Adrian BIG’s First Scene

Posted: August 26th, 2013 Department: Guys

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There are few who don’t get all turned on by a hot and horny straight boy muscle stud. Adrian brings all that to the table.

With his humpy body and tons of tattoos, Adrian looks the part of a bad assed mother fucker. But, what’s really cool is watching him turn into a little fuck puppet when the door closes and we’re alone.

Of course, Adrian is straight, and he’s got a wife and kids. But, what is also true is that Adrian has a hungry butthole and an obvious infatuation with hard cock.

Adrian’s first session is actually two sessions connected together. When he first came over I told him that we would do a whole series of still photos, and then start back over and do the video.

The still photos all came out great, and it was really nice seeing Adrian so excited. I always get turned on watching a straight guy who obviously doesn’t get enough of what he really wants = cock = get all hot and excited.

As I was snapping away, Adrian asked if I would pull out my dick as well. Naturally I had to oblige him, but in hindsight I wish I hadn’t. As soon as I pulled out my dick Adrian just started cumming all over the place!

What IS it about a hard dick that will get horny guys so turned on? It’s not like my dick is epically big or particularly magnificent in any way. I just have an average dick.

But, I guess if you don’t see much hard cock inches away from your face, and that’s what you really, REALLY want, it will make you cum pretty quick.

Anyway, I immediately scheduled Adrian to come back over for another session so I could get him on video. This time he was much more at ease. So much so that he opened himself up and made it very clear to me that he liked having his asshole penetrated. I asked if he would like a toy to play with and he quickly said yes.

We think it’s really a kick in the pants watching a humpy straight guy fuck his own ass with dildos. In this case Adrian uses two different toys on himself, and that makes him all hot and nasty. He savagely fucks himself, which in turn makes him cum in gushers.

We’re very happy to have found Adrian, and we’re looking forward to seeing more and more of him on film. He said he’s ready to offer up his hot straight boy ass to a real cock, and he said he’s looking forward to getting fucked hard, like only a man can do.

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