioned that he wanted to try it with one fatty up his ass while sucking off another guy through the hole. So, for that part we decided on Chris D. His cock is nothing less that huge, but he’d never messed around with another guy before. So, we thought this would be a good way to break him in. He was nervous, but excited too. All our planning payed off hugely. Davin turns instantly into the kind of fuck puppet he’s become known for.

He just went ape shit when Luke’s rock hard cock came snaking through the hole. He slobbered and sucked all over it, all the while fingering his hot little butt getting is ready for the massive invasion to come. When he did finally back up on it you can see the mixture of pleasure and pain on his face. Luke likewise was hot to trot because of Davin’s expert manipulations on his cock in the other booth. Luke and Davin got in the booth together and Chris D jumped in and presented his long fat dong through the hole. So, after getting fucked by Luke for a while Davin got on his knees and slobbered on both cocks for a while. Finally, Davin gets what he likes best and that’s two big loads all over his face. First from Luke in the same booth, and secondly from Chris D through the hole. He slurps the juice off Chris D’s cock and that set him off to his own massive orgasm. He blows wads all over his belly with his face covered with 4 balls of stud jizz.

Brent White and Quinn…
his is actually Brent White’s first visit to the Arcade. He told us he’d never been to one before, and that he wasn’t really sure what a “glory hole” was. He found out quick, and we think he likes it! Quinn works at the bookstore, and when we showed him Brent’s photo he was raring to go. He said he couldn’t wait to bury his cock in Brent’s pretty face, and the he was sure his ass would tight and hot. He was right. Brent had a great time sucking on Quinn’s long fat cock, and Quinn was kind enough to reciprocate. But, it wasn’t long before Quinn stuck his hand through the hole and targeted Brent’s sexy ass.

Brent likes to have his butthole penetrated, and he was very anxious to have Quinn start fucking him. He wiggled his ass up to the hole and let Quinn go for it with gusto. It’s great to watch Brent get so hot and excited by getting drilled through the hole. His face gets all red and sweaty, and what is really great is that he jerks off and cums while getting porked. All this excitement made Brent pump out TONS of juice too! He then offers up his handsome face for Quinn to blow a load all over. Nice! We’re always thrilled the introduce guys to the joys of glory hole action. Particularly when the guys are as hot as Quinn and Brent White.

Use Your Credit Card -
Safe, Secure Transaction - Arcade Glory Hole Sex / 5 scenes - $5.00

30 days access to our “Arcade Glory Hole Sex” membership site. 5 scenes, streaming videos, dozens of photos, full descriptions.

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